Step By Step Trading Guide With ABInvesting


Founded in Mauritius in 2021, ABInvesting is a subsidiary of the firm HUB investments limited. The parent firm is regulated and authorised with the FSC (financial service commission).

ABInvesting offers trading on more than 350 trading instruments that include forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, stocks to a lot more. The trading is offered on n indegenious platform and also, on the MetaTrader 4.

The traders have an option to choose from three different accounts. Silver, platinum and gold. There is also an option to choose a demo account. Premium accounts are known to offer lower trading costs and smaller spreads and the leverage offered here is high as well.

Leverage is also differentiated on the basis of customers. The retail clients are offered a 1:30 leverage while the professional clients are offered 1:500 leverage. 

ABINvesting is also known for offering the best educational and research material. The clients can access the research material via the signal center that includes forex trading signals, as well as signals for commodity and indices markets too. 

Customer support is available for contact for 10 hours a day, 5 days a week and can be contacted through Live chat, Phone and Emails. 

Tradable assets with the ABInvesting:

The financial service provider offers trading in cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities stocks and forex. 

Let us understand about each market in detail:

Cryptocurrency market:

This is the first window out of at least 3, that tell the traders a list of tradable cryptocurrencies via ABInvesting. Each cryptocurrency has a floating spread and leverage is not much in terms of market exposure. The whole list consists of more than 70 cryptocurrencies that the traders can trade on in the market.

Profit rate:

According to the popular page investopedia, the average between top and bottom performing coins was around 300%. This has been registered by the traders till now that the market is hugely volatile and thus, creates opportunities for future and cfd traders. 

Since both of them don’t involve holding of the underlying asset, The game can be played on speculations which are again, profit inducing. According to our experts and the research that we did, trading cfds is safe with this broker. 

Commodity market:

A slight change from the cryptocurrency market, the commodity market offers fixed spreads and even tighter leverage. This is because of the fact that most of the traders deal in the cfd market through commodities as their underlying asset of bet. 

Since there is no pressure to keep the asset the traders can trade on heavy volume, probably heavier than any market. 

CFDs are a complex trading instrument and come with a high risk of losing money due to repeated use of leverage, they are advised for expert traders only. 

Profit rate: 

While less than that of forex and cryptos, the commodity market profit rate is a little low. When it comes to secured profits, that is where commodities win the game. Taking CFDs and futures out of the picture, commodities when traded with traditional methods provide for sure profit trades. The trader needs to focus and mitigate the risks that are involved, which is anyways the standard procedure of things. 

Indices market:

Here, the spreads are again fixed. One thing that sets apart the indices from other tradable assets with ABInevesting is the fact that leverage generously provided by the broker. If the trader wants or feels that trading in indices would result in profits, then the broker trusts the trader-instincts and comes up with maximum leverage of 30.

This means that the trader can trade on a market worth $30 with one dollar, keeping the exponential difference intact in case of an initial deposit more than a single dollar. 

Profit rate: 

The loss-profit graph of this market almost traces the national economy and hence, it can easily be calculated because all the variables are present. They just need to be put in the right equation. Trading on the long term is better in the case of the indices market because an index traces the growth of at least 500 companies. This can help the traders to build wealth over time. 

Stock market:

The list of all the stocks that can be traded via the broker can be seen on  

The broker offers no leverage for accounts that aren’t pro. The pro account holders on the other hand, can enjoy a maximum leverage upto 1:50. Again, the investor account has to be of the pro category to avail this. 

Profit rate:

The profit rate of this market is unprecedented.The Whole market is sometimes called the stock market, while people are unaware of the different sectors. The market is popular in every sector of the earning population. The needy want to get rich and the rich want to be richer and secure at the same time. The correct trading platform integrated with a decent broker can create miracles for a careful trader. 

Risks have to be mitigated and tools like stop loss and take profits can easily do that for the trader. These tools can further be integrated with different indicators to refine charts on a grain level. If the Lingo is clear, then anyone can make money in the stock market.

Forex market:

The broker goes all free hand when it comes to providing leverage to the pro account holders. Just like some other markets, the spreads for the forex market are kept fixed. The traders can enjoy the perks of trading forex via the popular trading platform metatrader 4. 

Profit rate:

The forex market is one of the biggest markets in terms of liquidity, with a per day active trade of more than six trillion dollars. Yes, a trillion, with a 6. 

The traders can always trade on leverage and earn more while investing less. The whole concept of traders being offered leverage at unprecedented levels is to provide them maximum exposure to the market. Apart from that, trading instruments like cfds and futures and their integration with forex, is full of money making opportunities. 

