Shopping Areas to Visit after Relocating to Goa

Flea market at Anjuna beach

Are you planning to shift to the land of sandy beaches, Goa? If yes, then you are in for a treat. Apart from beautiful, picturesque beaches, you have places to shop. Yes, you read it right. To keep you motivated and applaud your decision of relocating to Goa, we have compiled a list of few street shopping areas.

These are some of the best places where you can go after the packers and movers have done their work and you’ve settled in your new house. These places will give you a new motive after you have made the shift. Lets’ check them out.

Flea market at Anjuna beach

If you shift to Goa, you should keep the address of the flea market handy. A flea market is a place where you can get items at lower rates. Anjuna beach in Goa has one such flea market where you can buy anything under the sun. From coffee shops to Kashmiri stalls, this market is held every Wednesday amidst the picturesque beach in the background.

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pack a few things such as sunscreen, hat, and water, and visit this market where you can buy colorful sarongs, junk jewelry, get a body tattoo, and other items. When you visit this market, you’ll find tourists and locals flocking to buy trinkets or getting their body parts pierced or tattooed. These temporary tattoos are so infectious that you will want to keep them for a long time but they only last for a few weeks.

Getting haircuts is another yes when you visit this place. You can try some of the western jewelry with funky tattoos and wacky hairdos. It is a fun place to be all together. This place is full of teenagers and hippies. Every Wednesday you will find this place coming alive with the bustling crowd: some selling another bargaining. From home décor to cool clothes, you can buy anything here. If you ever happen to relocate to Goa, take out time to visit this flea market to mark yourself a true ‘Goan’.

Panjim Market

Panjim, Goa’s capital has one of those fast-forward markets. Also known as Panjim New Market, it is a shoppers’ paradise. Whatever you want, however you want, name it and you got it. Located near the Inox multiplex, it is a combination of modern and exotic shopping experiences. It is one of the well-organized markets in Goa, where you can buy casual clothes, handbags, spices, and fancy footwear.

If you are always on the lookout for fresh fruits and vegetables, this is the place you need to be. Sweetmeats, groceries, meats, specialty products, and sweets of Goa are easily available here. If you visit this place you can take home some of the famous cashew nuts of Goa. You can also buy famous spices, curry pastes, and port wine.

Once you are done shopping you can give your legs a much-needed break by visiting the good eateries the place has to offer. One of the locals’ favorite is Mario Miranda’s.

Mackie’s Saturday Night Bazaar

After spending a full week at work Saturday night is to be enjoyed to its fullest. If you are in Goa, spend it as Goans do. Go ahead and have fun. Mackie’s Night Bazaar is held every Saturday. This is an exclusive market with loads of options for shopping.

Colorful, busy nightlife takes all the loads out of your shoulders and you can indulge yourself in fun. Just like any other fun places in Goa, this night goes on till 3 am. With more than 100 stalls selling a variety of things, the time will seem to fly. Home décor items, fancy clothes, souvenirs, everything that you need after shifting can be bought here.

You can eat, drink, listen to great music, and shop to your hearts’ content. After working for the whole week this seems like a refreshing respite.

Babu Tea and Coffee

Are you a tea and coffee fan? If so, then Babu tea & coffee should be first on your list. It has a collection of coffee grounds and loose tea leaves. This place has a long-standing reputation for offering different varieties that are rare to find anywhere else easily.

They bring their coffee beans and tea leaves from the best plantations from all over India and overboard and follow a unique mixing process. This is why this shop can create delicious and amazing varieties that attract customers from different parts of the world. Tourists have this point in their itinerary without fail.

People visit this place and take away different packages of tea and coffee, a sweet reminder of their Goan holiday. This place also sells coffee grounds and tea leaves for wholesale and sends them to various parts of the state.

If you stay here, you can purchase your monthly requirement of tea or coffee at a great price. You can also buy them as a gift for your in-laws as well.

MMC market

Another shopping destination to be added to your list once you relocate to South Goa is the MMC market. Located in Margao, it is the favorite weekend destination to be enjoyed with your loved one. Also known as Gandhi market this is a bustling part of South Goa. If you are relocating to this area, this can be your number-1 one spot for weekend getaways. Tourists can be seen flocking this market as this market appeals to their sense of adventure.

You can visit this place solo or with your family, it won’t disappoint you at all. It has some best options for recreational purposes. Visit the place to feel relaxed and enjoy the sense of freedom here. Carrying your camera is a must or you may miss out on some of the best moments.

Interesting themes, colorful landscapes, fabulous designs, props, music, and characters with merchandise are all available in this market. This is one of the favorite places for kids. You will find world-class architecture, and standards with innovative layouts and well-thought execution make it one of the best points for locals and tourists. Don’t forget to buy some of those beautiful smelling home-made soaps, aromatic spices, and other household items.

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