Robotics for kids: Make STEM Learning Fun with These Smart Toys

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths. STEM Education focuses on educating children in an interdisciplinary and real-life application approach rather than teaching the four areas separately.


Robotics plays a crucial role in STEM Education. In addition to being significant, robotics is an intersection between all STEM disciplines that are applied simultaneously to create something of value that solve society’s problems. 

Hence parents need to find the Best STEM Education for kids and make them future-ready by developing the necessary skillset and education for the next-gen jobs. Robotics in India will thrive with these young minds designing and developing innovative ways to deal with the problems and find solutions.

STEM with Robotics Kits

A robot kit is a unique kit that includes many components for building robots. Several firms produce robot kits for children. These intriguing robot kits will keep your children entertained while also serving as a useful educational tool. They teach kids essential programming, math, and engineering skills. Different kits are available for youngsters ranging in age from four to twelve years old.

Each Robotics Kit includes circuit boards, hardware, and mechanical drive systems, unassembled and with a manual to operate. Almost everyone above the age of eight can harness and build them. Constructing a robot from the beginning by using a construction kit is an excellent way to get started learning about robotics. 

Robotics courses in India enable the kids to learn to implement a DIY approach, learning by doing and refining their design. Whether it’s debugging, resolving difficulties with the robot’s physical form, or just tightening the screws, the developer makes a lot of errors, and fixing them is an integral part of the learning curve.

How to select the best Robotics kit for your children?

Parents need to choose an excellent robot kit for kids to ensure an appropriate learning foundation of robotic ideas. You should select a robot kit that encourages your child to explore new ideas. A robot kit is a better learning tool than a toy for these budding youth of our century. As a result, you must be cautious while selecting a robot kit for your kids. When making a decision, keep the following suggestions in mind.

1- Videos Assistance: Robotics courses in India must incorporate video-based robotics teaching material. Course materials based on videos are preferable to books in visualization and understanding the concept. When it comes to keeping a youngster engaged and interested, it’s critical to provide them with resources that aren’t standard textbooks or instruction manuals. The majority of companies inculcate high-quality video material using drawings, graphics, and teacher’s guides.

2- Course Material: You must choose a robot kit that includes course and training materials. It is pointless to purchase a robot kit that doesn’t include course materials since the youngster will struggle to make the robot operate. Your objective with a robot kit is to stimulate your child’s curiosity rather than annoy and frustrates them.

3- Quizzes: You should make sure that your child is learning along with putting the pieces together. Choosing robot construction kits with quizzes is an excellent way to assess your child’s learning progress. This will give them metrics of their performance and room for improvement.

4- Certifications: There are numerous STEM Product Kits available on the market. You may purchase robot kits for children that include a certificate of authenticity. When tour child works hard to create a robot, a certificate is a terrific way to recognize their achievements. Moreover, it gives them a sense of accomplishment for completing their task.

5- Assistance: Parents must ensure that the company offers their children adequate help during the robot assembly and any other questions about the product. This guidance is beneficial when your child becomes bogged in an idea and is incompetent to solve it. When youngsters face difficulties, they frequently give up. In such cases, good help will come in handy.

6- Feedback: Finally, you should look for reviews on numerous platforms to verify the promises made by each business. Examine their accomplishments to learn more about what they’re offering and how satisfying things might be. In this case, look at the successful robotics application of the students and the feedback of parents for satisfying the child’s curiosity about learning and building.


Tinkerlys DIY Kits

Tinkerlys DIY Kit is a scientific kit for children aged eight and above, meant to make learning entertaining with a better knowledge of STEM subjects. The purpose of the STEM Robotics experiment kit is to guarantee the development of essential skills such as Analytical skills, trial and error, hands-on learning, critical thinking, and creativity and imagination.

This DIY science kit includes product activity videos that can be found on the Let’s Tinker Mobile Application (both on android and iOS) and its website to help youngsters learn more via experimenting.

The various types of DIY Kits offered by Tinkerly are-

  • Density Column
  • Iron in food v/s Magnet
  • Where is the Glass
  • The White Mystery of Colours
  • Nuts and Winters
  • Colour Changing CO2 and many more.

Summing Up!

In this blog, we have covered the importance of Robotics in Stem Education, How STEM and Robotics are interlinked, how to select the Robotics courses for kids in India for your children, and a brief about Tinkerlys Robotics with Stem DIY Kits.


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