Reason of HP Printer Not Printing

HP Printer Not Printing
HP Printer Not Printing

When you urgently need to print something and your printer refuses to comply (and won’t even tell you why! ), few things are more frustrating. Dealing with a printer that won’t even notice you is a nuisance, as opposed to having streaky lines across your photographs or faded lettering . Knowing where to start when your HP Printer Not Printing might help ease your irritation, whether you’re receiving an error message that doesn’t match up with reality or your printer is being silent.

Depending on the model of your printer, specific troubleshooting approaches will differ, but once you are aware of a few typical problems, you can look out answers fast for your device. Manufacturers provide online tools to assist you in solving your most difficult printer problems, and we’ve got some fundamental advice right here!

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Ghost jams and paper jams

There are a few possible causes of paper jams, according to your printer. First, check to see that the paper is positioned correctly in the paper tray. Even a slight askewness in your paper might soon cause a blockage. The issue is typically resolved by taking the paper out of the machine and better aligning it with the feeding components. Paper trays are made to contain a certain amount of paper. It might only carry 100 sheets for some people while holding a complete ream for others. The recommended paper capacity for your printer should be listed in the user manual. An overfilled paper tray will cause your printer to immediately signal a paper jam.

Additionally, check sure the printer’s paper or media type selection matches the print project you are now working on. Printers have settings for a variety of paper types, including presentation paper, photo paper, and card stock.

There is likely a mechanical issue at hand when your printer reports a paper jam when there isn’t one. But hold off on throwing your printer into a field!

fix for a ghost-jammed HP printer.

Check that the mechanical components around your phantom jam are in good working order (some models give you a more precise idea where the jam is located, especially for more complex office units).

• Take one of the four rollers and remove the rear duplexer. They move freely, right? If are not, the following action is required.
• Use a paper clip to contact two of the brass contact points. You should keep this contact open throughout the last step since bridging it causes the printer to believe the duplexer is still in place.
• On the control panel, click OK.
• Look at the white plastic gears on the side that is to the left. Do they move without stalling, skipping, freezing, or jamming? If the second scenario applies, you need to remove paper fragments from the gears.
• Rotate while holding the farthest rubber roller. Inspect the gear teeth for paper fragments.

 paper jams

Paper jams are one of the most frequent issues with printers of all brands. Several factors, such as dirty paper, the wrong sort of paper being used or worn-out rollers in the printer . That feed the paper through its path, might cause a printer to jam. While regularly cleaning the printer and using the right paper are simple solutions, replacing the rollers on an HP printer might be challenging depending on the model. The rollers are easily accessible on some HP printer models, however you have to disassemble some others in order to access the rollers. Regardless of the source, always pull the paper in the direction of the paper path to avoid damaging it by doing so.

Paper jams can happen more frequently with some HP printers than others. In my experience, paper jam issues are a given with any printer that holds the paper vertically before pulling it through the printer.

The printing on the page has faded in part or in full

A printer self-test (usually a separate button on the printer) will demonstrate the current settings for the final two options. If Economode is turned on and users are complaining that the print is too light, turn it off or increase the print density.

If the toner is low, you can remedy the issue until you can replace the cartridge by simply taking out the cartridge and shaking it to disseminate the toner more evenly.


A problem known as ghosting occurs when a picture prints correctly, but another, much lighter copy of the image also appears somewhere else. This can be the result of a problem with the outlet that powers the printer. If the issue persists after plugging in a different printer, check the power outlet. When consumable printer components, such as the drum or imaging kit, are on the verge of failure, ghosting may also result. A printer’s consumable components are each rated for a specific number printed pages. To stop ghosting, you’ll need to replace those components after a printer reaches that magic number.

 Paper smears or loses the toner’s adhesion

Second, a faulty toner cartridge that leaks too much toner at once is possible. Toner cartridge replacement is the answer for a black-and-white laser printer. Replace only the cartridge in a colour laser printer that is malfunctioning.

There is a 50.4 problem notice on the printer.

Some of the more recent HP LaserJet printers display a 50.4 error message, which denotes a power supply issue.

Having trouble locating a driver for a specific operating system

Your current printers will require updated drivers to be loaded as new operating systems are released. Not every printer has an OS-compatible driver. It is best in these situations to check the printer documentation to learn which printers the drivers will simulate. Even though this emulation won’t enable the printer’s full capability, basic printing will still be possible.

Not printing from the expected paper tray on the printer

To fix this particular mistake, look twice. Check the printer first, then the printing computer. If the programme is configured to print to the incorrect paper tray, you can fix it there by selecting Printer Properties, then looking for the Tray Selection source. Verify that the paper sizes listed in the printer’s control panel correspond to those found in the paper trays.

The printer pulls out the entire manual feed tray of paper instead of just one sheet

It is probably time to change the pad that separates the paper because it is worn out. Without having to send the printer out for repair, you can order and install a new pad. The possibility of the paper being damp owing to humidity exists as well.

A 79 mistake is visible on the printer

An issue with the network print server that supports the printer may cause a 79 error. When troubleshooting a 79 error, check to see whether any pending tasks are there by opening the Printer folder from the Start menu on the Print server. A 79 error could also mean that a RAM module or MIO card, two printer add-on components, have failed.

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