Skill of Buying a Baby Romper Wholesale


Many mothers think that the baby romper wholesale has various styles and is easy to put on and take off, so you can prepare some for the baby. So, is wearing a romper really good for babies? What should I pay attention to when wearing? How to wear a baby romper wholesale? Let us take a look today.

First of all, let us first understand what is a baby romper? As the saying goes, the baby romper is a jumpsuit. This is a new type of clothing that connects the baby’s jacket and trousers. It is divided into multiple parts and long sleeves. The style is simple and generous. Loose and comfortable. Suitable for babies under 2 years old.

Benefits of baby romper:

  1. Prevent your baby’s belly button from getting cold

    Babies like to move, they tend to slip out of the quilt when they sleep, and their abdomen is exposed, making them easy to catch a cold. Baby slings can solve this problem, because its top and trousers are connected together, no matter how the baby rolls, the baby’s clothes can be worn on the body faithfully.

  2. Don’t restrict your baby’s growth and development

    Traditional pants are bandages or elastic bands. Such pants may strangle the baby and affect its bone development. For example, the internal organs of a baby are concentrated in the abdomen, and the rubber band on the waist of ordinary pants can easily harm the baby. The baby romper is different, there is no design such as rubber bands, and the waist and abdomen do not have the above problems.

  3. Protect your baby’s privacy

    Traditional open pants and lower gears expose the unhealthy and hygienic private parts of the baby, and there are hidden safety hazards such as punctures or burns.

  4. Easy to change urine

    The baby romper also has an openable function, so it is very convenient to change the diaper after turning on the button.

  5. Very convenient to put on and take off

    Full-open buckle or strap type basic model, this design makes it very easy to put on and take off, just unfasten the buckle or bandage. This design can prevent babies from crying while wearing clothes.

  6. All-match style

    It is a basic style that can be matched with other clothes, such as bib pants, bib skirts or single pants. It is versatile and beautiful.

  7. Super affordable wear

    When the baby grows up, cut off the soles of the feet and turn them into jumpsuits. When the child grows up, cut it from the waist with scissors, and you will get a small T-shirt.

The above are the benefits of wearing baby sling pants. Next, let’s take a look at how to choose a baby romper. As far as babies are concerned, the clothes they wear every day also have a very important impact on their healthy growth. Especially for babies aged 0-2, they have certain requirements for clothing fabrics and styles. Therefore, the choice of baby clothes is also very delicate. So how to buy a baby romper?

  1. The material should be cotton

    Cotton crawl clothes have good skin-friendly properties, and are breathable and absorbent, which can well protect the baby’s skin. On the contrary, the texture of chemical fiber clothing is relatively hard, which can easily cause damage to the baby’s skin.

    The cotton fabric has good air permeability, sweat stains are easy to evaporate, and it is not stuffy and hot to wear. However, chemical fiber fabrics have poor air permeability. The sweat stains are not easy to evaporate because the baby sweats during exercise. If you wear wet clothes for a long time, you may catch a cold if you don’t change clothes in time.

  2. Choose the right color

    The color of the baby’s clothes is mainly plain, and as little as possible, choose clothes with rich colors. Because colorful clothes may have residual dyeing ingredients, it is not conducive to the health of the baby’s skin. In addition, mothers should also be aware that if the color is abnormally bright and white, it is likely to contain chemical fluorescent agents.

  3. Fine workmanship

    When purchasing, choose clothes with better workmanship. The specific requirements are fewer burrs, neat stitching, and no residual thread. In this way, the baby is comfortable to wear and will not damage the delicate skin.

  4. The size should be loose

    Babies are more active, so choosing loose bodysuits can greatly promote your baby’s activities. The baby will not be restrained by clothes, and the amount of activity will increase, which is very conducive to the healthy growth of the baby’s body and mind.

  5. Choose the right style

    The neck of the newborn is soft and weak, and the hedging clothes are not easy to put on and take off. It is easy to paste the milk spilled on the clothes onto the face when changing clothes. Therefore, it is not recommended to wear a hedging style for babies.

    It is also not recommended to wear hand-wrapped clothes for the baby. Children need to touch the food around with their hands to promote sensory development, and if there is a thread inside the glove, the baby’s immature fingers will be stuck.

    The newborn’s body is still very delicate, too tight clothes can easily restrain the baby’s organs and affect development. In addition, babies grow quickly, and too tight clothing will restrict their activities. So try to choose loose clothing.

  6. Safety always comes first

    Due to the love of the baby, when buying clothes for the baby, please do not buy clothes with pendants. When you are not paying attention, the baby will pull them down and put them into your mouth to swallow them.

    At the same time, do not use a rope to decorate, because the baby may be entangled in the rope or even suffocated to death when playing.

    The above is for you to share how to buy a baby romper. You know that you are also skilled in wearing a baby romper for your child. Next, let us share with you the tips for wearing a baby romper:

    1. First:

      Put the crawling suit on the bed, stretch it out, put all the sleeves and trouser legs in place, and then open the buttons.

    2. Second:

      Put the baby on the jumpsuit and put the neck on the collar. You can play some sweet music, or find some small toys for your baby to play with to stabilize your emotions.

    3. Third:

      First pay attention to grasp all the sleeves of the clothes and roll them up. Then our hands grab the baby’s little hand, reach into the sleeve, and gently pull the baby out.

    4. Fourth:

      Collect the clothes placed on the baby’s chest.

    5. Finally:

      Use the same method to place the clothes on the other side, and then button up the baby’s one-piece suit. During the buckling process, the mother must be careful not to squeeze the baby’s flesh. After flexing, lift the baby upright and arrange the clothes.

After reading the above sharing, do you want to start buying baby romper for your baby? Every child is the heart of Bao’s mother. Which mother doesn’t want her baby to look delicate and cute? In addition to being safe and having suitable styles, it is also fashionable. After reading the baby romper shared above, are you interested in it? These styles are from our baby romper wholesale.

The baby romper wholesale on our website is not only safe and comfortable, but also very fashionable. In terms of quality, we can provide you with a high-quality guarantee. We waiting for your patronage. Hope you can buy safe, suitable and fashionable styles for your baby!

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