Sustainable Ideas for Successful Hotels in Lahore

hotels in lahore

Hotels in Lahore are implementing initiatives such as smart showers, solar panels, and zero waste. But what works for one hotel may not work for another – or may not be feasible.

If you want to increase your business by helping the hospitality industry, we’ve compiled a list of tips and strategies for implementing sustainable best practices. Let us begin by defining sustainability and why it is important in the hospitality industry.

With the right technology, it is possible to achieve long-term efficiency

Hotels in Lahore can also save a lot of money by keeping the atmosphere luxurious. The path to sustainability entails maintaining your image through excellent customer service while also reducing the number of employees needed for tasks such as maintenance and guest service.

Here are some sustainability tips for your hotel, along with examples of specific eco-friendly best practices to consider.

Make the hiring and training processes more eco-friendly

Use phone calls instead of inviting candidates to come in for initial interviews to save fossil fuels, and use Skype or Facetime for face-to-face interviews. Instead of printing lengthy employee handbooks or hiring forms, provide new employees with links to electronic documents or on-site computer access for those who do not have a computer at home. Instead of requesting paper resumes, direct new applicants to online job boards. Make certain that your hotel’s sustainability efforts are highlighted in the hiring materials so that all new hires understand what their priority is in day-to-day operations.

Concentrate on efficiency

Remote check-in/check-out and keyless entry reduce plastic key card loss, and paper usage, and can even help reduce overstaffing – and the additional carbon emissions it causes.

Update your transportation offerings and services with a focus on sustainability

Install electric vehicle charging stations for guests who drive electric or hybrid vehicles. Consider renting eBikes and eScooters to promote sustainable mobility (provide helmets for guests). To reduce the number of car trips to and from your hotel, offer group shuttles (using hybrid or electric vehicles) to public transportation hubs.

Sustainably furnish the rooms

In addition to smart technology, choose natural fibre bed linen and furniture made from sustainable materials when decorating rooms. Instead of using plastic dishes, paper, or chipboard, stock the room with reusable coffee mugs and glasses. Provide over-the-counter natural and organic soaps and shampoos in sustainable material from certified green manufacturers in the bathroom.

Reusable dishes, cutlery, glasses, and mugs should be used

This will cut down on the use of straws, plastic dishes, and paper plates in your establishment. You’ll also save money on utility bills and waste disposal (the less your hotel throws away, the lower the garbage collection costs). To further reduce waste, replace single servings of granola, yoghurt, and jam on your breakfast counter with glass containers.

Final words

Many of today’s eco-friendly innovations have become standard amenities as more hotels in Lahore work to incorporate sustainable principles into their meetings, events, and guest services. Developing green best practices to meet these expectations is critical to growing your business. It will also reduce the risk of losing customers to hotels that have extensive sustainability programmes.


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