QuickBooks Payroll Not Working: Detailed Resolutions for Common Issues

QuickBooks Payroll Not Working
QuickBooks Payroll Not Working

QuickBooks is an ingeniously designed accounting software capable of performing a varied set of tasks for the companies. It has gained fame globally due to its well-equipped tools and affordable price.

The term QuickBooks Payroll Not Working refers to a set of errors that occur in the QB application due to which the payroll service does not function properly. These issues cause tremendous inconvenience to the users as they fail to perform essential tasks like sending payroll data, depositing paychecks etc.

If you are troubled by these issues, continue to read this blog to enlighten yourself with some of the best solutions.

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Most Common Issues Faced Due to the QB Payroll Stopped Working Problem

Some of the problems confronted by the users due to the QB Payroll Stopped Working Problem are as follows:

  1. Some users change the banks associated with their companies and find that the links inside the payroll service are not working correctly.
  2. Often, many users report that the QB payroll service does not turn on after they completed the purchase from a retail store in the market.
  3. Another problem that troubles many users is that the QB payroll tool does not work correctly after shifting to online version of the QB software.

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Effective Resolutions for the QB Payroll Failure Issue

Let us read the various resolutions for the QB Payroll Failure Issue:

Problem 1: QB Payroll service is not opening after completing the payroll purchase from a retail outlet


  1. You should open the QB application and head towards the ‘Employees’ tab to hit the ‘Payroll’ option.
  2. Now click on the ‘Install Payroll from Box’ tab and type the necessary details in the ‘Payroll License and Product Information’ page. You have to enter the license and product number in this page.
  3. After you enter the necessary details, you will get a service key consisting of 16 digits.
  4. Hit the ‘Continue’ button and complete your payroll activation by entering all the details including the service key allotted in the previous step.

Problem 2: The Links inside the QB payroll tool not working after changing the banks


  1. On your system, you should open the QB desktop and strike the ‘Employees’ tab to hit the ‘My Payroll Service’ option.
  2. Now proceed to click on the ‘Accounts/Billing Information’ tab and log in using your Intuit Account credentials.
  3. You should now head towards the ‘Payroll Info’ tab and hit the ‘Direct Deposit Bank Account’ option.
  4. Tap on the ‘Edit’ button and type the PIN of your payroll service. After entering the PIN, you should strike on the ‘Continue’ button.
  5. At this point, you can type your new bank account credentials and tap on the ‘Update’ button.
  6. As soon as a confirmation message flashes on your screen, hit the ‘Close’ tab.
  7. After you have completed the previous steps, the Intuit will update your account within a few days.

Problem 3: Payroll service not running after shifting to the online version of the QuickBooks


  1. You should open your QB Desktop account in the incognito mode. To accomplish this task, you can use various shortcut keys to access your web browser in the incognito mode.
  2. Once you have switched into incognito mode, you should use your payroll service. If you are able to do that, head towards your web browser and ensure that all the cache files are deleted from it.
  3. You can utilise your payroll tool at this point. Besides, you can always shift to other browsers supported on the QB desktop.

The resolutions that you read in this blog for the QuickBooks Payroll Not Working Issue are very reliable. These resolutions should be used in the correct order. It is hoped that your problem is resolved after implementing these methods.

If you require further assistance, you can easily dial 1-855-948-3646 to contact our QB Professionals Team.

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