Small kitchen appliances
Small kitchen appliances

These are not the days when you have to fill up your kitchen with bulky and unnecessary equipment. The technology is doing well in this department.

Now you can save a lot of your kitchen space. There are some kitchen appliances that are not only small but also have amazing features that will save your time and occupy less space.

You can get these small kitchen appliances from The Good Guys without any hassle. And also, if you want to save money on your shopping, then have these Good Guys coupon code and redeem them at checkout to save more.

Now let’s see some of the small kitchen appliances that every kitchen must-have.

Ninja Air Fryer Deluxe

Price: $179

Now you can make great French fries with these air fryers by Ninja. It features 8 heating settings to give the perfect temperature. It has a capacity of 5.2 liters. The fryer also has digital control, so you can fry with accuracy. The black finishing makes it look vibrant, and it will look good on your kitchen counter.

NUTRIBULLET Everygrain Cooker

Price: $119

Now every rice grain will be cooked perfectly and in less time with this Everygrain cooker by NUTRIBULLET. The cooker has the capacity of 5 cups raw grain and 10 cups cooked grain. It also features a menu program that includes grains, brown rice, white rice, quinoa, oats, and steam. So the stackable steam basket also allows you to steam veggies, fish and other items.

Smeg Automatic Machine

Price: $1099

Enjoy expresso of the freshly roasted beans is something out of the world. The machine has 19 professional bar pressure with a 1.4L water tank capacity. And it only takes 30 seconds for the machine to heat up. One-touch will let the coffee beans grounded, dosed, tamped, and extracted. There are also preset recipes that include Expresso, Ristretto, and Americano. So pick your favorite one and enjoy your coffee with ease. The coffee machine is slightly expensive, so you can use the Good Guys discount code to save money on your shopping.

Sunbeam Mixmaster Hand Mixer Pro

Price: $49

Mixers are no doubt important for every kitchen. But instead of having those heavy mixers opt for a hand mixer. They are not too bulky and also give the best results. This handheld beater has 7-speed settings. And the black finish will complement your kitchen interior. More to that, it comes with a storage case.

Kambrook 2 Slice Cool Touch Toaster

Price: $34.95

This 2 slice toaster is the perfect fit for your kitchen counter, even if you have small space. Toast English muffins, white bread, and wheat bread according to your liking. The toaster has cord storage to keep it out of view when not in use. It has defrosted function, a reheat function, and variable browning control. It also has a removable crumb tray that makes the bench crumb-free.

Breville The Smart Oven Pizzaiolo

Price: $1249

The best pizza maker in town by Breville. The first over the bench pizza maker that reaches 400C to emulate the traditional wood-fired oven. It has 7 preset and manual modes to make your cooking easy. And it has a capacity of 12-inch pizza bread. So for the next celebration, cook your pizza at home in professional style.

A blender

Price: $200

A blender of some kind is a fantastic kitchen tool to have on hand. But there’s some debate about whether you need a countertop blender or if an immersion blender will suffice. (Kristin, for example, only uses an immersion blender, whereas Christine reverted to her countertop blender.)

If you go with the countertop option, it’s probably worth it to invest in a high-end model for its sheer power and versatility. However, if you’re short on space and need a dependable, multi-functioning tool that can easily whip or purée, an immersion blender is the way to go.

EZIDRI Snackmaker FD500 Digital Food Dehydrator

Price: $229

Dehydrating food is important. But something you forget to do it. That is why this dehydrator exists. It has digital interference with 5-degree increments. 30 to 60-degree temperature range. 1 to 24 hours timer. And 500-watt element. This is the best dehydrator so far.

Russell Hobbs Legacy Kettle Cream

Price: $59

This electric kettle will help you with boiling water or making tea. It has a capacity of 1.7L. The product is made with stainless steel and features 2400 watts of power. The kettle is not only super in working but also will make your kitchen top beautiful. You can use up to 7 standard cups. It also has an easy pull-off lid for easy function.

Indoor Grill Machine

Price: $75

It’s difficult to control the temperature on grills and grill pans, but this game changer makes it simple. It typically maxes out at around 450°F, which means fewer smoke alarms. It can be used for any type of protein and any type of breakfast food, and it can even be used to toast bread if you’ve had enough of your toaster. Our expert’s favorite unexpected application is for grilling vegetables such as green beans and mini bell peppers. Who says they have to be seasonal? For faster results, preheat in the closed position. Select the grill side for char marks and greasy foods, and the griddle side for liquid items such as eggs and pancakes. Close it for the quickest, cleanest results, and open for juicier bites and morsels.

Sunbeam Backhouses Bread Maker

Price: $169

Do you love homemade bread? Then this is for you. You can make bread loaf of any type and size in this bread maker. The maker has a stainless finish that makes it suitable for your kitchen. The ready light indicates that your bread is done. So you can remove it as soon as it is prepared.


So these were some of the small appliances that every kitchen must-have. From morning coffee to weekend pizza, it covers it al. You can visit The Good Guys online store to shop the appliances and also can save money on your bill by redeeming Good Guys voucher while checking out. So make your kitchen minimal and beautiful by decluttering unnecessary items and fill up small appliances.


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