Rigid Boxes and Their Frequently Used Types

Rigid Boxes

As the name suggests, these boxes have a rigid structure and form. Made with strong paperboard, these boxes have the ability to maintain and hold their structure. These boxes are perfect if you want to provide maximum protection to your products and want to associate a sense of luxury with your products. These are usually bigger than folding cartons. And are also called set-up boxes and premium packaging boxes. These boxes give off a prestigious and luxurious outlook to your products and your brand. And are mostly used for packaging of high-end items that include jewelry, electronics, and accessories, etc. This is why rigid boxes are a popular choice among many businesses and are much in demand in the market. These are commonly used for items like jewelry and gift items. Because of their appealing appearance, these boxes have the capability of captivating people.

These boxes put a profound lasting impression on their users. All luxurious brands use these boxes for the packaging of their expensive and delicate valuables. These boxes provide maximum durability, strong structures, and reliability. These boxes ensure maximum protection of the products packed inside them. If you deal in high-end items and want to have a good packaging experience. These boxes are ideal for you. Moreover, these boxes can be adorned and decorated further too. Their closure can be decided, for instance, a box with a magnetic closure, or without it. other types of inserts are also in use, for example, inner cushions or simple foam inserts inside these boxes are sure to make a huge difference overall. They offer many benefits and are effective in gaining potential buyers for your brand. Therefore, all businesses in the market highly admired them.


Depending upon their product specification, these boxes have many types. Some of the most frequently used types of these boxes are as follows:

Rigid Magnetic-Closure boxes:

As the name suggests, these boxes have a magnet attached to them. The magnet is present in the lid area. And on the body of the bottom part too. With the help of this magnet, this box has a secure seal-type closure. The click sound of the magnet on closing this box also has the power of satisfying and providing maximum validation to the buyers. These boxes later safeguard the product too. Their sturdy and firm structure makes it hard for customers to just throw them away. These boxes come in all sizes so that jewelry or high-end items can easily fit into these and can be well-protected. A firmly-made magnetic closure box is a must-have for almost all business brands in the market. Moreover, you can style this box as you like. A simple background with a foiled brand name and logo seems like a good idea.

Rigid Foldable Boxes:

These boxes are becoming more and more popular with passing time. They give off a luxurious outlook, and that too in not too much cost. In addition to this, these boxes are much more inexpensive than other types of these boxes. They are easy to customize according to your preferences. You can choose from a variety of adorning techniques and choose the one that works for you the best. As the name clears it enough, these boxes are foldable and hold a sturdy structure to keep the enclosed product intact and free from damage. Another benefit of these boxes is that they are easy to use. They provide greater ease in assembling and disassembling them. These boxes are cost-efficient. So, they can help any business in building their brand and help them save and generate revenue both, at the same time.

Rigid Custom cosmetic boxes:

These boxes are the best choice for packaging cosmetic and beauty products. These boxes provide a good appearance and give off a good visual appeal. Furthermore, they can captivate anyone with their aesthetics. These boxes are most suitable for products like eyeshadow palettes, eye make-up products, foundations, blushes, etc. You have the option of adding a magnet or just keeping it simple, but sturdy for maximum safety of these items. You can even choose outer brands of these boxes to be printed using different techniques. The main purpose is to choose the style and packaging that not only protects your product but also provides it with a style statement. These boxes are able enough to create this effect for you and help you in gaining a lot of potential buyers for your beauty brand.

Custom rigid jewelry boxes:

These boxes are perfect for all sorts of jewelry items. Whether small or big items, everyone absolutely adores jewelry items. They are in high demand. Especially today, people are fonder of antique jewelry pieces, as they provide a well-developed style sense. These boxes are perfect to deliver delicate jewelry items to their appreciators. And are also used for later safe-keeping of these products. They can be further made more appealing with the use of inner inserts i.e. foams or cushions. These further additions can not only make the jewelry items more tempting but also protect them from the wear and tear of delivery. If you want to act as a responsible business brand in the market, showing extra care towards your customers can instantly make you stand out. You can use further add-ons also.

For instance, ribbons, and glitters in minimalistic amounts to spice up your packaging game. And simultaneously help you bring out the creative and fun side of your brand.

Rigid Custom Gift boxes:

Since gift-giving is an ever happening ritual. People want to see new ways of gift packaging. These boxes provide just the right kind of packaging for all your valued gift items. With their innovative, fun, and creative designs, these boxes are a perfect choice if you want to swipe your beloved people off their feet. These come in all sizes and you can find the most fitting box for your chosen gift item. If you want to show your affection to your loved ones, these rigid boxes are the best choice.


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