Six Best Gamification Plugins that Help to Boost Your Business

Gamification Plugins

Are you looking for the best ways to boost your business? Use Gamification Plugins to Gamify it!

Gamification is now trending on top for boosting your business, and most of the biz website owners are approaching this technique by keeping a profit in mind.

Before moving further, let’s have an idea about what gamification is? It is a process of adding gaming mechanics to any non-gaming context.

Gamification Success Stories

  • Microsoft was successful in gaining 16 times more feedback from the people through its Communicate Hope gamified system.
  • The Samsung Nation analysed a tremendous and surprising 500% increment in customer product reviews and approximately 66% increment in site visits using a gamified system.
  • 23 billion users log in to Facebook every day through several game loops and gamified interaction.

In other words, gamification is a marketing technique that takes your business to the next level of growth and benefits you incredibly impressive.

Well, before further ado, we are going to discuss the ten best WordPress gamification plugins that help your business grow faster.

1. myCred – Points, Rewards, Gamification, Ranks, Badges & Loyalty Plugin

myCred is the point management system that builds a loyalty program and gamifies your website with less marketing efforts. myCred offers digital rewards such as points, badges, and ranks to the customers for performing particular activities.

The beauty of myCred is that it comes with more than fifty add-ons that add spark to this plugin functionality and allow the admins to award their customers efficiently.

myCred is integrated with other third-party plugins such as AffiliateWP, Gravity, PayPal, WooCommerce, Stripe, BuddyPress, and a lot more.

Top Five Add-Ons

  • CashCred (Core)

    – has two payment gateways, PayPal and Stripe. CashCred allows the customers to redeem their myCred points into real money at any time and anywhere by using one of these two payment methods.

  • BuyCred (Core)

    – has around ten payment gateways that enable the users to purchase myCred points by using any payment methods to pay for the points.

  • myCred Spin Wheel (Premium)

    – offers the opportunity to spin the lucky wheel and win exciting prizes on each slice of a wheel.

  • myCred Social Share (Premium)

    – awards users with digital rewards to share your website posts and other content on different social media platforms.

  • myCred WooCommerce Plus (Premium)

    – awards your WooCommerce store users with points, badges, and ranks. This add-on automatically awards coupons to the users for achieving a higher rank or badge.


  • An admin has overall control over the point management system.
  • myCred enables the users to create multiple point types through the admin area to manage things easily.
  • myCred awards badges to the users based on their achievements and their level of performance.
  • Generate and share the coupons with the users for achieving or completing any particular task or goal.
  • myCred notifies the users whenever they gain or lose points through the pop-up notification system.
  • Ranks are given to the users based on the users’ performance that how well are they performing.
  • its points used in the statistical data such as charts, graphs, and other visualisations.
  • myCred is theme independent and efficiently runs on any theme if your theme supports the widgets and shortcodes.
  • it also allows the users to add their own translations or modify the built-in translations.
  • myCred also allows you to sell access to the content of your website.

2. OptinSpin

OptinSpin is a spin-to-win fortunate wheel that offers exciting prizes to the spinners on every. It is also a WordPress gamification plugin that incredibly captures the market and generates leads efficiently.


OptinSpin only requires your email address to give you access to spin the wheel and win prizes. Without any marketing hassles, you can have the bulk of email addresses for running the lead campaigns for brand recognition.

With this gamification plugin, business owners can increase sales by offering discount offers to their customers.


  • It generates unlimited leads with the record of the email addresses of the users.
  • It sends coupons to the winners via email, and customers can avail the coupons whenever they want.
  • An admin can easily customise the lucky wheel according to the brand theme colors and styling.
  • It helps you shoot emails on product releases, sharing news, storytelling, etc., using MailChimp.
  • The ChatChamp integration helps retain the customers by using Facebook Messenger, which works as a reminder to your customer if they left your online store while shopping.

