Secret Tips to find best electric razor for sensitive skin

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Handy Tips to find best electric razor for sensitive skin 

Most men experience mild skin dryness or redness after shaving. But those with sensitive skin might notice a few extra symptoms like razor bumps, itchiness, or even acne. Shaving with manual razors can be extra-painful if you have sensitive skin. This is why an electric shaver might seem like a more reliable choice for men with sensitive skin. With the best electric razor for sensitive skin, you can avoid common problems like invisible micro-cuts causing prolonged irritation. To enjoy the many benefits of an electric shaver, men with sensitive skin should look at the following features.

Things to consider when picking electric razor for sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin would know, a simple shaving routine can be painful. They need to be little careful when picking razor to avoid skin problems. Here are top 8 Tips on how to pick an electric razor if you have sensitive skin.

1. The foil shaver advantage for sensitive skin 

Foil shavers effectively shield the skin from the shaver blade and prevent irritation. Some people might notice mild pulling of the skin, especially at skin folds, while shaving with a rotary shaver. This does not happen with foil shavers. Also, the foil shaver gently stretches the skin and provides better coverage with every stroke. This makes it easier to efficiently cover even dense beard growth in fewer strokes, thus minimizing friction-induced irritation. Pick shaver with Foil guard to reduce risk of getting hurt. Panasonic, Wahl, Braun are some of the popular brands with shavers with foil guard.

2. Powerful motor means you get painless shaves 

The motor power determines the overall shaving efficiency of the tool. This is often indicated in the form of CPM or cross-cuttings per minute. A linear motor is known to be consistent no matter what the battery status is. Consistency like this combined with the power of the motor can be a huge benefit for sensitive skin. When the shaver motor is powerful it cuts through rough and thick hair without pulling the strands or causing irritation. You would be moving the shaver across your skin fewer times and this reduces dryness. A powerful motor helps in clearing dense beard growth swiftly and without too many strokes that irritate the skin. 

3. A trimmer element can make a difference 

Foil shavers that are built with a trimmer head in between the foils can be a very comfortable choice for men with sensitive skin. Most of these trimmer heads are designed as dual-sided blades that can easily cut through irregularly grown hair strands. Ideally, if you have sensitive skin, you should begin with a trimmer and create an even and manageable stubble before you use your foil shaver. After this, if the shaver also has a trimmer head along with the foils, it will handle the stray hair strands that are longer than the rest. This minimizes tugging of the hair and can also solve flat-lying hair issues in most cases. 

4. Beard sensing features to reduce pressure on skin

Several electric shavers for sensitive skin come with smart features like beard-density sensing. In such shavers, the shaver motor continuously reads the density of the bead and automatically optimizes motor speed and overall cutting performance accordingly. With this, you would notice that the shaver works gently on the areas with sparse growth and more powerfully cutting through dense growth. This minimizes unwanted pressure on the skin where the bead is thin. 

5. Wet shave can be more comfortable

If you have sensitive skin, dry shaving might be a bad decision. Sensitive-skin shaving creams can work wonders in this case. Allow them to sit on the beard for some time and then use a wet electric shaver for the best results. Shaving creams can make the hair swell a little and become soft and easy to cut through. This feature, combined with the shaver’s efficiency, can result in consistent shaving performance and lower chances of skin irritation. When you try to attain a close shave you might be dragging the foil tightly against beard growth. This is when you end up with irritation because of the friction between the foil and the skin. Shaving creams also play the role of a lubricant. This is why you should choose an electric shaver with wet shave mode if you have sensitive skin. Also, the shaving creams for sensitive skin are formulated with ingredients that instantly soothe the skin and prevent the burning sensation that is often felt with dry shaves. 

6. Battery performance of shaver

Battery life is one thing to consider but another critical factor would be the performance of the battery. Long battery life would not be a benefit if the shaver performance drops every time the battery level is low. Some shavers tend to give relatively weak shaving performance when the battery runs low. This can have a significant impact if you have sensitive skin. So, you need a shaver that works consistently at all battery levels. A sluggish motor can leave you with unpleasant experience.

7. Self-cleaning and sanitization for an added advantage

A self-cleaning dock in an electric shaver is a tool that comes with a cleaning and sanitizing chamber for the shaver. All you have to do is to pop the shaver into the cleaning dock after use. The cleaning cartridge might contain a cleaning solution that helps in breaking down the shaving cream residue and fine hair strands. Your sensitive skin would thank you for this deep-cleaning of the shaver head. This will prevent reactions on the skin like breakouts, and acne caused due to the use of dirty blades on sensitive skin. Do consider maintenance as prime factor when picking electric razor.

8. Design elements for sensitive skin 

Most of the popular brands like Philips, Wahl, Andis, Panasonic in the electric shaving segment bring some specific models for sensitive skin. These come with specific features that are created with sensitive skin as the prime consideration. Some have hypoallergenic foils to prevent allergic reactions on the skin. Some shavers come with lubricating strips in the case of foil shavers or comfort rings in the case of rotary shavers. These are also good to have on electric shavers for sensitive skin. 

Few last words from us

Along with all the above features, your shaver should have the sharpest blades. Blunt blades make shaving painful and they can be very uncomfortable to use if you have sensitive skin. Sharp blades that are effectively shielded by skin-friendly foils are the best combinations for sensitive skin. The perforation in the foil can also be a deciding factor. Some shavers are designed with foils of different perforation designs to let them trap and feed hair of all thicknesses to the blade. Such nuances of the shaver design can make a huge amount of difference for men with sensitive skin.

Considering factors above you will sure be able to pick best electric razor that your skin will love. Let us know in comments below if you have sensitive skin and have been through the ordeal of shaving that was painful. If you want us to review any particular razor model, do let us know, we will be happy to help!


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