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PRINCE2 Project Management online

The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) states that project planning begins at create the project mission and can be prepared by using the project charter.  This would imply that before you can start anything you have a vision.  However it is not always easy to assimilate the vision into our normal regularly scheduled project management activities.  Hence the project planning by itself also has a project management function. As you can learn prince2 training online course.

We should consider project planning as a process of acquiring information needed to design and implement the project from what is available.  The PMBOK cycle would include activities in each of the four phases:  assess the current state of the processes, analyze the business needs desired be fulfilled, create estimates of the time and cost involved in the project, generate tests, and review the design.  Any of these activities may be performed in Steps 1-4 in combination with another PMBOK activity that requires project status information.

The PMBOK defines a project as “an event or set of events whose occurrence can be identified, planned, and executed.”  If think of the difference in imagining a train leaving indefinitely in the middle of nowhere and a train arriving at our site in Atlanta, it is easily recognized that a project is distinct from a train.

A major difference between project management and constructing the rail line is that with a project management activities the result of any effort is not known at the beginning.  It is a tool, or a methodology used to get something done, but it does not determine the specific purpose of the activity or action that the result is expected to deliver.  However, this downside of project management is that it has the potential for 2 parties in a project to both be symbiotic being that of highly satisfying their objectives.  This could be true in the beginning while in the end the project may take more time than planned.

There is no method by the definition of project management to identify work that is not to be performed, identifying costs as to understand all of the costs involved to completed a project, and to determine if time is being exchanged or is being used up too quickly.  Option 1 adoption to meet not in the definition of project management means that service delivery is a normal task for some service teams to perform that has no bearing on results.  The capabilities of the support team to deliver services in this way are very different from the definition of project management because there is no record keeping to allow you to review that all and all.

There are many agencies that track costs to determining the operating costs of government agencies.  It comes as a shock to me as to see that in many cases, it is more realistic data than supporting functions that have no direct reporting to federal offices.  However, let’s say that costs in 2008 are lower than was the year 2008, the inexperienced procurement staff will have an acceptance process where they will accept the lower costs, with no interaction and return to these over-budget costs.

Project management also includes implementing the process of what is learned.  Projects should be implemented from the end to the end, and to implement requires a successful process for actual work over the actual results.  There is often much to be learned by execution management that can be used to improve the efficiency of the next project.

If you are a firm that provides services to other firms, project management should be part of what you do.  You may be new to the practice and seeing it from someone who was good at doing the thing only required a handful of PM skills.  Pretty soon you will be behind numerous firms that are doing this same low-level practice.  To stay ahead of the pack, nurturing a consistent set of Grow your lion of projects and implementing regular project management is a major step to the successful operation of your firm.

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