Rent a car in Dubai – some good tips on driving

Rent a car in Dubai - some good tips on driving
Rent a car in Dubai - some good tips on driving
Read on for advice on car rental, parking, and your car rental in Dubai.

Driving from Dubai International Airport to suburban Dubai

Rent your car from the airport to the city in 15 minutes via this route: Depart to Al Garhoud Airport at Casablanca St. / D70. Follow the signs of E11 to the right of the fork and join the E11 / Al Garhoud Bridge. Stay at E11 until departure at 50 to head to Jumeirah for the D71W to reach the glittering suburbs. Note: This route has tolls.

Useful tips for driving a Dubai rental car

If you have never driven a car in the Middle East before, here are some things you should know:

It is an incredibly busy place with fast and big roads. 

Be careful that you see the strange camel roaming around while renting a car in Dubai. Always concentrate behind the wheel.

Know where you are going. 

Rental cars should drive left-hand and drive to your right.

Pedestrians have the right of way at Zebra Crossing, also known as the Pedestrian Crossing in Dubai.

The Salik toll system has been in operation for several years. Talk to your chosen Rent Cullinan Dubai company for clear instructions on how and when to pay.

If you travel extensively by car or any other means, always have plenty of water on hand.

Airport and car rental parking in Dubai

Wondering where to park your rental car? Dubai Airport offers short-term and long-term parking for the three terminals. Terminals 1 and 3 charges AED 10 per half hour and an additional AED 5. Use Car Park B on the T1 for a low price on the AD100 for a short day, or for the cheapest price at the airport at Dubai International Airport Terminal 2, both with plenty to park in the distance.

Look for parking garages and street corners across busy cities. Meter spots are applied Saturday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Fridays and public holidays are parking days. Use the coin-accepting ‘pay-to-park system’ or download the RTA Dubai app to pay and search for nearby places. 

Car rental is the last word

If you have anything to know, our customer service team is here for you. Operating 24 hours a day on weekdays and 12 hours on weekends, any inquiries about car rental are not too rare for our dedicated team. On the home page, you’ll find car rental updates with upgrades, extra days, frequent flier bonuses, and additional special discounts and offers. We can ensure instant availability and all the famous car rental brands are on one site. There is even a free app for every customer. These are here to hit the road with safety, comfort, and safety.

Dubai Car Rental Pick Up Location

Dubai is a city known for its elegance, irrationality, and breathability that has made it an international destination. It is a place where bold architecture and vibrant nightlife combine with a rich culture of history and tradition, so it is no surprise that the city welcomes more than 1 million tourists every year. If you plan to visit for work or play or a combination of both – check out where you can get your rental car from the depots below.

Dubai International Airport Terminal 1

Terminal 1 at Dubai Airport is also known as Sheikh Rashid Terminal, so be sure to check your flight twice before boarding or departing. Terminal 1 has three floors, operating more than 100 airlines in the region. It takes 15-25 minutes to travel between Terminals 1 and 2 and 3. KD by Alamo, National, Auto Europe, and Trio.

Dubai Airport International Terminal 2

 Approximately 50 airlines operate here but its capacity is expected to double after the reforms. A car operating outside Terminal 2 Dubai companies rent Hank, Avis, Budget, Palace, Sixty Dollars, National, and Auto Europe.

Dubai Airport International Terminal 3

Terminal 3 at Dubai Airport is dedicated to flights from UAE-based Emirates airlines. With six floors and a capacity for 75 million passengers per year, this terminal can become quite busy. Hong Kong, Europecar, Diamond Lease, Avis, Go Car Rental, Palace, Sixt, Dollar, KD to Europecar, Hertz, Alamo, National, Auto Europe are operating a large number of rent-a-car depots at Dubai Airport Terminal 3, budget And fire extinguishers.

Al Barsha

 Jumeirah or 30 minutes from Dubai International Airport, so it is an ideal location for those who live in the central city,

Al Barsha is a central suburban location in Dubai that is just 10 minutes from Khajuraho. From here, you can take a rental car from Hank UAE.

