Temperament, Personality or Character

Character, temperament, and personality are three different concepts that are substantially used in the study of psychology mainly to discuss the various ways of assuming and feeling. Since all three terms are used to explain and discuss the feeling and the thinking; therefore, it can be said that all three of them are associated with each other. However, people are often seen as confused because of their similar meanings. Here the author has taken advantage of the platform of Custom Assignment Help to explain the main difference between these three similar yet different terms.

The people can use the subjected terms in the right way, and the article discusses how these terms can be rightly used. However, before I further proceed with the article, there is one thing that everybody must be aware of which is that both the character and temperament are two important and substantial parts of the personality. Therefore, it can be stated that the character and temperament of an individual come under his/ her personality.

Temperament: the basis

It is the main part of the personality that mainly comes from individual genes therefore it is observed as the instinctive and biological personality part. It must also be known that the temperament of an individual is the first thing that is mainly observed. Even in the babies, one can easily identify the kind of baby one is because of the temperament that he/ she shows. Such as a few of the babies tend to feel and represent more of the positive emotions rather than the negative ones. On the other hand, a few babies also tend to have both a good mood and bad mood, which in behavioral terms are called more difficult or easier babies?

Since temperament is related to the genes, and it comes from an individual’s inherited traits; therefore, it can be stated that temperament cannot be changed, manipulated or modified. An individual’s temperament always stays with him/ her in one or another way. One cannot detach himself or herself from their temperament. However, you can always work on your temperament, and if you feel you are facing problems due to your disturbed temperament, then you must work on changing it. On the other hand, if you feel your temperament is better and help, then you are required to encourage it.


It is explained as an individual’s experiences reflection; character includes temperament and all the educational along with the social habits that one has learned throughout his/ her life. An individual develops their character based on the environment that he/ she works in or grows up in. In addition to this, it should also be noted that the character is mainly the result of all their social interactions along with the experiences as well. The experiences that an individual goes through, throughout their life and whatever he/ she learns from it helps in building his/ her character.

We can say that character is not genetic; therefore, it is not stable like temperament; it cannot be represented completely, particularly in the early development stages. The character of an individual goes through various stages and also takes up the complete adolescence form. This is why it is stated that an individual can modify their character and incorporate important and needed changes into it as well. With the help of societal education, people often make changes in their character. However, it must be noted that both personality and character =of an individual are two different aspects which people most often mix them up and then use them in a similar manner.


The combination of an individual’s temperament and his/ her character is termed as their personality. An individual’s personality includes both these things at the same time. Along with that, their connection also helps in making it easier to clear the main differences between such terms. Therefore, it is said that you cannot perceive an individual’s personality as a result of their genetic inheritance. The personality of an individual is mainly the result of the influence of an environment that he/ she lives in. It helps in differentiating people which substantially means that an individual’s characteristics differ hugely. However, with the difference in the situation, the personality of the individual changes; however, overall, it remains stable.

Personality is mainly explained as the combination of all the actions, perceptions and emotions that result in developing the patterns of an individual’s behavior. However, personality is observed as one complicated system. All the theories and philosophies have given similar yet different concepts and ideas. Despite the differences in the definition, there is one main thing that is common among all the definitions which are that there is one particular pattern in everybody’s nature that leads them to behave in a certain way in the same situations.


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