Signs It’s Time to Get Your Door Replaced

signs it’s time to look into getting some new doors

Your doors do more for your home than just letting people in and out of the house. They also insulate your home, provide security against intruders, and help add to the visual appeal of the house. Your doors are incredibly important for the well-being of your house and everyone who lives in it. That’s why when they begin to fail to the point that repairs just aren’t worth it anymore, it’s important to look into getting them replaced as quickly as you can. Below are a few examples of signs it’s time to look into getting some new doors.

Drafts Around Doors

Your door can only insulate your home properly if it’s in good condition. This means that if you can detect air passing through the door whenever you’re near it there’s a problem. Warping around the door means that it doesn’t fit in the doorway properly anymore and that a draft will let cold air in and warm air out. There could also be issues with the insulating ability of the door panel. If it feels noticeably warm in the summer or noticeably cool in the winter, the overall door could be allowing too much temperature movement.

Problems with Locking or Latching

The most important deterrent to a would-be intruder is a strong door with a secure lock. If your door is showing any signs of not meeting this standard, it’s time to replace it. Doors and frames can warp over time, preventing proper latching. If you’ve noticed that your door can be pulled open even when it’s locked, you need to replace it so that your home stays secure. If the deadbolt is in good working order when the door is open but does not align properly when the door is closed, talk to a door and window specialist, someone like New Beginnings Window and Door, about an upgrade.

Cosmetic Issues

You may not think it’s worthwhile to replace a door just because it looks bad, but the appearance of a door can actually give a few hints about its performance. An aging door from a decade or more ago is not as energy-efficient as a new unit, so its out-of-date look also tells you about its out-of-date performance. If new paint won’t stick to the door, that’s a sign that its surface is in poor condition and won’t insulate effectively. It may also tell you that the door is too weak to resist any attempt to force entry. Worse, an aging door could tell would-be intruders there’s an easy point of entry to try.

Your home’s safety, affordability, and beauty all hinge on your doors the same way your doors hinge on your house! Keep an eye on them and make sure they’re performing the way you need them to. After knowing what to look for, the signs it’s time to look into getting some new doors will be incredibly obvious.


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