Purpose of a Leaflet


The main purpose of advertising and promotion is to improve brand visibility and increase sales.

Irrespective of the medium whether it is advertising on television, billboard advertising or leaflet advertising, the goal is to increase the customer base for your products or services.

Most people believe that in today’s digital world, leaflet advertising is outdated. Some believe that it is not an advertising strategy it is a mere selling tactic.

But the truth is that whether you consider it outdated or a selling tactic, the key purpose of leaflet advertising is to generate interest in the minds of the receivers and attract them to buy your products or services.

Distribution of leaflets is very easy, but to ensure that the recipient reads it and purchases your product or services is the tricky part.

The leaflet design should be really attractive to entice the receiver to read it and take some action. ‘

To understand the purpose of a leaflet, let us first understand what is a leaflet, what is the structure of a leaflet and what are the key benefits of leaflet advertising.

What is a leaflet?

A leaflet is a single page which is either printed with information and images on one or both the side. It is circulated or handed to a large number of people.

They are the basic level of communication with the target audience, attractive colours and graphics are used on the paper for better visual connectivity.

The chief purpose of a leaflet is to provide information concisely on a small piece of paper. It contains information about the business, its products or services, details of any sale or discount etc.

In simple words, it is a form of advertising material.

What is the structure of a leaflet?

An important question is how do you structure a leaflet? What do you start in a leaflet?

While designing a leaflet treat it as an open letter or postcard to your target audience.

Be original and creative while designing it, use an eye catching design to make it stand out, keep it as professional as possible.

While designing the leaflet consider the below mentioned points:


  • The logo of the company should be placed on the top, to improve the recall value of the brand.
  • A bold, attention grabbing headline. Don’t keep the company name in the headline; it is best to put your company name at the bottom of the leaflet.
  • The content in the leaflet should be simple, use bullet points to make it easy to read and understand.
  • Use simple words to explain your products or services
  • Use attractive graphics and images to make the leaflet interesting
  • Add a call to action with all the relevant contact details like email id, website address and contact numbers
  • The name of the business and address at the bottom of the leaflet.
  • Don’t cramp up the space with words and images, keep some blank space to make the leaflet look neat and readable.

What is the main purpose of a leaflet?

The main purpose of the leaflet is to inform and persuade.

  • Inform: A leaflet is designed to inform the recipients about the products and services offered by the business.

If a sale or discount being offered it clearly states the information regarding the discounts being offered.

The leaflet clearly states important information like the name of the company or brand, the brand logo and contact details, so the reader is aware of the brand associated.

  • Persuade: A leaflet is designed to attract and persuade the reader to buy the product or service being offered.

Since people receive copies of the leaflets in their hands or at their doorsteps, there are high chances of them storing the leaflets and purchasing the products or services in an impulse.

What are the key benefits of leaflet advertising?

  • Cost-Effective

Digital advertising and advertising on platforms like television or radio are very expensive.

Small and medium-sized local businesses do not have a huge advertising or marketing budget to promote their brand or business.

Dropping or distributing leaflets is a very cost-effective method, you need to pay only for the hourly costs of manpower spent on posting or distributing them.

Designing and printing of leaflets are comparatively cheaper. They can be easily designed for free and low cost using several websites and apps.

Even high-quality leaflets which are printed using digital or offset printing are not expensive, especially when they are printed in bulk.

  • Informative

Promotion of a business online involves a lot of guidelines and restrictions in terms of the number of words or characters used.

The major benefit of leaflets is that there is no restriction on the information you can include. You can print information on both sides; you can use smaller fonts to accommodate more content.

All you need to do is to ensure that the information is not cluttering the leaflet and is presented in an organized layout.

A leaflet can provide all the important information about the business, the products or services offered, the contact details etc.

  • Creative potential

Creation and designing of leaflets have a lot of creative potential.

One can use various colours, attractive images and graphics, interesting headlines to make the leaflet interesting and visually pleasing.

They can be designed and created in different shapes or sizes.

This flexibility in creative designing helps in creating interesting layouts to make the leaflet attractive and appealing.

  • Focus Marketing

The main purpose of any marketing or advertising campaign is to reach out and connect with their target audience.

However, many times a lot of time, money and resources are wasted if the message does not reach the target audience.

The difference between other forms of advertising platforms and leaflet advertising is that with leaflets the message can be delivered right into the prospective customer’s hand or at their doorstep.

Most people may throw away the leaflets, but even the few seconds in which they hold the leaflet they can retain key information about the brand or business.

There are many companies who offer leaflet printing services at reasonable prices. So if you are looking to boost up your sales, it’s wise to hire a good designing company to create leaflets for you.


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