Prince2 Projects and The Uncertainty of Risk

prince2 project management training course

Prince2 projects and the uncertainty of risk

Those of us who take on prince2 projects know that prince2 projects are both wonderful and complicated. There’s no question about it. A prince2 project is much more intimidating than writing a grocery list. A prince2 project is a collection of uncertainty. You have to plot every move, maneuver every decision, and of course, recognize that a thorough planning process is required.


The question becomes what form should those processes take to make them efficient. I argue that a structured prince2 project management training course approach is the best way to ensure effective prince2 project time management. Although there are many good book like ‘The Five dominating factors’ I’d like to also share these proposals in a list below.


Prince2 project claiming


Very few prince2 projects truly include a named stakeholder, someone who ultimately decides upon a purpose, a completion deadline, and money to spend. It sounds like a good idea to be on top of (and say of) the ‘chain of command’ by being knowledgeable about your stakeholders. So, as a prince2 project approach, I would suggest that your prince2 project leader make sure everyone on the prince2 project is responsible for prince2 project claiming.


Prince2 project management


Prince2 project managers are there to manage prince2 projects, right? Assuming that the prince2 project is appropriately sized, they usually have a prince2 project team of 15-30 people who prepare a statement describing the overall approach of the work. Okay. Hold on. Sounds useful. So, what is the best use of a prince2 project manager’s time?


Prince2 projects benefit when they are about people that will be affected (those that can) and/or the prince2 project that will be deliverable (that will be timely).


Prince2 project managers need to remind themselves that prince2 projects are the responsibility of your stakeholders. They may be part of all or part of some huge team. Those that work on the prince2 project need to be able to perform their tasks for the benefits of the key stakeholders.


Prince2 project teams exist mostly for the same reasons that teams exist in every other organization: to produce a particular result. The difference is that in prince2 projects, the results are people’s time – and as humans, we have a limited amount of time.


Prince2 project tracking


Prince2 project management seems like great fun, doesn’t it? Tracking the most important results, the ones you are aiming for, and what things have got to happen to get there is a whole lot less fun (although not more so) than tracking every activity of the prince2 project and how it fits into the completion of prince2 project’s overall goal. Unless stakeholders are informed and involved, they will be confused and lost as to what their end-positions are.


Process improvement


Likewise, an analysis of the processes either for them or against them is revenue-producing. Usually this analysis involves understanding how processes can be improved or will continue to work better in the future. The side benefit is that people will be finally be given the tools they need to ask the questions that meta-processes do not.


Prince2 project team recruitment


Successful prince2 project teams areActually People (or at least people that share the same skill sets and shared information with a single individual.)


While a diverse team with many of the same personalities in it is definitely an asset, whether we are looking at recruiting the role of a prince2 project team right up to the actual selection and hire of people, there are actually a couple of points I believe are more unique.


  1. No prince2 project team is going to get the most creative ideas until all those who will be on the team are there. I serve input from nurses, military Special Forces, police officers, and other assorted groups. I have never seen that happen with a team.


  1. Recognize that organizationally, it is really almost every prince2 project manager’s responsibility to bring in diversity. Diversity in governance, skillsets, and approaches need to be brought into the particular team. Of course, diversity has its limits and can never be a substitute for experience, talent, and knowledge. You wouldn’t cut out the vine to let a vine grow.


Remember, diversity may simply be an excuse for a lack of experience. Many times people assume that assigning diverse people to a prince2 project team as a reaction to diversity is proving to be a major waste of time and talent. Since so many qualified professionals are busy getting rich taking on representation from diverse areas, you will get fewer results from the extremely talented and diverse people who you get on your team.


Knowledge sharing


The next line about a prince2 project team showing knowledge and active participation in mapping out a prince2 project’s “deliverables” is of critical importance when it comes to the proper decision making process. After all, the sole purpose of the team is to focus on the prince2 project’s products, assuming they are delivered to a scheduled/completed stage. Hopefully all prince2 projects can be completed on time and within budget.


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