Read Aloud task type – Things to remember in PTE

read aloud task type

Read Aloud task on the PTE exam tests your reading and speaking skills. Your score is based on your oral fluency, content, and pronunciation. There are several things that you should remember to get a high score in the PTE exam. Practice this question type on several mock tests during the online PTE study to prepare yourself well before the exam.

Read Aloud task type

Tips and Strategies

1. Prepare before you speak

You will get 30 – 40 seconds of preparation time. Utilize this time to read the sentence. You should think about which of the places require a pause. If you come across some difficult words then practice speaking them. If you dive in reading it aloud in the recording time then you will not be confident. But when you use the preparation time to practice speaking it then you feel more confident and you avoid making a mistake. Try to adopt this trick during the online PTE study.

2. Speak at a medium pace

Many aspirants tend to make the mistake of speaking too fast or too slow. This affects the score of oral fluency. So you should speak at a normal pace.

3. Pause at proper places

You should give a short pause at commas and take a pause for breath when you see a full stop. You should avoid taking long pauses or you will lose points. If you pause for more than 3 seconds then your microphone gets locked and whatever you speak after that will not be recorded.

4. Intonation

You should not speak in one tone or it feels monotonous as if a computer is reading the sentence. You should vary your tone while reading it loudly. Give a proper rise and drop in the intonation pattern at proper places to show how ideas are connected with each other. This will help you to get more points in the PTE exam.

5. Word Stress

You should give proper stress on important words in the paragraph or the sentence. The smaller grammatical words are considered weak forms and they do not require to be stressed. Whereas the nouns, adjectives, and verbs are louder. So you should understand which words require to be stress. If you end up putting stress on the wrong word then you will lose points on the PTE exam. You should include practicing word stress in your online PTE study.

6. Read aloud  in phrases

You should practice speaking in phrases. In this you group words into meaningful chunks. This will give a natural flow to your speech.

7. Content in Reading aloud

The number of correct words you speak measure your content score. You will lose score for the words that you miss or when you replace new words to the existing text. So you should exactly speak what is given on your screen.

8. Your pronunciations should be correct

Your pronunciations are very important. If you come across a word that is hard to pronounce then skip it. But if you pronounce it wrong then you will end up losing points in read-aloud for both content and pronunciation. When you skip it you only lose points for content. You should include imitating a native speaker in your online PTE study in order to improve your pronunciation.

9. Speak after you hear the tone

You should wait for the tone because if you speak before the tone then your response will not be recorded. So keep your eye on the timer. When the microphone opens for recording, begin to speak your response. You should make sure that you finish your response before the progress bar reaches completed or you will lose points in the PTE exam


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