Step by Step SEO process for YouTube to rank your video on 1st


Creating and posting content on YouTube can be a very good activity. You can actively make videos and post them on YouTube to connect with people. However, it is not very easy to attract an audience to a newly created channel. People usually try to stay away from videos with very few likes and comments but this does not mean that it is hard to build popularity on YouTube. 

YouTube gives outranking to videos which makes it more popular but you need to know what you have to include in your video and who to target to get good ranks. There are many marketing agencies that will tell you about these things, but they are not generally very reliable. 

For this very task, you can use YouTube SEO that will help you to distribute your content to a wider audience. In this blog, we will tell you about the three stages through which YouTube SEO will help you in YouTube ranking factors.

What is YouTube SEO?

Videos are one thing that everyone loves to watch and they can also be a very simple method to get your content and message to the masses. And YouTube is a platform that is accessible from all over the world, but the problem arises when you open YouTube.

There are so many videos getting uploaded every day on YouTube that you cannot even put a number to it. With so many videos on YouTube, you may find it hard to make your content different from others. Our guide on YouTube Seo will give you tips and pointers on how you can make your video stand out from others. 

1. Identify Target Keywords

Just like Google, YouTube optimization also starts with a Keyword Search. This step of the YouTube SEO Checklist will tell you what the general public is looking for in any video.  YouTube has unlimited data for your search process, you just need to type a word related to your main topic and Viola! You will have a list of all the trending suggestions. 

Next, you can look at the channels that are already popular in the field; you can look at their videos to learn a lot. You can also see which video of that particular channel has performed the best. We also recommend choosing a topic that is less popular on the application. 

2. Understanding YouTube SEO ranking factors

While optimizing on YouTube, you need to know that there are two algorithms on which a video performs. One is the ‘recommendation algorithm’ that ranks videos on the home page and in suggestions. The other one is the ‘Search algorithm’ which is in the search section of YouTube. There are many factors that give rank to a video, this YouTube SEO for beginners guide will tell you about them. 

  • Relevance: This factor comprises things like the title, description, hashtags, and video content. So it is very important to decide on these things very meticulously. 
  • Engagement: This factor takes into consideration the likes, comments, notifications, and subscriptions of your channel. 
  • Quality: As the name states, YouTube looks into the expertise, trustworthiness, and quality of the topic chosen by you. Battersea Web Expert is an expert agency in this field. You can always look them up for help. 
  • Personalization: YouTube also takes into consideration a user’s search history to recommend relevant content to them. 

This procedure tells that YouTube algorithms look for the most satisfying videos and then present them to the users. It searches for content that is fresh, relevant, and popular. 

These factors are the signals which will give a good ranking to your video and attract more audience towards them. Create good and satisfying content that engages with the users.

3. Putting YouTube SEO into Practice

YouTube has allowed its customers to manually enter a title, tags, and descriptions in your video so that you know which audience to target. You can also add videos to a playlist; this makes it easy for the public to find your video among all the videos present on YouTube. 

You can use all these options in the first video you create. These things make your video more visible to the masses. 

  • Title

You should always focus on the important element of your video and then make it your title. Use the 65-70 characters to write a title that justifies your video as well as attracts attention towards it. You can use a trick to do that type your keyword in the youtube search bar which is related to your video. Check the top results and analyze their title and create a more informative and catchy title for your youtube video.

  • Description

Your description should contain important keywords about your video. It should not be too long but should have good quality. Add no more than two links in the description and use only around 300 characters. 

  • Hashtags

Tags are used to categorize content, and it helps Google to understand. Which audience should target for your video. So use the tags relevant to your video. 

  • Thumbnail 

You should always choose an eye-catching picture as your video thumbnail. The chosen picture should build up interest in the audience. Data shows if you improve your youtube video thumbnail then there is a 30% more chance that users will click on your video

  • Language 

You should select a language if you are making a unilingual channel. This will only get interesting traffic towards your channel. For example, if you want to target the United States audience then you can select eng the US language. Some YouTubers only do local video seo like business channels. So using language can more help to optimize your youtube video locally. 

  • Additional YouTube SEO settings

You can also use other optimization techniques so that your video does well on the site. These ways will always help you in doing the same:

  1. Do not try to oversell your video
  2. Make sure your video quality is high atleast 1080p youtube will automatically make different sizes of your video.
  3. Transcribe the content provided by you
  4. Distribute your content

Use these optimization techniques of YouTube SEO to make your video better and different from others. IF you want to do it in a more professional way one of our fav online marketing agencies. You can content them if you want to market your youtube videos. We hope the information is helpful. 


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