Say No To Cavities While Wearing Invisalign Aligners!

Say No To Cavities While Wearing Invisalign Aligners!

Let’s face it, we all hate the idea of developing a decayed or rotten tooth! It not only makes you uncomfortable with a bad breath but often adds to the troubles of eating and chewing. Unfortunately, those who wear Invisalign are no exception to this problem. 

People opt for Invisalign clear braces because they are easy to clean. In addition, this orthodontic treatment seems attractive as well. 

However, what if you are told that you can become prone to developing a cavity if you don’t maintain your oral hygiene?

Dental in Framington lets you on to some secrets that could protect your teeth from such cavities. Here are a few tips that some of the best ‘Invisalign near me‘ dentists share. 

Tip #1: Care For Your Invisalign 

Invisalign orthodontic treatment lets you align your teeth while also allowing you to remove them at your discretion. Since they are removable, you should be gentle and careful while caring for them. 

Regularly cleaning your aligners will eliminate the possibility of a cavity formation. You can do so while you brush and floss your teeth. Then, remove the aligners and clean the trays to maintain oral hygiene. 

Invisalign orthodontic treatment will fulfill the purpose only if you handle the aligners responsibly. If you don’t, it could add up to more oral troubles. Therefore, your dentist shall acquaint you with how to clean your aligners. Usually, a bowl of cold water will do. 

For added cleanliness, you can also use soap. Aligner cleaning equipment like brushes or soap provided by your dentist is perfect for cleaning them. 

Tip #2: Keep Away From Food and Drinks While Wearing Aligners

Invisalign Farmington dentists believe the best way to avoid food build-up in your aligners is not to consume them while wearing them. 

There are scenarios when you can’t necessarily avoid getting some drink or particular foods. It usually happens when you are mobile or traveling. In such cases, a straw can be your savior since removing your aligners at that time is difficult. 

Also, experts from dental in Farmington suggest you eliminate chewing gums or hard candies. As per their expertise, you should say no to soda, soft drinks, or other sugary substances that can cause bacteria build-up. 

The building of bacteria beneath the trays can manifold the risk of tooth decay. Therefore, each time you eat or drink something, you can make it a practice to rinse your mouth and aligners. You can soak your Invisalign clear braces in cold water before putting them on. 

The food build-up in your aligners can make you vulnerable to cavities. Therefore, put them back on only when you know it is free of any bacteria or plaque. 

Tip #3: A Good Oral Hygiene is the Way to Go

As a patient of Invisalign orthodontic treatment, you cannot compromise your oral hygiene. This is because the patient wears these aligners for almost 22 hours a day. It means that aligners hold the bacteria and saliva against your teeth for the whole day. 

Missing even one day of brushing or flossing your teeth can defeat the whole purpose of your treatment. However, maintaining a regular oral hygiene routine can be beneficial. Brushing and flossing twice can leave you with an added advantage. 

You can incorporate activities that help eliminate the possibility of developing a cavity. For example, rinsing your mouth and aligners after each meal will help you maintain your hygiene. It will ensure no leftover food particles, which are the primary cause of cavities. 

Wrapping It Up!

Many people wonder whether Invisalign aligners will give them cavities. Well, they will not if you are careful. 

Invisalign aligners get your teeth in order, fill the gaps and give you a perfect smile. Unfortunately, giving you cavities is nowhere on the list of their roles.

It is on you whether you develop cavities or not while wearing aligners. One must take proper care of their aligners and oral hygiene to protect themselves from tooth decay. 

These tips from Invisalign Farmington dentists tell you how to keep cavities at bay by avoiding any food build-up in your trays and mouth. They also suggest some oral hygiene methods you can incorporate for a healthy mouth. Properly cleaning your aligners should be your priority and is the number one tip offered. 

Thus, following these three tips will help you achieve your purpose of getting Invisalign aligners.


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