SHAMS Free Trade Zone Requirements and Benefits

Sharjah free trade zone

The United Arab Emirates is a haven that provides unlimited opportunities worldwide to various new-age investors and budding entrepreneurs. In fact, the UAE Free zones are specifically designed to fulfill the business needs of the entrepreneurs, thus attracting more foreign investments into the country. The affordable company formation packages, world-class infrastructure, and business support services provide the perfect launchpad for new businesses to establish, grow, and expand quickly. Similarly, Sharjah free trade zone offers a plethora of benefits to aspiring entrepreneurs in the creative business sector.  Established in the year 2017, it is acclaimed to be the best economic zone for the media and creative sector. 

Why SHAMS Sharjah Free Zone is the best for businesses? 

SHAMS has made a drastic transformation into a global hub of innovation with its commendable business environment, exclusive incentives, and elite facilities specially designed for creative and media businesses. In short, it connects talents with an advanced community of innovations. 

Furthermore, there are several reasons to choose SHAMS for your new media business. 

  • Affordable establishment 

Entrepreneurs have several cost-effective options to set up their new media business in SHAMS Sharjah Free Zone. It offers the best value for price owing to several benefits it provides to the companies. For instance, the ability to cover a wide range of business activities under one license, tax-free jurisdiction, full ownership of the business as well as repatriation of profits to the home country, liberty from customs duty, etc. 

  • Hassle-free registration 

While UAE follows strict rules and regulations at every phase of administration, SHAMS provides liberal laws for business setup. This means you do not have to struggle with too much paperwork and you can also get approvals from authorities easily. In fact, with the digitalization of the whole process, SHAMS business registration has become quick and convenient. 

  • New facilities for media businesses 

Sharjah Media City aims to become a world-class media hub for creativity and innovation. Therefore, to achieve this goal, it is planning to soon launch new facilities for media businesses that would empower talented individuals and provide more support to nurture a creative-friendly environment. Recently, it has also collaborated with OMNES Media in order to launch an Influencers Platform that would offer an open digital marketplace for business sectors and inflencers to interact directly with each other. Thus, they would be able to engage together for their business marketing and promotional campaign needs both on local as well as international levels. 

  • SHAMS Film Commission 

SHAMS Film commission is an autonomous body launched in January 2021. The mission to create this commission was to establish Sharjah as one of the preferred destinations for film-making across the globe. It provides free access to the database of Sharjah’s striking locations for film shoots, such as heritage buildings, beautiful beaches, modern hotels, elevated infrastructure, and many more. 

  • Free training and workshops 

Businesses need media-focused education and training to establish themselves in Sharjah Media City. Therefore, SHAMS provides free on-site training and workshops to its clients on media-related fields such as photography, film, cinematography, etc. These training sessions are highly beneficial for business owners as well as employees for their professional and personal growth. It helps them upgrade their skills and enhance their expertise. Additionally, media industry experts from around the world conduct seminars, training programs, and Q&A sessions at SHAMS regularly. 

  • Free entry to exhibitions and business community sessions 

SHAMS is popular for providing a thriving atmosphere for its business community. It helps companies grow by regularly organizing seminars, events, exhibitions, etc., and providing them space where entrepreneurs can collaborate, network, and share ideas. The network may include regional traders, IT professionals, technology enthusiasts, students, and consumers. Hence, SHAMS provide opportunities to its business community to meet new clients and discuss their suggestions and ideas for growth and innovation. 

  • Freelance license for media professionals 

Usually, the freelance permit in the UAE is issued to professionals working in the media, education, or tech sectors. This allows them to work independently as freelancers. 

  • Favorable location 

Sharjah is a well-planned network of transportation facilities, with close proximity to Dubai Airport and Sharjah Airport. Moreover, it’s a complete package of a rich commercial zone with open residential avenues, creative units, hotels, and malls. 

