Regular exercise may reduce cancer risk. Read how?

Regular exercise may reduce cancer risk

Suffering from cancer? Or want to avoid the risk of cancer? Cancer is an abnormal cell growth in the body that eventually spreads to other parts of the body. Some of cancer causes cell growth while others divide the cell.  As a result of this, it forms tumors, hits the immune system resulting in malfunctioning of the body.

Causes of cancer

Before getting into the ways to treat cancer one should be aware of various causes and reasons that enhance the cancer risk. There exist numerous signs that indicate towards the cancer risk, some listed out reasons or causes are as follows-

  1. Genetic

Cancer risks are higher if someone in the family has a record of cancer. Doctors refer to this as hereditary cancer syndrome.

  1. Unhealthy habit

Unhealthy habit here means regularly smoking cigarettes, excessive consumption of alcohol, intake of tobacco all these increases the risk of cancer.

  1. Environment

The surrounding in which we live, the air we breathe can stand as the reason for cancer. Harmful chemical release in the air or smoke.

  1. Excessive sun exposure
  2. Poor and unhealthy diet
  3. Some sort of chemotherapy
  4. Virus and bacterial causes

Regular exercise- solution to reduce cancer risk

If you are already suffering from cancer or want to avoid the cancer risk the most trusted treatment after the medication is regular exercise. Regular exercise and yoga are considered the best method to treat and avoid any kind of disease. Studies and researches show that exercising in the morning has comparatively more benefits towards the prevention of cancer risk. Exercising on a daily basis has successfully shown the result in healing cancer like breast cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, etc.

Why regular exercise?

Physical exercise has numerous advantages which eventually lead to lower cancer risk. Some of the possible reasons accounted are-

  1. It improves metabolism and the immune system.
  2. Prevents obesity i.e. maintains the body weight.
  3. Reduces hormone level.
  4. Maintain blood pressure level hence regulating the sugar level or preventing high blood levels of insulin.
  5. Reduces inflammation.
  6. Reduces the risk of cardio diseases.
  7. Boosts mental health hence improving the quality of life.
  8. Reduces anxiety and depression.

Physical activities or regular exercise improves the blood circulation in the body hence gives the body the strength to fight diseases like cancer. Physical exercises make you sweat and beats the heart faster. But if you are a cancer patient you should definitely consult your doctor regarding the kind of exercises to prefer. A healthy body leads to a healthy life.

How to exercise?

In this modern era with busy and tight schedules, the question arises of how to manage time for exercise. Manage at least 30 minutes of your day for intense exercising only if facing a busy schedule, for the aged people 1-1:30 hours of exercising is a must. The main motive is to remain active and healthy you can prefer going for a walk, swimming, playing any kind of outdoor sport, jogging, cycling, dancing, yoga, and gym anything.

Some suggested exercises or yoga asana

Exercising or preferring yoga to avoid cancer risk or to fight cancer is mandatory. Some of the suggested exercises that people should opt for-

  1. Meditation

It is the most important and preferable exercise since it controls and impoverishes breathing patterns. It calms the mind, improves blood circulation hence reducing the risk of cancer.

  1. Aerobic exercises

It involves exercises like jogging, running, brisk walking, and dancing, these exercises are highly recommended for reducing the risk of maintaining a healthy body.

  1. Surya Namaskar
  2. Savasana
  3. Pranayama
  4. Sit less

Studies show that to avoid cancer risk people should reduce the sitting hours since it leads to the risk of obesity.

  1. Perform muscle strengthening exercises.

Apart from exercising a small tip is to also follow and maintain a healthy diet. Proper nutrition also plays a key role in reducing cancer risk.


Staying active and healthy by regularly exercising lowers the risk of cancer by making the body strong to fight the disease. Cancer is a prolific disease that requires a lot of attention and cares towards the body in hand with medications do not forget to exercise on a daily basis. Reduce your stress and cope with the body in fighting or reducing the risk of cancer.


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