T-shirt Styling For Men: How To Wear Different T-shirts?

How Should You Wear Different T-Shirts

Men’s closets aren’t complete without a t-shirt. Due to their versatility and relative affordability, men can wear them in almost any situation. Moreover, there are only a few rules to follow when it comes to wearing T-shirts. From jackets to knitwear to blazers to collared shirts, pick out some basic t-shirts, such as mens quote t shirts, graphic t-shirts, and philosophy t-shirts, and you’ll be able to pair them with pretty much anything. To really own your personal look, play around with prints, patterns, detailing, and materials. Check out this ultimate guide for how to wear different t-shirts.

Ways To Style Different T-shirts 

Styling Tips For Plain T-shirts 

A plain t-shirt is one of the most versatile and easy pieces of clothing for men. The t-shirts in solid colors are versatile enough to go with just about anything. Moreover, as demonstrated by guys, men can look sharp by themselves during the warmer season. 

On colder days, layering them up opens up a new wardrobe dimension. You can wear white t-shirts with blue, black, or stonewashed jeans if you’re unsure of how to pair them. This is the perfect casual and cool look for a man. 

These plain t-shirts also look great with bomber jackets, denim jackets, and cardigans. You can pair plain t-shirts with everything from casual sneakers to leather boots and everything in between. You can wear runners in this style as long as you want to achieve an athleisure look. Ensure that they are well-fitted and not too baggy before wearing them.

Funky Ways To Style Printed T-shirts 

In terms of giving your look a bit more character, printed t-shirts are best. When it comes to wearing printed t-shirts, you should keep them subtle. Printed t-shirts are no longer designed to dominate a man’s overall appearance, but they enhance their overall look.

Whenever you wear loud bottoms, you should pair them with subtle matching print colors on solid-colored t-shirts. Printed tees look great with jeans in most situations. Alternatively, they can be contrasting or similar. You can also pair your favorite printed t-shirts with a shirt on top. The layered effect creates volume in this look, making it ideal for extra skinny guys. 

In this way, you will appear to have much larger arms, waists, and rib cages than you actually do. With these stylish men graphic tee shirts, you can show off your style without worrying about being too thin. Moreover, you can choose from all the t-shirts for men you were unsure you could wear. 

Style Your Striped T-shirts

The geometric shape of the striped t-shirts sets them apart from the rest. You can pair striped t-shirts with almost anything in your wardrobe, which is one of their best features. Wear your striped t-shirt with ripped denim & white sneakers to dress it down, or dress it up with chinos and a blazer. 

Since striped t-shirts feature a pattern, it’s crucial to pair them with solid-colored bottoms. It could be black denim, blue denim, non-patterned chinos, or plain trousers. A second point worth noting is the presence of vertical stripes. Again, it’s best to stay away from these unless you have a flattering physique.

One of the best ways to wear a striped shirt is to layer it with a blazer. By wearing a darker color blazer, you can make this look more interesting. Without any doubt, this look is worth a try. You can wear this formal look for business meetings or other formal events.

Styling Ways For Henley T-shirts

Henley T-shirts are among the classic wardrobe staples. However, by adding buttons to the notched neckline, this henley T-shirt is elevated into masculine territory. It is, therefore, best to wear plain henley t-shirts without prints.

The key to this look is color blocking with jeans. You can pair denim in blue or gray with red, white, black, brown, or any other color in the henley range. Also, you need to remember to wear leather shoes or boots and don’t go too bright.

To add a bit of warmth to a casual outfit, simply throw on a cotton hoodie. In spite of the fact that it produces less bulk and insulation than an actual jacket, it’s still a comfortable, laid-back look that any guy can wear. Moreover, almost any Henley shirt will look good with a gray or navy blue hoodie. Further, these henley t-shirts look good with just about any outerwear, including leather jackets and field jackets.

Cool Styles To Wear Cotton T-Shirts

The best thing you can do during the warmer months is to wear cotton t-shirts. Their versatility, durability, and comfort make them the perfect partner for a multitude of outfits. You only need to know your occasion when it comes to wearing cotton t-shirts. 

Wear a casual blazer over a plain cotton t-shirt for smart casual looks. Besides that, you can wear jeans and a t-shirt. The classic pairing of a white cotton t-shirt and black denim is hard to beat.

Alternatively, wear a contrasting shirt with this tee. In combination with jeans or chinos, a well-fitting T-shirt under an open-worn shirt is the ideal outfit. If you prefer monochrome or colorful, check or stripe patterns, or even a denim shirt, you are welcome to try them on. With this look, you will appear perfectly dressed.

Additionally, cotton T-shirts and blue jeans are a great combination. For an afternoon in the cafe, for a date, or for a looser business meeting, this combination is ideal. Everyone looks good in it because it is timeless and minimalist. It is, however, essential that the T-shirt and jeans fit well. 

Stylish Ways To Wear Linen T-Shirts

In recent years, linen has experienced a resurgence. With its naturally crumpled texture, it adds a lot of character to any look, and it’s more breathable than cotton or polyester. You should pair linen t-shirts with solid-colored chinos, trousers, or jeans to make them stand out. When wearing it with a blazer, make sure it’s fitted, as they are usually more free-flowing.

In the summer, linen t-shirts and shorts are very popular. These things seem to go well even with people who don’t have much of a sense of style. Unless you mix odd colors, you cannot go wrong with this style.

Linen t-shirts go with almost any jacket except a tuxedo jacket. In casual settings, linen shirts are generally worn untucked, but they shouldn’t be too long. In this case, it’s likely that your t-shirt size is wrong, and you should size it down. Furthermore, linen shirts look great paired with bomber jackets, field jackets, cardigans, and most other jackets, including the blazer.

Closing Words

In the end, you should reconsider the t-shirt’s place in your wardrobe. We often take this garment for granted, but it can be worn in a variety of ways. Above mentioned are a few tips and tricks for different styling types of t-shirts. These t-shirt outfits are perfect for casual meetings, get-togethers, friends’ parties, and formal occasions. With this styling guide, you will learn how to mix & match t-shirts with ease and dress them up or down for any occasion. So, take your t-shirt and pair it with what you feel comfortable in, grab your sunglasses, and head out. 


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