Tea Cultures Around The World

Tea Cup

A tiny cup of tea holds heaven, and any tea lover can vouch for this. The tea culture of the world differs widely. Every region favors a different variety of tea and food that goes along with it. You can have it hot, black, iced, green! In fact, you can probably have a different one for each mood and weather!

Believe it or not, according to some tea traditions, it is the solution to all woes. So, let’s not keep you guessing anymore and give you a glimpse into the world tea culture and a few unique tea and food pairings.

·        India And Its ‘Chai’

India is not just the leading producer but also the largest consumer of tea in the world. People here can have tea anytime, and the travel tea served at the railway stations in earthen cups or kulhad is a must-have for every traveler. You would find tea stalls by the side of the road everywhere in the country, and any social gathering is not complete without serving a hot cup to the guests. The Masala Chai, made with a concoction of spices like black peppercorns, cardamom, cloves, and Tulsi, tops the list. And food to go with it? Anything from humble biscuits dipped into the tea to delicacies like samosas and bhajiyas (fried chickpea flour fritters) are some popular tea snacks of India.

·         Brits And Their Afternoon Tea

Britain and its love for tea have a prominent spot in tea culture around the world. The Queen of England loves it, and so does most of the country. Britain got its tea from India back when the British empire had a foothold there. Afternoon tea with classic tea cakes and lamingtons is what gives immense joy to most Britishers.

·        Matcha Tea Ceremony In Japan

Matcha tea is finely ground green tea powder that has been a favorite of the Japanese people since the 12th century. The tea culture in Japan revolves around green tea, which is the tea variety served here by default. For the Matcha tea ceremony, a small group has green tea in tea houses, and the host spends a lot of time doing the appropriate movements and gestures.

·        Mint Tea Of Morocco

Touareg tea or Moroccan mint tea is not known just for its distinct aroma but also for the unique way it is served. Guests have this particular tea three times, and each time in three different kinds of glasses that denote life, love, and death.

·        Chao Doa: The Chinese Art Of Making Tea

China was the first to discover tea leaf, and the art of making tea called Cha Doa relates to the Chinese philosophies of harmony, balance, and fulfillment. The country adopted its culture of tea from Japan. Today, the Chinese tea oolong is extremely popular across the globe.

If you love traveling, you know that travel and tea are a match made in heaven. Moreover, you could be sitting in any part of the globe, but one sip of your favorite tea can transport you to its land of origin in no time! Such is the power of a perfect cuppa! Tea soothes your jittery nerves, rejuvenates you, and if there is a wonder in a cup, it has got to be in one filled with tea!

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