How Far Can A Well Pump Push Water?

Well pump help deliver water from your freshly-dug well into your home. If you want a well to work as effectively as possible, though, you need to install the right kind of pump. How far can the average well pumps push water, then? We’re here to bring you the answer.

Different well pumps can push water different distances. For example, a well pump with a single line tends to push water a maximum of 25 feet vertically. Comparatively, shallow well pumps can push water 30 feet vertically.

Pipe’s depth

When installing a well pump, you’ll need to measure the pipe’s depth and distance from your home to determine which pump best suits your needs. Drip Irrigation system

You can work with professional contractors in your area to assess the state of your lawn and home before purchasing a pump for installation. When you know what kind of distance your pump needs to give you, you’ll limit the delivery problems that might otherwise plague your home. Read on to learn more about the well pumps available in your area and how they can most effectively serve your needs.

distance a well pumps

The distance a well pump can push your well water varies on its make. While horsepower plays a significant role in the well pump’s power, so does the distance of the pump’s pipes and the depth of your well.

What’s more, well pumps don’t just move your water in a single direction. Well pumps must first lift your water out of its well and then deliver it to the rest of your home. Consider how far your well pump can push water. Then, you have to break its power down by its vertical and horizontal reach.

Note, too, that a pumps that has a significant horizontal reach isn’t always the pump you want on your property. The longer your home’s pipes are, the more likely it is that your water will lose some of its pressure on its way to your faucets.

You can work with area contractors, then, to determine how best to configure the piping in your home for maximum comfort.

What are A Jet Pumps?

Jet pumps are two-line pumps that can run either shallow or deep on your land. One line of the jet pump draws water up and out of your well. The other delivers water into your home’s pipes, ensuring that it travels to all of the appropriate rooms. On average, jet pumps can pull water out of wells that drop down to 110 feet.

Will A Submersible Pump Run Without Water?

Submersible pumps are meant to be kept in water at all times. Pumps that try to run without water present can endure long-term if irreversible, damage.

A submersible pumps that finds itself without water immediately starts to lose its impeller quality. The longer your pump runs without water, the more likely it is to lock.

Similarly, this damage can impact the usability of your pump’s motor, effectively making it impossible for the pump to deliver water back to your home. Let your pump go too long without essential repairs or maintenance, and you may find that replacing your existing unit is the only way to restore the flow of water through your house.

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