Scrambling to Find a Cheap Flight? Spirit Airlines Has You Covered

Spirit Airlines Reservations

Flying can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be with Spirit Airlines. Whether you need to book last-minute travel or want to save on the cost of your flight, Spirit Airlines has got you covered with Spirit Airlines cheap flights that won’t break the bank! How are they able to do this? Spirit Airlines is part of the ultra low-cost carrier movement that has come to dominate the airline industry as of late, and they operate almost entirely online with no call centers or physical locations at airports.

Want a low airfare within 24 hours of your flight?

If you need to book a Spirit flight in 24 hours or less, look no further than Spirit Airlines Book a Flight. This airline is known for their limited legroom (less than 29 inches!) and their basic comfort options. But if you’re looking for cheap prices, then it can’t be beat! The average ticket on Spirit costs $92 each way. However, if you wait until just 24 hours before your departure date, tickets will drop down to just $59 each way! That price is valid only if you buy one-way. If you want two-way travel, it goes up slightly—$72 per ticket on average—but that’s still cheaper than what many other airlines charge.

Where can you find last minute deals?

Where can you find cheap flights? The answer isn’t easy. That’s because finding Spirit Cheap Flights isn’t always easy. In fact, most often it is difficult and time consuming, especially if you have flexible dates or aren’t sure exactly where or when you want to travel. However, there are ways that can help streamline your search and find good Spirit Airlines deals on last minute flights.

Spirit is an obvious choice

Thanks to some regular-priced Spiri Airline tickets that sometimes dip below $100, it’s one of America’s most popular airlines—and also one of its cheapest. For travel today or in April, you can find fares from $5.50 (round-trip from Las Vegas). Fares are even better if you live near an airport served by Southwest: The LUV fare is just $1 each way for nonstop service between Baltimore/Washington and Charleston, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando. Want more options? Check out our list of 10 top cities where you can fly for less than $20 each way . But hurry; these Spirit flights are going fast!

But what if I want to fly somewhere specific?

We can cater your trip to any Spirit Airlines destinations. If you have a specific destination in mind, fill out our Quick Trips form and you’ll get quotes for hotels, rental cars, and flights specifically tailored for your Spirit Airlines destinations. No hidden fees or gimmicks—just affordable rates! Plus, book Spirit Airlines today and you can save up to $80 on your stay.* *Certain restrictions apply. Book by 2/14 at 11:59pm ET. New reservations only. Some exclusions apply. Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Subject to change without notice.

If your heart desires, book early for best deal.

It’s hard to find an airline that offers no-frills fares like Spirit does, and those who are flying Spirit Airlines on a budget appreciate that. The other perks of flying with them—their free carry-on bags and oversize carry-on bags that cost less than $25—are also great for travelers on a budget. There’s no doubt they make travel more affordable, but you may want to explore other airlines first; their Spirit Airlines Customer Service Toll Free Number is notoriously terrible. In fact, they were recently named one of America’s worst airlines . That said, these days everyone from consumers to shareholders is rethinking what it means for an airline company to have good customer service.

Get signed up for updates from Spirit.

To be on top of new Spirit Airlines deals, you’ll need to sign up for updates from Spirit. Since there are many cheap deals every day, if you want to take advantage of them, you need to stay on top of it. Keep in mind that you don’t want your inbox flooded with irrelevant emails, so be picky about what kinds of information you subscribe to. And if your inbox is already full, consider signing up for text messages or tweets instead. Those alerts won’t fill up your inbox and give you peace of mind that you have all the info you need at hand when traveling last-minute.

Don’t forget about their other amenities.

If you don’t have time for all of these, at least make sure you check out their hidden perks. For example, if you fly with enough frequency, they reward you with free travel vouchers every now and then. And yes, there are a lot of little things in life that can add up to big savings—free checked bags included. Want more great airline hacks? Check out some of our favorites here.
Again, what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. Every traveler has unique preferences when it comes to airlines and destinations. But if you want a no-frills flight at an affordable price with maximum flexibility, try flying Spirit Airlines next time you need to book airfare. Just remember not to forget about all of those little extras they offer!


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