Al Koz

With several galleries and the residence of a popular performing arts company, Al Koz is known as Dubai’s up-and-coming and upcoming art scene. Located just 20 minutes from the suburban airport and centrally located for any convenient pickup considering where you are coming or going. Car rental companies with pick-up depots in Al Quoz include Hong Kong, Europecar, Diamond Lease Car Rental, Palace, and Alamo in the UAE.

Rent a car in Dubai - some good tips on driving
Rent a car in Dubai – some good tips on driving
Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai is a central location suburban city filled with hotels, restaurants, shopping cafes, and much of the city’s historic district. It is only 15 minutes away from Dubai Domestic Airport and closes to the convenience of Khalid Bin Al Walid Metro Station, it can take you almost anywhere in the city by green or redline. Hong Kong provides pick-ups from UAE Bur Dubai.


Diara is one of the oldest parts of Dubai where you will find some more traditional thematic attractions like gold, perfume, and spice sucker (market). Deira is not too far from the airport and various hotel accommodation options are available in Deira including pick-up locations Car rental companies include Hong Kong, Avis, Budget, Sixt, and Herz UAE.

Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina is a beautiful and quaint hub just above the waterfront of the date palm. It is 30 minutes away from the airport but very centrally located for visitors to the area. From here you can rent cheap Dubai cars from Hank, Budget, and Almo UAE


Jumeirah translated ‘beautiful’ into Arabic. Arriving in Dubai you will see this sound everywhere (like on palm and pearl Jumeirah) but if you are staying in this suburb or looking around it you may notice that it is a quiet area a bit far from uninterrupted. At Jumeirah, you can visit Europarker UAE Depot for pick-ups and drop-offs.

Dubai Trade Center

When you leave the airport and head for the main strip of Dubai, the Trade Center is one of the first places you can come across after crossing Dubai Creek. The tower here was built in 1979 and is one of the first large structures to ascend to Dubai’s skyline and is now a major business destination for events, meetings, and conferences. Rent a car from Hank, Europecar, or Avis.

Umm Raul

Umm Ramool Hall is an area of   North Dubai located right next to the airport, making it a convenient place for passengers to get in and out for pick-ups and drop-offs. Here you can rent a car from Hertz UAE.

Dubai Al Maktoum Airport

It locates south of the city to cater to the growing traffic in the region and will be the world’s largest gateway with a capacity of 160 million passengers once construction is completed in all areas of the airport. If you are flying via DWC, you can Rent Cullinan Dubai at the airport from fares including Hong Kong, Europarker, Avis, Dollar, and Auto Europe.


Sharjah is a city just north of Dubai and is known for its culture, history, and glorious architecture. It is about 30 minutes north of the Dubai suburbs, or 15 minutes from Dubai Airport. When renting a car in Sharjah you will be able to pick up vehicles from Hanoq and Europarker UAE.

Leases of drawn between the landlord and the tenant/sponsor. If a former Pat himself signs the lease, he must have a residence visa or at least a letter from his employer stating that the visa is in process. The normal term of the lease is one year a year in Dubai. Unlike many countries where rent payments are on a monthly basis. Full-year rent payable in advance, usually with 2 or 3 checks.

Sports car rental in Dubai

There is always something special when you rent a sports car in Dubai. Thinking of Lamborghini Huracan, Ferrari 458 Spyder, Mercedes SLS, Chevrolet C7 as well as Camaro ZL1 you can always feel the exciting performance and nimble handling.

These are the best premium sports cars you can rent when you rent a sports car in Dubai.

Enjoy a fast and intense experience all year round

Or rent a sports car in Dubai to drive through all the streets and all the city’s GCCs.

In Dubai, you can rent a sports car with a variety of choices from all over the world. Drive a great car, and enjoy great options.

From Dubai luxury car rentals, you can always ask for advice on what you are looking for and how to choose the one that suits you best.

Drive with passion and excitement. See our enthusiastic offers and rent a sports car in Dubai. Rent a car in Dubai at V VIP and enjoy an adventure time at the best prices.

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