Steps to Procure Sharjah Free Zone License

Sharjah Free Zone License

Sharjah is the third largest emirate of the UAE and the only one to have dedicated space on the Persian Gulf. This constitutional monarchy attracts over 5 million investors and tourists every year. Moreover, strategically located between Africa, Europe, and Asia, Sharjah boasts to be the shipping sector of the country. Also, it creates an industrial base for the United Arab Emirates. This leads many businessmen to acquire Sharjah free zone license.

However, in recent times, Sharjah has built a rather vast outlook. The government of the UAE has taken many steps to attract foreign investors to the Sharjah free zone. So, if you want to establish a new company in the Sharjah free zone, you must know how to obtain a Sharjah free zone license. As you read further, you will learn all there is to know about how to procure a Sharjah free zone license.

What are the Types of License Offered by Sharjah Free Zone?

Every business to operate in the UAE has to obtain a business license. To obtain a Sharjah free zone license, you have to decide the nature of your business and the business activities you want to execute. The types of Sharjah free zone licenses available are as follows:

  1. Commercial License

If you want to trade or buy and sell goods then, this license is suitable for you. 

  1. Professional License

If you have a service-providing business or if you’re an artist, craftsman or any other professional field, this license is suitable for you. 

  1. Industrial License

If your business involves manufacturing goods or any kind of industrial activity, you can apply for this license. 

How To Start a Business in Sharjah Free Zone? 

If you have a proper plan, then it will be easy for you to start a business in Sharjah free zone. We suggest you do your research, make precise decisions, and follow rules and regulations. You can also seek help from company formation experts to guide you. Furthermore, you must follow the given steps:

  1. Understand your business needs and decide the business activities and location accordingly.
  2. Prepare a proper business setup and execution plan.
  3. Choose a company name and reserve it with the concerned legal authority of the region.
  4. Finalize a suitable workspace and register for a tenancy contract.
  5. Estimate how big a workforce you need for your business.
  6. Deposit the minimum capital amount in the bank account. Note, that this is a mandatory step.
  7. Wrap up the paperwork. Moreover, cross-check before finally submitting all the documents.
  8. Complete the business registration and licensing process.
  9. Sign the company incorporation documents in the presence of free zone authorities.
  10. Acquire your business license. 

What is the Process to Get Sharjah Free Zone License? 

If you want to establish a company in the free zone, it will be governed by the respective free zone authorities. In order to get the necessary approvals to obtain Sharjah free zone license, you need certain documents. Hence, a list of important documents for your convenience is given below:

1. Documents Required for Initial Approval

  1. Completed and signed application form.
  2. Proper incorporation and execution plan for business.
  3. Copy of your trade license.
  4. Also, you need a copy of your registration certificate.
  5. Colored passport copies of the company’s shareholders.
  6. Passport copies of the appointed Manager/Director for your company.
  7. Specimen signature of the company’s shareholders.
  8. Moreover, you need the specimen signature of the appointed Manager/Director for the new company.
  9. Certificate of reference from a personal bank of every shareholder.
  10. NOC from the current sponsor.
  11. Letter of Intent.
2. Documents Required for Registration

If your documents are approved after a thorough inspection, the legal authorities will grant you the initial approval. Further, you need to pay the necessary fee and register your business. The fee to be paid depends upon the type of license you apply for. The list of documents you need for registration is as follows: 

  1. Completed and duly signed registration application by every business partner.
  2. Board Resolution by the shareholders. (Notarized and attested)
  3. The power of attorney given to the Manager/Director.
  4. Signed and attested Memorandum and Articles of Association
  5. Notarized specimen signature of Manager/Director.
  6. Passport-size color photo of Manager/Director.
  7. Share capital details.
3. License and Visa Processing
  1. Respective authority will prepare the lease agreements.
  2. You can then obtain your trade license. 
  3. Once you obtain your license, visa processing will start.

What Are The Advantages to Set Up a Business in Sharjah Free Zone? 

  1. Get 100% repatriation of capital and profits.
  1. You are allowed to have 100% foreign ownership.
  1. Get 100% free transfer of funds.
  1. Enjoy an abundant and low-cost supply of energy.
  1. There are no currency restrictions.
  1. Enjoy 100% exemption on imports and exports.
  1. You don’t have to pay any corporate or income tax.
  1. Get 100% privacy with limited financial planning.
  1. Enjoy 24-hour licensing services and professional support.
  1. The lease available to rent is comparatively cheaper.
  1. Get low-cost labor/staff and warehouse facilities.
  1. Get easy access to big ports and Sharjah International Airport.

What is the Sharjah Free Zone License Cost?  

The Sharjah free zone license cost varies, depending on the type of business license you have applied for. A general trading license can cost you anywhere around AED 21,000. Also, a service license or a trading license can cost you approximately AED 13,5000. Note that if you want to rent a bigger facility, you need to pay the license fee + the rent of the office or warehouse. 

Register Your Company in Sharjah Free Zone Today!

The process to start a new company in the Sharjah free zone is very easy and smooth. Moreover, If you have a proper business plan, it is a fast process. If you are still facing any confusion, you can get in touch with company formation specialists at Shuraa Business Setup. Our experts will help you draft a proper business plan, select the right business activities and collect the required documents. Furthermore, we will also assist you at every step of the registration process and help you acquire your business license at a very low cost. All you have to do is call us and we will make the registration process seamless for you.

Book a free consultation with our experts to know more about Sharjah free zone license, or you can also call +971 44081900. You can also send a WhatsApp message at +971 50 777 5554. For email assistance, mail your query at [email protected] 


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