  • Company formation benefits without any physical presence 

One of the major advantages of choosing the SHAMS company setup is its business formation benefits that do not require the physical presence of the owner to legitimize their existence. That means it allows business owners or investors to operate their business from anywhere. 

  • Convenient visa processing 

Sharjah Media City offers quick visa access to its clients. The investors are free to acquire their visas without any age restriction or payment deposit. Furthermore, if you opt for the facility of the shared desk, then you can apply for up to six visas.

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Benefits of setting up business in Sharjah free trade zone 

  • Fast easy and transparent procedures for licensing as well as business registration
  • No intervention of local partner/sponsor for company formation
  • Complete foreign ownership 
  • 100% repatriation of funds and profits 
  • Operation with minimum taxes, or sometimes no taxes 
  • Exemption from corporate tax, personal tax, and also customs duty
  • Access to a wide range of business activities 
  • Fast and easy customs checks and clearances 
  • In-house Customs Check Post 
  • Speedy Visa processing 
  • Quick opening of a bank account
  • Availability of world-class, customized office spaces, Flexi-Desks, and fully-furnished offices 
  • Easy access to Light manufacturing Units or Assembling Centers 
  • Reduced logistics 
  • Streamlined operations 
  • Fewer overheads
  • Availability of state-of-the-art, customized storage, and warehousing facilities 
  • Easy access to the growing business community 
  • Access to ample market opportunities 
  • Recruitment of foreign employees 

Types of company structures in Sharjah Free Trade Zone 

  • SHAMS LLC  – SHAMS Limited Liability Company is an independent entity 
  • SHAMS Branch – Branch belongs to an existing parent company, either domestic or foreign. 

Types of licenses available in Sharjah Free Trade Zone 

  • Trading license – This license allows companies to import, and export goods within SHAMS. It also includes sales, both wholesale as well as retail, and rendering services related to sales. 
  • Industrial license – With this license, companies are given authority to manufacture, transform, produce, and also re-produce goods. 
  • Service license – A service license allows individuals and companies to produce, reproduce, distribute and transform services. It also includes activities where you render services and use goods to provide these services.  
  • Holding license – A holding license gives you the authority to hold shares or standalone assets such as patents, trademarks, property, etc. in other companies. 

Office facilities available at Sharjah Free Trade Zone 

  • Shared Desk Space 
  • Dedicated Office Space 
  • Shared Office Space 
  • Dedicated Office Space 

Process of SHAMS Sharjah Free Zone Company Formation 

Below are the steps you need to follow to establish your business in Shams Free Zone: 

  • Determine the legal structure of the business 
  • Find a company name
  • Select a trading license according to the business activity 
  • Choose an office facility as per business preference 
  • Apply for the license and submit the documents 
  • Make the payment 
  • Collect the license from the concerned department 

Documents required for setting up a company in Sharjah free trade zone 

SHAMS requires the applicants to submit the following documents for setting up their business in the free zone. 

  • Certificate of incorporation (for corporate shareholders) 
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association 
  • Board resolution 
  • Certificate of good standing 
  • Existing trade license copy (for corporate shareholders) 
  • Board resolution giving signatory authorization or Power of Attorney to the third party 

Key points to remember: 

  • If you are setting up a branch in Sharjah Free Zone, then you need to produce documents of the parent company. 
  • Ensure to attest and approve the documents from the relevant authority. 
  • Get the approvals from all the necessary departments for business formation.
  • Sharjah Media City also welcomes businesses from all fields other than media. 

Establishing a media company in the SHAMS Free zone can be complicated for some while less intricate for some. However, with the help of business setup experts, you can achieve this task without actually going through all the hassle. 

Shuraa Business Setup can provide all-inclusive services for company formation in Sharjah free trade zone. Our consultants hold wide experience in all the procedures of company registration and hence, can assist in accomplishing all the legal tasks timely as well as affordably. Besides, we also provide post-setup services that will help you run your business smoothly even after formation. 

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