Swimwear Glossary: The Different Types of Swimwear Designs that Exist

Swimwear shopping is no different from buying clothes. 

It’s easy to say that you’re here to shop some garments but as you step into the store, you find different types of pieces from off-the-rack sections of tops, bottoms to jackets and gym clothes, making it a little bewildering where to start. The same scenario occurs when you try to purchase a new swimwear from physical stores. 

You won’t believe it but there are numerous types of swimwear designs and it’s really hard to keep them straight. Even for the most fashion-forward stylists, swimsuit lingo can be a bit confusing. So, if you have landed on this page, one thing is for sure: you’re not quite certain about the type of swimwear to get and the way people name each item. Fret no more because this is the best time to put an end to the shopping frustration as we gather a comprehensive list of swimwear terms that will help you find the perfect swimwear at the store. 


One-piece is a timeless swimsuit design that has been around for more than a century now, carrying a vintage look even in modern ages. It is basically a suit that covers the top and bottom, which makes a perfect choice for women who do not want to flash too much of their skin and belly pouch.  





A bikini is every beach girl’s all-time favorite. It is a two-piece swimsuit with a bra-cut top and a bottom that cuts below the navel. This type of swimwear has a myriad selection of styles, specially designed for each body shape. These include the monokini, microkini, tankini, skirtini, and bandeau.      






A swim dress is designed as an elegant lady-like swimsuit that works best for women with a pear-shaped body figure. The attached skirt has a double duty of butt and thigh region coverage and a unique design that features a flirty appearance.  





An activewear swimsuit may appear in one- or two-piece swimwear. It uses fabrics, specially made for water sports such as swimming and scuba diving. This type of fabric allows the swimsuit to stay in place and not ride up even during water activity. 





Rashguards, also known as surf rashies, are initially worn in water sports like surfing. But these days, a lot of people are using rashguards on a regular pool or beach swimming to help prevent skin damage from too much sun exposure. This type of swimwear can come in long-sleeve or short-sleeve patterns, depending on your needs. You can also find a lot of modern rashies that vary in colors and print designs from florals and stripes to polka dots and more.   



A tankini is the combination of a tank top and any of your chosen bikini bottom. This style is every mid-age woman’s top choice for a beach vacation or pool party. Tankinis are great for women with apple-shaped figures, as they’re not only good at bringing out a flattering look but also great when it comes to hiding the tummy flat flawlessly.




Burkinis have made a unique revamp in swimwear fashion. This style is specially designed for modest Muslim women, who would love to experience beach life without having to wear a sensual bikini that flashes too much skin. Burkinis became a trend that continuously spread amongst non-muslim women, who want to protect their entire skin from suntan.  




Women with an hour-glass figure can totally rock a legit or a figure-hugging swimwear that puts emphasis on the curves of your body and thighs. Legsuits are usually worn in water aerobics and other sports such as swimming. Trendy patterns for leg suits may come in cross-back and halter-neck.  


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