Sediment Water Filter is Needed for Better Water Quality

sediment water filter

Most people know that well water cannot be drunk until it is boiled, so a sediment water filter is need for your better water quality. After all, the bacteria are high. Even if they are boiled, the bacteria inside may not be completely eliminated. After all, some bacteria are resistant to high temperatures. In general, we should pay attention to the correct method when burning well water.

Why do I choose sediment water filter?

Heavy rain is a short-lasting, intense, destructive weather, but also a strong convective weather. Many friends find that the tap water after the rainstorm is not clean. So do you know why the tap water after the rainstorm is not clean? Why does the tap water become turbid after a rainstorm?

Continuous heavy rains will trigger landslides and a large number of mudslides. And it will directly lead to poor water quality in rivers, lakes and reservoirs that are the water sources of waterworks. Even moderate rain will greatly increase the turbidity of the water source of the water plant, exceeding the conventional treatment capacity of the water plant.

The process and processing capacity of water plants are generally relatively fixed. Therefore, the sudden and substantial increase in the turbidity of the source water directly leads to the decline in the quality of the effluent from the water plant. So the tap water to your home becomes significantly turbid. Of course, there are other reasons why this result can also occur. You’d better to install a sediment filter to clean the turbid water.

To give two common examples: First, after the pipe network ruptures and is repaired, the sediment and debris left in the pipe network are not cleared out. Second, the pipe network washes out the inner wall of the pipe due to pressure changes. And it brings a lot of rust, particles, etc., and these pollutants will eventually come to your home’s faucet.

Is there any bacteria when the well water is boiled?

Many rural families have their own wells, so it is convenient to take a bath, wash clothes or drink water. But most well water is not treated and may contain various bacteria, so do you know if there are bacteria after the well water is boiled? Even people who have a well at home usually boil well water to drink, but some people will ask if there are bacteria after the well water is boiled?

The bodies of the killed microbes remain in the water, and some high-temperature resistant bacteria will remain in the water. Ordinary boiling water cannot completely remove various bacteria and microorganisms from the water. However, boiling water treated water essentially kills most of the treated microbes and bacteria and is safe to drink. You’d better install sediment filter for well water. In addition, the human body itself needs to receive some beneficial bacteria from the outside world to help the body digest and work.

The correct way to boil water is to open the lid when the water is quickly opened (80-90 degrees Celsius), then cook for 2-3 minutes, then turn off the heat. If you can’t grasp the time when the water is about to boil every time, open the lid immediately when the water boils and wait 2-3 minutes.

Is my tap water needed to be purified?

Tap water that people drink is chlorinated and sterilized. 13 harmful substances can be separated from the chlorine treated water, of which halocarbons and chloroform also have carcinogenic and teratogenic effects. When the water temperature reaches 90 degrees Celsius, the content of halogenated hydrocarbons increases from 53 micrograms per kilogram to 177 micrograms, which is twice the national drinking water sanitation standard. Experts point out that drinking uncooked water, bladder cancer and rectal cancer increased by 21%-38%. When the water temperature reaches 100 degrees Celsius, these two harmful substances are greatly reduced as the steam evaporates. If you continue to boil for 3 minutes, it is relatively safe to drink. Finally, the water will remain after it boils

Turbid water quality has always been a problem that plagues many aquarists and grass friends. Especially the water in the fish tank is often turbid and often dead fish. All of the above factors may lead to aging or over-fertilization of water quality. Or deterioration of water quality, it will result in the breeding of bacteria or parasites in the water. Deteriorating water quality can make koi slow and in poor condition, nourishing protein worms or other parasites. And if koi have trauma, bacteria can easily take advantage of the void.

What else do I need to know?

People will have a certain right to choose what they can see, such as seeing something very disgusting. Many people will choose not to see. If it is not particularly necessary, many people will choose to leave directly. For the situation brought about by this flood, everyone has seen. When people need to drink water, they see the flood so dirty, and no one can drink it. It will give people a very unpleasant feeling in the senses. Even the clean water resources at home may have been polluted by the river. So the subjective feeling is not good, let alone someone will drink this water.

Viral microorganisms are everywhere, and for our human body itself is a huge container for microbial growth; For the microorganisms that grow on us, because they are already colonized bacteria, they will not do us much harm. Of course, it does not mean that there is no harm at all. Because once it is transferred to other places, it will also bring certain harm to our body. For this time, because the flood washed away a lot of places. And those who soaked in the flood, they may also be infected with all kinds of strange diseases. So for our people in Henan, they will definitely have all kinds of problems in drinking water. Because his water has been polluted. So it is necessary to reduce the need to touch this kind of water. After all, after drinking it, it will bring all kinds of strange diseases.

More things you need to pay attention

Most people know that well water cannot be drunk until it is boiled. After all, the bacteria are high. Even if they are boiled, the bacteria inside may not be completely eliminated. After all, some bacteria are resistant to high temperatures. In general, we should pay attention to the correct method when burning well water.

Due to the large number of microorganisms and cause water quality turbidity phenomenon is called biological turbidity. Features: The water is chaotic and grayish white, giving people a hazy feeling. And we often say that the water is turbid, which refers to the biological turbidity. Fish tank is the ideal breeding place for bacteria, whether it is temperature, ph, oxygen, food, etc., the most difficult to control is the number of bacteria food (fish stool, residual bait and other organic matter). Once we don’t control the content of organic matter, it will provide bacteria with the opportunity to explode, so it will burst bacteria.

A little harmless bacteria, but will not affect drinking. If you’re worried about illness, exercising well can also fight off most bacteria! Therefore, it is best to supplement the appropriate probiotics in time in the water body or feed. So the beneficial bacteria in the water body form a dominant population to control the advantage, and the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria in the water body will naturally inhibit. For more info, you can keep an eye on the updates of itsmypost.



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