Services Provided by Family Lawyers

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A family lawyer is a legal professional who focuses on, as the name would suggest, family law issues. These can include guardianship, divorce, and child custody. If there is a family disagreement, a family lawyer can serve as a mediator. If you find yourself dealing with family-related legal trouble, below is a list of areas of family-related issues you could find a suitable lawyer over.

Handling Divorce Issues

Divorce is a trying experience for all parties involved. Money, custody, property ownership, a sense of betrayal, and a desire for vengeance can make it difficult for a couple to settle a divorce calmly. In these circumstances, a family lawyer can serve as an intermediary, helping them approach the issue rationally based on the guidelines laid out in the law. A family lawyer can often help their client go through the divorce process without going to court.

Child Custody Agreements

One of the most challenging situations a couple handles when they separate is what should happen to the children. Child custody is an explicit agreement where both parents agree to live within the terms of who will be taking care of their children and when. A good family lawyer can help the parents create an agreement that is in the best interests of their children. If the need arises, a family law attorney will work with the client to help amend a child custody agreement to something that suits the child or the circumstances better than what they have now.

Prenuptial Agreements

Because more than 50% of marriages end in divorce, a growing facet of family law is drafting prenuptial or postnuptial agreements. With a prenuptial agreement, the couple signs a contract before marriage or before a civil union, while a postnuptial is the same thing only signed after a marriage or civil union. The content of each contract can vary based on the desires of the couple involved. Basically, it spells out the provision of spousal support, how property will be divided, and what will happen with financial assets if there is a breakup.

Wills and Estates

A will is a legal document wherein people say how they wish their property, their financial resources, and other assets to be divided when they die. A family law attorney can help people draft these documents. They could also be involved in seeing to it that the estate is administered as dictated by the deceased person in their will.

The importance of a family law attorney cannot be overemphasized. They help family members adhere to the law and approach emotional issues rationally. They can help you with issues ranging from prenuptial agreements to divorce to other complicated legal matters. Family law attorneys can help take some of the complications out of otherwise messy situations.


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