Should You Use A Shower Standing Handle? Here’s What The Research Says

shower standing handle

According to some research, shower standing handles may be a dangerous idea. Though they may make taking a shower easier, they may also lead to twisting your neck while in the shower – which could cause injury. So, should you use a shower standing handle? Here’s what the research says.

What is a shower standing handle?

Shower-standing handles have been on the market for a few years, but there is still some controversy surrounding their effectiveness. Proponents of shower standing handles argue that they are more efficient because they allow you to use your entire body to lift the shower head and spray water. They also state that these handles decrease strain on your back and joints.

However, opponents of shower handles argue that they cause instability in the bathroom and can be dangerous. They state that the stand can easily become detached from the wall, causing serious injury if it falls on someone. Additionally, they argue that using a shower standing handle is significantly less efficient than using a traditional shower head.

What are the benefits of using a shower standing handle?

Using this handle is one of the best ways to save your back and improve your hygiene. Here are five key benefits you can expect:

1. Improved Back Health: A 2010 study by the European spine society found that those who used a shower standing handle experienced significant lower back pain reductions, likely due to improved posture and overall personal hygiene.

2. Reduced Stress Levels: According to another study from 2006, people who use standing handles experience significantly less stress than those who don’t – likely because it’s easier to just let go without having to worry about balance or holding on too tightly.

3. Faster Shower Time: While it may seem counterintuitive, using this handle saves time when taking a shower – thanks to decreased water consumption and shorter showers overall.

4. Enhanced Scent Removal: Another advantage of using a standing shower handle is that it removes body odor – since you’re not constantly reaching for products near your face (or leaving wet hands all over the bathroom!).

5. Increased Hygiene Level: Finally, using a shower handle is one of the best ways to improve your hygiene level – since you won’t be touching anything with unwashed hands!

What are the drawbacks of using a shower standing handle?

The main drawback of shower standing handles is that they can be dangerous if not used correctly. Some believe that the increased grip provided by the handle can cause a person to overbalance, stumble and fall in the shower. Additionally, people with limited mobility may have difficulty using a shower handle and could accidentally aggravate health conditions or worsen existing conditions. Finally, using this handle can increase water usage as you need both hands to hold on, reducing your flow.

Should you use a shower standing handle?

Shower standing handles are a convenient way to get a good shower, but should you use one? According to some research, the answer is yes.

Shower standing handles help you balance yourself so you can move around more easily while getting in and out of the shower. They also reduce fatigue and help make the shower more comfortable.

Studies have shown that using a shower standing handle can improve your bathing experience by making it easier for you to get in and out of the bathtub or shower and reduce your tiredness after bathing. They also help maintain stability when moving around in the tub or shower, preventing falls.

If you’re struggling with balance or find it hard to stay upright while bathing, you need to use a shower standing handle to improve your showering experience.



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