Proper Way of Maintaining an Autoclave


An autoclave is necessary. This is because this machine is used to sterilize apparatus and types of equipment. An autoclave is often overlooked during maintenance. This is not a great thing. Because, if the maintenance is neglected for a long time; and the Autoclave is vulnerable to damage and it may cost you a lot. Therefore, if you want the machine to work properly without any problem, you need to maintain it regularly. Here is a maintenance and cleaning guide for an autoclave.

Some tips for a great cleaning- Some regular points-An autoclave should be cleaned regularly. Daily cleaning is often beneficial.

  1.  Make sure to put things that do not have any dirt or removable debris. These small bits and pars can damage the autoclave machine and also influence the sterilization process. So, clean the machines at first with a sonic cleaner and then put them inside the autoclave chamber.
  2.  An autoclave has a gasket on its door to seal this machine completely during the sterilization process. This gasket is prone to damage. So, if the gasket is damaged then you need to replace it with a new one. The gasket should be regularly cleaned to prevent any problem or contamination. Use a soft cleaner or detergent to clean the gasket. A microfiber cloth dipped in mild detergent solution is ideal for cleaning the gasket.
  3.  Make sure to keep things properly on the sterilization platform. If this tray is overloaded then the sanitization process will not be foolproof.
  4.  Before each cycle of cleaning or sterilization; make sure to check if the machine is working properly. You can use a chemical integrator test strip( Class 5) to make sure the machine is working fine.
  5. Check the water level before each sterilization cycle. The water cycle should be balanced to offer you proper cleaning. If it is not then it can cost you a lot.
  6.  Make sure to look signs for leakage during the sterilization process. Of you see any visible signs of leakage like stem leak then you need to clean the machine and call an expert as soon as possible.
  7.  You need to place things or pouches properly inside the autoclave chamber. There should be enough space between each pouch to ensure there is enough airflow. You can use multiple racks if you do not want to use the pouches.

Cleaning Procedure

Weekly cleaning procedure-:  Make sure to clean to autoclave once per week to prevent any type of contamination. Here are some cleaning tips-

  1. The autoclave should be cleaned thoroughly with a proper cleaner. There are distinct autoclave cleaner solutions and sprays which are ideal for cleaning an autoclave. Make sure to use a non-abrasive cleaning cloth or cleaning sponge to clean it. Hersh cleaners or abrasive cleaning pads like wools wore brush, bleach can damage the machine and prevent the sterilization process.
  2. Try to perform a live spore test at least once a week. It will ensure that the sterilization chamber is free from any type of biological contamination.
  3. You need to clean the reservoir and refill with destined water before and after cleaning the autoclave.
  4. The cleaning tray should be cleaned regularly. Thoroughly clean it to prevent any type of spore growth or bacterial attack inside the chamber.

Monthly cleaning tips-

  1. Make sure to clean the autoclave sterilization chamber and flush line once or twice in a month. It helps the machine to get cleaned through. You can follow the instruction manual to know the procedure. You can use an autoclave cleaner to clean the autoclave chamber. Always use distilled water to clean the machine.
  2. Check the autoclave machine thoroughly. It can get scratches pr wear. So, it should be handled with care.
  3.  The power chord needs to be examined at least once a month. The plug is vulnerable to wear and tear and can become overheated at times. If the plug is not secured then it may cause hazards like short circuits and other problems. So, make sure to replace the electric plug and chord if it damaged. It is better if you contact a technician or electrician to replace the electric chord.

Yearly cleaning tips-: A yearly cleaning is essential if you want to increase the shelf life of the autoclave. Get it checked thoroughly by an expert once in a year. This is a helpful trick. It allows the expert to identify any problems underlying there.

This is the cleaning and maintenance guide for an autoclave. You can contact of you need a new autoclave. They have a large collection of different autoclaves like N-Cass autoclave, S-Class autoclave, etc at a reasonable price. Contact us anytime and we will answer all your queries regarding autoclave and several other lab equipment thoroughly.


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