QuickBooks Loan Manager A Complete Guide

Loan Manager in QuickBooks
Loan Manager in QuickBooks

 QuickBooks loan manager works as a perfect application to manage the loan of your company. And if you have installed qb loan manager in your Windows computer, then you have to use this application frequently. But if you face any error while using this application, then you must know that how to resolve such issues. Here we give you some useful solutions on how to fix Qb loan manager not working error.


 Every time you take a loan from a bank, the finance industry produces significant amounts of data. In some cases, it collects information on individual loans. However, there are numerous loans that exist at the same time and need to be monitored individually by all users associated with them. This requires the user or loan manager of QuickBooks loan manager to be able to work with a large amount of data through simple steps.


solution 1: Review for QuickBooks Loan Manager Data Missing


Click on Banking and select Loan Manager.

Click on Add Loan and hit Edit Loan Details if it is required.

The entered details will display at the bottom of the Loan Manager. If your QuickBooks Loan Manager Data is missing, move to next step or contact QB support team.

Solution 2: Using QuickBooks Tools Hub, run Quick Fix my Program when there is QuickBooks Loan Manager Error

With the help of Quick Fix my Program as described below, the user can get rid of QuickBooks Loan Manager Error. With caution go through each step to resolve any such issue


Step 1: Download and install the QuickBooks Tools Hub


First, close QuickBooks if it is open.

Download the QuickBooks Tool Hub file and save it on the desktop.

Once the downloading is complete, open QuickBookstoolhub.exe.

With the onscreen instructions install it and once it is done, click on QuickBooks Tool Hub icon.

Step 2: Run Quick Fix my Program


When you run Quick Fix, any of the background processes will be shut down. Once that is done, quick repair will be run on your program.


Open Program Problems from QuickBooks Tools Hub.

Choose Quick Fix my Program.

Once the process is done, open QuickBooks and check if the QuickBooks loan manager not working issue is still appearing on the screen.


Solution 3: Turn-on the Compatibility Mode in Internet Explorer 9, 10 or 11


It is crucial to know that Microsoft has ended support for Internet Explorer 10 and older. Hence, for security and compatibility purposes you must be upgraded to Internet Explorer 11.


Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools option.

Select Compatibility View (You can use Alt key if tools menu is missing).

Choose Display all websites in Compatibility View then select Close.

Once you have turned-on the compatibility mode, look out if “QuickBooks loan manager cannot find file” error is fixed.


Solution 4: Roll back to Default Settings of Internet Explorer

Click on Tools in Internet Explorer.

Select Internet Options.

From under the Security Tab, navigate to Internet and select Default option.

Click Local Intranet and then Default Level.

Into the Advanced tab, press Restore advanced settings.

Hit Apply and then press OK.

Open QuickBooks to check if you can run Loan Manager or Cash Flow Projector without error.

Solution 5: Run Reboot.bat if Loan Manager is Missing from QuickBooks

If the loan manger is missing from QuickBooks, you need to first reboot your computer. This is an important step which will correctly sync Loan Manager to QuickBooks and Internet Explorer. After that run the Reboot.bat with the following steps:


Right-click the icon of QuickBooks Desktop and from options choose Properties.

Select Properties and go to Open file location.

Right-click the bat file.

Choose Run as Administrator.

Wait till Reboot.bat file utility is finishes its task.


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As you can see, there are a number of things that you can do to fix QuickBooks loan manager not working error. However, before doing it, make sure you have tried all the methods mentioned above. If you still face the same problem, then contact QuickBooks customer support help or visit To get more information about this article please follow below mentioned links


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