6 Stylish Outerwear That You’ll Love To Layer Up

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6 Stylish Outerwear That You’ll Love To Layer Up

The arrival of spring has brought various fashion trends giving ideas to dress up beautifully this season. Spring is the best time of the year where you can try out all the fabulous fashion looks you have been planning for so long experiencing different cute dresses, sandals, outerwear, and accessories. The latest fashion looks presented in popular fashion weeks have given the motivation to begin shopping for spring wardrobe complements. Spring fashion is all about puffed sleeves, bright and neon colors, sharply tailored suits and different style jackets. It’s kind of tricky when it comes to picking up with a right jacket, as you need something warmer in spring morning but as the day passes by it starts getting warmer.

You need jackets that are warm enough to secure you from morning winds and light-weight to carry without sweltering. Several spring jacket trends are dominating the season, have a look at the latest jacket styles that will leave you pleasantly surprised.

Lightweight Leather

People always think leather jackets are for the winter season only, but fewer may know that light-weight leather jackets are perfect for spring. You may have a black leather jacket hidden in your wardrobe for winters, but this spring give a twist to your leather jacket look by picking up a light-colored jacket. Think of a color from a fresh bouquet and combine it with your favorite spring outfit. Spring jackets may include various styles like a vegan leather jacket, leather blazer, and classic smooth leather jacket. Spring leather jackets fit perfectly for the season that is neither too-hot nor too-cold.

Statement Trench

Statement trench coat makes a bold fashion statement by keeping you stay comfortable this spring. Update your classic trench for this season’s inspired designs and give your look a modern appearance. The versatility of statement trench coats is the best which is considered as the trans-seasonal staple. Statement trench coats among the few items of clothing that are suitable for both casual and party-like occasions. Statement trench coat comes in different designs giving you the choice to match the perfect one with your outfit and shoes. Whether its balloon sleeves, patent materials or bold patterns, a trench coat gives you a stunning look.

Oversized Blazers

Oversize Blazer is among the top picks when it comes to spring formal attire. The best thing about an oversize blazer jacket is that you can pair it up with a cute long skirt or opt for a full pantsuit. If you are an office going woman and get confused about what to select that would be completely formal yet elegant, then oversized blazers are for you. Dress your blazer jacket in cool, easy and chic street style making your fellows envious of you. For a simple and classic look, make a combo of your navy blue oversized blazer with denim jeans or traditional V-neck white shirt for more casual style.

Denim Jacket

Your spring wardrobe can never be complete without a denim jacket. As the weather becomes a little warmer during the spring season, pick carefully what you want to pair with denim jackets. Spring is a light season giving chilled feels, thus go for a neutral dress tone with a denim jacket as your outerwear. Denim jackets did not come just in the blue color but, it is available in many variations which you can try out this spring. For a sleek look, go for a light yellow denim jacket or opt for a complete white look. You can always layer it over a long sleeve top, maxi dresses and short skirts.

Fringe Jacket

Fringe jacket is the right fashion essential to wear in the spring season. These jackets first got popular in the 80s, as old fashion styles are returning, fringe jackets have again hit the fashion industry. For an easy to wear outfit, pair your fringe jacket with a beige suede mini skirt. Fringe jackets look stunning with black or blue jeans even the cropped ones. To avoid a more casual look, round off your fringe jacket look with a pair of black suede pumps. Fringes go well with dresses and skirts that can be as long as you like.

Classy Vests

Vests are highly popular that most of the girls will probably wear all season long. For the ultimate and charming look, you can wear it under an oversized blazer. Wearing a vest is the best way to look amazing without freezing or overheating. Vests go just smoothly with everything you pick up as your outfit this spring. You can also buy jacket with a printed shirt or a plain vest. Vests have a variety of different styles containing everything that you might love. Go for light-toned innerwear and opt for a dark color vest along with baggy jeans or a skirt.


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