Telescopic fixed boxes | The ultimate guide

Custom telescopic rigid boxes

Telescopic rigid boxes create stylish packaging

Choosing the perfect packaging style for your product plays a major role in business growth. Telescopic rigid boxes are the most requested packaging on the market.
If you want to give your product a luxurious and unique look, then Rigid Boxes are a great choice for you. It will give your product an elegant look and also help increase sales.
There is no limitation in telescopic rigid packaging, as these boxes are surprisingly versatile. The rigid box packaging elevates your product directly to new heights and at the same time has a very attractive and durable design.

Rigid Boxes Manufacturer - An Overview Of Luxury Packaging [with Video]

Why are telescopic rigid boxes better than regular packing boxes?

There are several reasons behind this matter, as solid box packaging is much more reliable and can be used multiple times. Rigid boxes are four times stronger and more reliable than other common folding boxes.
Moreover, it also runs for a longer time with a more robust function. With two-piece rigid boxes, you can easily grab the attention of your potential customers.

This step will directly increase your business sales in the long run. The construction quality of rigid box packaging is much better than that of ordinary folding boxes. So we can professionally design the best rigid box packaging for your product to increase your business sales.

Are rigid packaging boxes worth your valuable money?

Keep in mind that rigid boxes are more reliable precisely because of their high-quality kraft material. The total thickness of solid packaging boxes is 36 to 120 points. Note that a rigid box and a corrugated box are different from each other.
You can easily pack any material or item you want with this sturdy box. In addition, you can also choose a fabric that has a foil, 3D design and glittery textures. Most people think that corrugated boxes and rigid boxes are the same, but it is actually different.
In addition, corrugated boxes are made of three different types of layers, such as grooving, outer liner and inner liner. So, to give an elegant look to your product, solid boxes with shoulder neck are quite worthy for you.

Specifications of telescopic fixed boxes

We offer the most luxurious rigid packaging boxes that will not only improve your product visibility but also support the growth of your business. The following specifications will help you better understand our telescopic fixed boxes:

Box style – We offer a shallow lid with a box bottom tray

Quantity of Fixed Boxes – You can order as many Telescopic Fixed Boxes as you like
Printing – Spot colors, Pantone matching system, CMYK colors
Paper or cardboard material – Strong high quality material
Finishing – Spot UV UV, foiling, glossy lamination and matte lamination
Other Options – Foil stamping is available in rose gold and blue, copper red, gold and copper
Turnaround – Telescopic rigid boxes will take approximately 20-22 business days to produce. Ground shipping also takes an additional 5-6 business days.

The 4 best advantages of using telescopic fixed boxes

Using rigid packing boxes has various advantages, but the most 4 functional advantages are listed below:

Save on storage costs

Rigid boxes are robust in nature and also these boxes are the most durable which can be used for a longer period of time. When using thinner material, these rigid packaging boxes can be flattened.
Please note that the telescopic hard boxes are specially made from 2 different separate pieces. And it also requires simple assembly work. Moreover, these rigid boxes are not only available in an affordable range but also provide a flexible nature to save storage costs.
You can also add more details about customized rigid boxes and how these boxes can be easily reused.

Environmentally friendly Kraft boxes

Using green practices in these solid boxes will give your customers a positive impact on your company. These telescopic fixed boxes are environmentally friendly in nature. Keep in mind that rigid Kraft boxes are completely biodegradable, especially with lamination.

In addition, if you want to customize Kraft paper, then using eco-friendly ink will be a great choice. Telescopic fixed boxes are also resistant to various climatic elements such as humidity, heat and even shocks. It will give your product a luxurious look and give your items a valuable feel.

Secure your products

During the shipping or packing process, these sturdy boxes with drawers will protect your product from breakage and other damage. And we also supply stickers and seals to close these rigid boxes to ensure the safety of the sealed boxes.

Fully customizable

With minimal lamination and design, these rigid boxes still provide a sleek look. Using durable and eco-friendly materials, it gives these sturdy boxes an amazing look.
In addition, you can add various other things to these rigid boxes, such as pressing, foiling and embossing. With no pattern and bold colors, it gives your boxes a bright and strong look.

How do customized telescopic fixed boxes help grow your business?

The competition is undoubtedly increasing day by day. You cannot increase your business in this innovative age by using old marketing strategies.
To easily grab the attention of your customers, all you need to do is to adopt innovative and unique box packaging techniques. In addition, your product packaging is the most important thing that can increase your brand’s value.

Rigid packaging boxes also help not only grow your brand, but also help your company meet the needs of your potential customers. So, customized rigid shoulder and neck boxes are a great and innovative option for you.
The quality of these solid boxes is made of hard cardboard that can run for a longer period of time. In addition, the total thickness ranges from 1.5mm to 3mm, making the hard case durable and robust.

Attract your customers with customized telescopic fixed boxes

The process of making solid boxes is not as simple as it looks. Rigid packaging boxes can easily expand to three times their size.
This is one of the great and outstanding features of two-piece hard boxes. In addition, these rigid boxes are suitable for various items such as sports, furniture and tools. Mounting these fixed boxes is simple and does not require much effort.

Also, the chance of product damage during shipping will be reduced with these wholesale rigid boxes. These telescopic hard boxes are robust in nature and provide you complete durability at all times.
And with additional artwork on these boxes, they will give these boxes a more elegant look. Your brand will grow in the market. WITH

The telescopic fixed box is characterized by the way the lid and the base interact with each other. The lid covers the box itself and is a separate piece from the base, an example of this can commonly be seen in chocolate boxes. Sometimes the seal between the lid and the box is closely spaced to provide the vacuum effect commonly associated with luxury and custom packaging. The most famous example is the iPhone case.

Magazine and case

Other variations of the telescoping box include the partial telescoping box, classic shoe box, neck and shoulders, and tray and sleeve box. The most notable of these variations is the neck and shoulder box. Like many of these boxes, its name suggests the shape of this box. A section of the box protrudes from the inner chipboard of the rigid box, this is the “neck” section. This allows the solid base of the box and its lid to have the flush look that is often desired by many in the custom packaging industry. However, in some cases the neck is made extra long to create a break between the cap and the base where the “neck” is visible. This is done mainly for aesthetic reasons, the neck itself can be colored, which adds another design element to the box.

Cigar Box Rigid Box

book box rigid box Now that we’ve talked about telescopic lids, it’s time to discuss another group of lids commonly associated with rigid boxes, the hinged lid. The lid, as the name suggests, is connected to the box itself. There are endless hinged lids, but most of them are for these following styles.

Cigar Box, a classic style that serves as the simplest version of the hinged variation. It features a single flap connected to one of the longer sides of the box. A common variant of the cigar box is the book style cigar box. This box is almost identical to a “cigar box” but has the appearance of a book when closed.

In conclusion, the list of variations and types of hard boxes is extremely extensive and evolving. Going into detail about every single type of rigid box would be quite an impossible task in a short article. This is only the tip of the iceberg so to speak, but having a little bit of this knowledge can go a long way in deciding what packaging is right for your products and company.


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