However, these instruments are again, risky and come with a high rate of failure. To succeed here, experience plays a key role. 

How to trade Bitcoin with ABInvesting?

Bitcoin is the king of all cryptocurrencies, daunting a lot of fancy investors. Trading in bitcoin or even BTC holdings can be extremely good for traders. Bitcoin is now being compared to gold and fiat currencies. Bitcoin holdings in countries where crypto trading is banned, have seen an unprecedented rise in the number of customers. 

The traders can choose from three different accounts of which, the details are as follows:




To trade Bitcoin, an account can be opened with either the silver account, the gold account or the platinum account. The traders from this page itself, can decide the account of their worth. 

The account can be opened by following these steps:
  1. Visit the official website of the broker 
  2. Under the About us tab, click on “trading accounts”.
  3. After looking at the specifics and deciding, click on open silver/gold/platinum account.
  4. Fill in the details and you are ready to go.

After the traders have opened their desired account, they can easily trade in the cryptocurrency market, and specially, Bitcoin. 

How to buy stocks in different stock markets with ABInvesting?

Buying and selling of stocks or any other asset, for that matter, can be done only on a platform. The MT4 platform, which is a secondary  platform with ABInvesting, has simple buy and sell buttons which can help traders to buy and even sell stocks. When the trader has calculated everything in terms of profit or a loss, he or she can then buy the stocks with ABInvesting.

The broker does not charge any fee or commission for execution of buy and sell orders. Rather, it compensates itself in terms of spreads, which as discussed above, are floating and fixed depending on the type of market. 

If the traders wish to hold their stocks overnight, they have to pay a swap fee so that their position can remain open when the next trading day begins.

Which trading platform does ABInvesting offer?

Apart from the indegenious trading platform that the broker daunts, it offers trading on the very famous MT4. The MetaTrader lineage is thought of as the Primes in a world of autobots. These platforms are capable of maximising the trader output in terms of profits and risk mitigation. 

This is how the broker’s personally-designed platform looks:

This looks like a day chart of the currency pair EUR USD. This being an excellent choice, ABInvesting also provides MetaTrader 4 to its traders for a soothing experience while they trade in currency pairs. This is how the MT4 platform looks like. 

With an option to trade from an indegenious platform as well as the MT4, the broker offers a lot of variety to the traders. Since the broker has a major focus on forex trading, the presence of the a MetaTrader product is a must. ABInvesting offers a demo trading account for its own platform as well as the MT4 platform. 

The minimum balance in both the cases is kept at 100,000 units of bot currency. The traders have to be grounded here, since there is a huge chance of them making extravagant trades and then getting used to them.

When the real market happens, this habit can lead to capital destruction in the case of wrong trades with the wrong instruments and assets. 

What are the commissions and spreads charged by ABInvesting:

The broker has a strict no-no policy against any commission charged. The spreads however, are floating and fixed, differentiated on the basis of tradable assets. The absence of commissions comes as a boon for scalpers and swing traders. 

These are a special type of money hunters. A scalper’s psyche can be easily associated with that of a wolf.Make the most of whatever that you can. These people make money over a lot of different trades placed in a single day. Their profit margin is less, but when the trades add up, they make a decent sum. 

When the brokers charge commission, it gets into the way of swing traders as well. In case of scalping, the profits add up but so does the commission. When traders have to pay a lot of that money to the broker, it gets hard for them to create profit. 

The game of the broker is to keep the profits intact, while earning at the same time via spreads. 

Is the broker good for trading?

Yes of course, the broker is good for trading. With a variety of markets and every other word inside of the trading-glossary, the broker has proven the fact that underdogs can be achievers as well. Trading cfds with this provider is safe. It is safe to trade with this broker because it is completely regulated and treats the market as a safe place for the traders to make money. 

Is ABInvesting scam or safe?

Since the broker is regulated, there is no chance of it being a scam broker. Scammers have certain characteristics that set them apart from the legitimate ones. They will never show their regulation, for example. Sometimes, the information is omitted with respect to the spreads and the particular amount as in the margin of trade that has to be deposited. 

These are crucial facts that the traders need to know before they begin trading with any broker.

ABInevesting keeps it clear and transparent enough for the traders to understand that it is not a scam. 

The broker is regulated by the FCA with the license number

Bottom Line:

The broker ABInvesting is good in every aspect and comes at par with our guidelines of broker reviews. The trades can trade a lot of different assets with this provider and it is completely safe to do so. 


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