Some Astonishing Facts To Know About IVF

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Infertility in this world nowadays has become a common phenomenon. It may be due to various reasons such as environmental changes, lifestyle changes, stress, etc. there is an enormous upsurge in fertility issues among couples. In addition, smoking and alcohol consumption can be considered an important reason for fertility issues.

When a man or woman is diagnosed with fertility issues, what comes first to their mind is that they can’t become parents, and their hope to become parents is gone, and they become demoralized. Of course, every couple desires to become parents. But infertility plays a significant role and as well acts as a barrier to fulfilling their desire.

Every one in five couples nowadays are a victim of this fertility issue. Moreover, the fertility rates among couples are increasing day by day. However, the most alarming fact is nowadays, women have fertility issues 40% of the time, males also have 40% of the time, and both have 20% of the time.

The thinking that comes to the mind of couples or parents that they can’t become parents or deliver a healthy child successfully due to fertility issues is not true. Some techniques or procedures can help them overcome this situation and help them conceive or become parents. Women diagnosed with infertility or fertility issues must be assisted in conceiving as it becomes impossible for the sperm and the egg to meet without assistance. With various technological advancements and procedures, specialist doctors have given rise to techniques like IVF and ICSI. Which have shown much success. Due to this, couples can become pregnant and give birth to healthy babies successfully.

Due to these techniques, they have seen a ray of hope that they can become parents, and their desire is not lost. IVF, i.e., In Vitro Fertilization, is a fertility treatment where specialized doctors combine an egg and a sperm outside the body and implant the embryo into the mother’s uterus.

Although the treatment process is a bit complicated and confusing, it is an overwhelming process. The most important fact is the process of treatment, or the treatment is unknown to many parents and couples, so due to this reason, many couples hesitate to opt for these treatments but look for other treatments that can help them deal with infertility. the treatment process is a bit complicated and confusing, it is an overwhelming process.

The most important fact is the process of treatment, or the treatment is unknown to many parents and couples, so due to this reason, many couples hesitate to opt for these treatments but look for other treatments that can help them deal with infertility.

IVF as a treatment has gained enormous success in this sphere as more than 8 million babies have been born through IVF or other assisted reproductive technology since 1987. It is the last option left when every other treatment fails and is the only key to success. IVF Cost in Delhi is around Rs 20,000 to Rs 2,50,000.

IVF can be called to be the best treatment and the most successful treatment in this area. People hoping to know about Best IVF centre in India can search for it on the internet and then can visit without any doubt as they try to provide the best treatment to every patient with sophisticated care. So, what are the astonishing facts about IVF? Let’s discuss them in this article.

Astonishing facts to know about IVF

These are various astonishing facts to know about IVF. Now, let’s discuss this one by one.

#1. Time consumed by conventional IVF is more

IVF is a lengthy treatment and time-consuming as the women’s body is stimulate so that the eggs can be collect. It takes place from the women’s ovaries; the eggs are remove, fertilized outside the body, and replaced inside the womb. The treatment is time-consuming in the sense that during the treatment process, couples or patients have to be involve in taking medications and going to clinics for scans and checkups for many weeks before the egg collection. Therefore, the time taken for this treatment is around 4 to 5 weeks.

#2. It is a common phenomenon

Nowadays, Infertility has become a common phenomenon affecting one out of six couples. And is also increasing day by day due to various causes such as people leading unhealthy lives, stress, environmental issues, genetic diseases, etc. In this current situation, infertility is generally related to women 40% of the time, men 40% of the time, and both 20% of the time, but only 5% of parents or couples take the help of IVF to give birth to a baby successfully. However, IVF being a treatment, has a high success rate, and day by day, it is becoming popular; nowadays, one in fifty babies are born with the help of IVF.

#3. Types of IVF

Basically, IVF can be of various types, such as Natural IVF, Natural Modified IVF, and Mild IVF. Natural IVF is the least intensive treatment and does not use stimulating drugs, but Natural Modified IVF requires only 3-4 days of drugs. And Mild IVF requires only 5 to 9 days of drugs. These treatments are beneficial as they are carry out within the cycle, without halting the menstrual cycle and restarting again. In addition, these treatments provide egg and sperm donation and surrogacy cycles if required. These medicines are helpful as they are complete inside the cycle, without stopping the period and restarting once more. Furthermore, these medicines give egg and sperm gift and surrogacy cycles whenever required. Yet again these prescriptions are useful as they are finish inside the cycle, ceaselessly the period and restarting. Besides, these medications give egg and sperm gift and surrogacy cycles at whatever point required.

#4. Age matters the most

The chance of successful treatment is higher in younger persons as for women after age 35. Their fertility declines due to the fall in the number and quality of their eggs. For males with the increase in age, their sperm quality and quantity also decrease due to decreasing testosterone levels. So, if performed at a younger age. The fertility treatment is better in terms of success rates, and it is better to do it sooner rather than later.

The expansion in age, their sperm quality and amount additionally decline because of diminishing testosterone levels. Thus, whenever performed at a more youthful age, the fruitfulness treatment is better as far as progress rates. And it is smarter to do it as soon as possible.

#5. If not, one more cycle may be require

If not one cycle,  multiple cycles can be use to increase women’s chances of fertilization. And in this way, the treatment cost may increase.

Final Thoughts

So, these are a few astonishing facts to know about IVF. Although IVF has a high success rate, various other reasons are bringing down the success rate of IVF. Such as the cost of the treatment, people’s awareness, etc. This treatment is unknown to many, and there are various misconceptions in the mind of couples or parents regarding IVF. 

The patients should clear their doubts or misconceptions from their minds. And if they want, they can get the right piece of information from various IVF centers or from people who have quite knowledge about IVF before moving towards it. Still, day by day. People are becoming aware of the treatment and moving towards it if they face any fertility issues.


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