3. Gamification for WooCommerce

Gamification for WooCommerce is the best WooCommerce gamification plugin for people who are running online stores. It helps in driving the revenue by automating your marketing with gamification for the WooCommerce online stores.

This plugin is specifically dedicated to the WooCommerce online stores to gamify them and multiply the sales. With this technique, you can award your customers digital rewards such as points, badges, and ranks.


  • It helps you manage the digital rewards and also allows you to create such rewards.
  • An admin has the power to display the number of earned points by the customers on the website.
  • It is compatible with the WooCommerce Subscription, by which you can create product variations and subscriptions.
  • It helps you in displaying the points log history.
  • An admin can easily limit the products inventory to the users with a particular rank or badge.
  • It also builds a referral program through which referrers and referred users are awarded points on each successful transaction on your website.

4. MoolaMojo

Another powerful yet comfortable WordPress gamification plugin that is used to gamify your website with robust gamification techniques. MoolaMojo is an optimal way to incorporate the gaming context on your website to make it dynamic and lively.

With this plugin, you can offer virtual rewards to your customers to build a loyalty program and retain them for a more extended period. It also helps in driving conversion and lead generation. This plugin makes the integration with the top-notch third-party plugins to make your website more functional and practical.


  • An admin can provide a name for virtual rewards. Also, you can sell virtual credits for real money or allow users to earn points by performing specific tasks.
  • An admin has the power to manage the credits and reward the credits manually to the users.
  • Offer rewards to the users for various activities such as registrations, login, posting comments, postings, and many more.
  • Levels are assigned to the users based on their earned credit amounts in their virtual wallets.
  • It offers straightforward integration with other plugins that just takes a few lines of code. For more help, the documentation is available to follow while integrating with the plugins.

5. Captain Up

Captain Up is another trick to engage your customers to boost your sales and generate

. more leads in a short period of time. It helps create brand loyalty by offering virtual rewards and prizes to the customers for turning them into your staunching and long-lasting customers.

It is one of the top-notch WordPress gamification plugins that help in boosting your business everywhere and build market value with its unique core features. Let’s discuss a few of them.


  • It gamifies your website and leverages your users with outstanding virtual credits such as badges, levels, trophies, points, and multi-currencies.
  • It builds your market recognition by sharing your content to various social networks. Sharing helps in making the community that eventually leads to increasing influential customers.
  • It builds a way of communication with your users exactly when they perform a desirable activity on your website.
  • Monitor the activities of your users with real-time tracking functionality and track the records for future use.

6. DeepMarkit

DeepMarkit is a toolkit for business owners to boost their business and motivate the users for every call to action techniques. A WordPress gamification plugin that builds and converts the traffic on your website with its efficient features.

It is a complete package for driving conversions. Yes, it converts your potential visitors into paying customers. The useful and converting lead generation campaigns become possible with the DeepMarkit gamification plugin. Increase your sales, incentivise your customers, enhance your marketing tactics without spending more on it, build rapport with your customers, collect your users’ data smartly, and a lot more.


  • With DeepMarkit, you do not have to be tech-geek for building intelligent and unique campaigns for your customers that give shades to your products, brands, or events.
  • It helps in sales-boosting by rewarding the customers for performing valuable actions and activities on your website. The simple, clean, and dedicated dashboard for managing the campaigns make the work easy.
  • The data collection of your users will make it more effective to run campaigns and send your daily updates to your customers for generating more leads.
  • Drive your traffic with this plugin easily and catch the users’ attention by offering them more than expected. Build a fun environment for your customers to grab their interest in your business.


Being a business owner is not an easy thing to compete in the market and build a strong recognition among your competitors. But, some ways make it possible and easy to implement. The WordPress gamification plugins are the most convenient and affordable way to boost your business in a short time.

This blog has discussed the top-notch and widely used WordPress gamification plugin that will help you drive conversion, generate leads, and increase your sales efficiently.


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