Social media for real estate agents: 5 useful tips to grow your business

tips to grow your business

Social media for real estate agents: 5 useful tips to grow your business

How important is social media in real estate business? Recently, the National Association of Realtors in America stated that SMM is the top source for getting quality leads, and this trend likely will continue. We can say that now social media plays a crucial role in increasing a realtor’s reach to potential clients and colleagues alike. So, are you sure that you are making the most of social media for real estate agents? Or there is some room for you to improve in this area? Read on to learn 5 tips on how to use this type of digital marketing for real estate agents effectively!


1: Create Valuable  Contesocial-media-for-real-estate-agents-sharing-ideas

Many real estate agents use their social media accounts to market listings to their followers, but you can and should go far beyond this. Engaging and useful social media content will receive more views, likes, and shares than ordinary posts that easily get lost in a follower’s feed. So, adding variety and value to your content is crucial. How to accomplish this? In addition to marketing active listings on your social media accounts, take the additional step of providing your clients and followers with helpful advice. Such content may cover topics like staging tips, information about the local real estate market, moving advice, and more. Do not forget to create a content plan to stay active on social media platforms without being repetitive.


2: Engage Your Audience with Quality Visuals3

Whether you are creating real estate social media posts to showcase listings or to share tips and other information, quality visuals are essential. That’s because social media platforms are crowded, so your posts must quickly capture and hold the attention of your audience. Beautiful images are the perfect way to accomplish this goal. For your active listings, take this a step further with architectural visualization. For instance, through 3D rendering services, you can get a 360-degree tour that makes your prospects feel as if they are actually visiting their future home. It transforms a simple static image into an interactive experience.


3: Publish a Series of Thematic PostsGrow your business

Building your following on social media platforms and engaging followers are equally important goals for SMM. However, both these aspects of social media marketing for real estate agents can be challenging. How can you get your followers to stop scrolling and seriously look at your content? Rather than publishing random posts haphazardly, create a series of posts on the same topic. When the series is engaging, your followers may spend more time browsing through your content. Use hashtags to keep the posts organized and easy to find. Your social media accounts are excellent platforms to market your blog, so consider the benefits of publishing a series of related blog articles and promoting these through a series of social media posts.


4: Use Social Media for Business Networkingbest-social-media-platforms-for-architects-linkedin-2048x1364

Keep in mind that other realtors may follow your accounts as well. So, social media for real estate agents can become a wonderful place to showcase your expertise and to position yourself as an expert in your niche. This niche may be investment properties, a specific neighborhood, or something else. By building a reputation in your professional circle, you will be able to increase your credibility and establish professional links with other real estate agents and firms.


5: Respond Promptlysocial-media-for-real-estate-agents-smartphone-troubleshooting

Your social media accounts give you a convenient, cost-effective way to stay in touch with your existing real estate clients and to attract new ones. But remember that social media activity is not one-sided. Engagement and interaction are crucial for effective SMM. So, check your accounts as often as possible so that you can respond to questions and comments on your posts. Take advantage of direct messaging to touch bases with prospects in a low-key manner. Keep in mind that potential and established clients alike expect a prompt response regardless of how they reach out to you. So, in order to maintain your professional, helpful image, you must never overlook social media comments and questions.

Social media for real estate agents offers substantial opportunities for increasing your visibility, drawing attention to your listings, showcasing your professional expertise, and more. As beneficial as social media marketing can be, many real estate agents are not currently optimizing those benefits. Take time to assess your current SMM campaign to identify opportunities for improvement. Create a content plan, and invest in 3D rendering services to show your listings in full splendor. These critical steps have the potential to bolster your social media engagement among new and established clients as well as fellow real estate agents.

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