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B2B vs B2C SEO: what are the differences?

B2B vs B2C SEO: By definition, B2B (Business to Business) marketing relates to commercial activities carried out between companies ۔ B2C (Business to Consumer) marketing relates...

How do the 7 types of digital marketing work?

Digital marketing is mainly divided into 7 different categories, which are listed below: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Social media marketing (SMM) Paid click (PPC) ...

Things Consider Before Hiring an SEO Company for Marketing

Hiring an SEO company is really a daunting task these days. There are so many SEO companies and search engine specialized freelancers doing great...

Why Video Is So Important In Digital Marketing

Why Video Is So Important In Digital Marketing Each and every day, close to 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched, according to TechCrunch....

7 Ways to Maximize Your Digital Marketing Budget in 2021

Most online marketing firm are free. However, some paid options can produce bigger returns of investment. Therefore, it helps to consider these strategies to...

4P’s of Digital Marketing

A simple business guideline Cornerstone Strategies Today you will learn some cornerstone strategies ( 4Ps of Digital Marketing ) which you can use in your daily...

How to Conduct a Social Media Audit

Running a business on social media is the most essential thing nowadays. Many small or large businesses know perfectly that how important is to...

7 digital marketing strategies for small businesses

For any small business, formulating a digital marketing strategy is a crucial step. But this can be difficult because many small business owners are...

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