Simple DIY tips for fridge Repair and Mainatinece at Home

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The refrigerator repair is possibly the most used appliance & the largest consumer of energy in the kitchen. To decrease the energy consumption & keep the refrigerator running, it is quite crucial to keep it clean as well as up to par.Get it done by experts available at Fridge repair Dubai. Adding some of the simple & straightforward preventative refrigerator maintenance chores to your cleaning checklist can hugely decrease your possibility of needing a service call. Therefore, we suggest the undermentioned 5 DIY refrigerator maintenance tips that help to keep your refrigerator running at its top performance for several years to come.

6 DIY refrigerator maintenance tips:-

Check out the door seals

Always keep the coils clean and tidy

Properly clean the inside

Check temperature

Try to keep it filled

Make Sure to Change the Water Filter

Check out the door seals

Be sure the door seals are well-secured & free of food remains. Attempt to clean the seals at least twice a year. For cleaning purposes, you can take a small brush (toothbrush) & a mixture of water and baking soda. And, if cool air seeps out, a high amount of energy will be wasted & making the fridge work harder than it actually requires to. To be sure your seals are up to par, you can opt for the dollar-bill test: Try to close the dollar bill in the door as it’s half in & half out. If it slips out without much effort, then opt for a professional fridge repair Dubai.

Always keep fridge the coils  repair clean and tidy

We all are aware of the fact that the condenser coils are applied to get rid of heat discharged from the inside to the outside air. Well, if these coils are accumulated with dirt & dust, then the refrigerator can not run in the correct manner. So, it is pretty much important to clean coils twice a year by picking the fridge away from the wall, unplugging from the power outlet & vacuuming them with a soft brush attachment.

Referigretor maintaince and Cleanliness

Cleaning the doors, shelves, & walls of the fridge monthly can help to prevent the bacteria & germs from reaching the food. If something spills in the fridge, make sure to clean up right away. This also helps to clean out your refrigerator so you aren’t keeping resolve it by fridge repair dubai anything that is molding or expired.

Check temperature

Refrigerator temperature is an essential aspect that needs to be controlled in the correct manner. Therefore, it is quite important that you ensure that the freezer is at 0 degrees & the refrigerator temperature is between 37- to 38-degrees Fahrenheit. Controlling the interior temperature helps the refrigerator run at its top condition.

Try to keep it filled

You believe it or not, actually refrigerators require thermal mass for keeping the low temperatures it needs to keep the drinks & foods cold and fresh. So, if the door is open for a long time, then cool foods and drinks consume a good amount of warm air that makes your refrigerator work harder. If your fridge repair dubai  is normally never filled, then try to fill it with empty bottles as it can help with the thermal mass.

Make Sure to Change the Water Filter

Changing the filter is a pretty crucial step to keep the drinking water fresh & filter out any undesired contaminants. However, that’s not the only cause to change the filter on a regular basis. An outdated filter can get clogged, eventually, that can result in slow water flow as well as ice production. Changing the filter according to your product’s specifications can restrict an unnecessary service call. And the frequency varies by appliance, however, generally ranges near about 4-6 months. Moreover, the frequency will differ depending on how much water you are using.

1. Clean the Coils

Although you may not be able to see the coils, keeping them free of dust, debris, and pet hair really does help the refrigerator operate more smoothly and efficiently. The coils are usually located at the bottom of the unit or in the back. You may have to remove a grill to get to them, but usually that just involves snapping off a plate or removing a few simple screws. If your unit’s coils are in the back, you may have to roll or move the unit away from the wall, which also gives you the chance to clean the floor underneath the fridge. You can purchase a special coil-cleaning tool for the job, but a vacuum cleaner attachment or a stiff brush can also do the trick. Just run the vacuum or brush over and under the coils, removing dust as you go. Clean the condenser fan, too. The coils should be cleaned in this manner once or twice a year, and more often if you have pets that shed.


2. Maintain the Temperature

Check the temperature often in both the refrigerator and freezer sections of your unit. This is important for food safety as well as for helping the fridge run efficiently. The refrigerator compartment should be around 37 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit and the freezer section should be set at zero degrees Fahrenheit. If you have an older model or if you suspect that your fridge or freezer isn’t cooling correctly, you can purchase an inexpensive refrigerator thermometer at most hardware and home improvement stores.

3. Check the Gasket

If your gasket isn’t sealing well, cold air can be escaping, which makes the unit work harder and use more energy to maintain the right temperature. Inspect the gasket frequently for signs of wear and tear. If it’s cracked or deteriorated, you should replace it to avoid refrigerator problems. As a part of your fridge maintenance routine, be sure to clean the gasket regularly with warm, soapy water to help prevent crumbs and spills from harming the seal.

4. Change Filters

Many people don’t realize that refrigerator ice makers and water dispensers usually have filters that need changing. Check your manufacturer’s instructions for specific recommendations and replacement information for your model. Keeping the filters changed will help keep your icemaker and water dispenser clean and will help these components run efficiently. A good way to remember to change your fridge filters is to do it when you change other filters around your home.

5. Close the Door

As it turns out, your mother was right – keeping the refrigerator door closed is one of the best ways to ensure proper refrigerator maintenance. This is because the refrigerator has to work harder to maintain the correct temperatures when the door is opened frequently. Think about the items you need out of the fridge before you open the door, and retrieve them all at once. Make sure the door is closed tightly when you’re through. 

6. Stay Level

If your refrigerator is not level, the doors may not close completely or seal properly, and the motor may have to strain unnecessarily. Use a level tool on the shelves to check your refrigerator’s position. Adjust the feet of the refrigerator if necessary to keep the unit even on all sides.

7. Cover Food

Store food properly in containers with securely fitting tops, or covered tightly with foil or plastic wrap. This will help minimize moisture in the unit.


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