Temperzone Spare Parts, Service, Repair, And Maintenance

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A strategic alliance between Hitachi and Temperzone Australia was formed in 2009. Their product ranges have been comprehensive in Australia when it comes to the air conditioning range. Now, Temperzone has been leading the air conditioning industry for more than 60 years. 

While most of the company’s competitors have moved their manufacturing offshore, Temperzone has strengthened its grip in Australia and New Zealand.

Now Temperzone spare parts are the most searched for, all over Australia.

The company is also known as the only manufacturer that produces commercial aircon products locally in different parts of Australia.  The main focus of Temperzone is to manufacture environmentally friendly products by making efficient units with safe refrigerant gases.  Temperzone’s air conditioning heating and cooling units are specifically designed to suit local Australian climate, with an ability to withstand up to 52ºC. There is a dedicated facility to carry out research and development for the production of new tailor-fit products.  

Some of the reasons for Temperzone’s popularity in Australia are its versatility, innovativeness, and high efficiency. The brand breaks the record by integrating innovative technology and introducing leading solutions that provide smooth application and comfort. Moreover, Temperzone’s units feature epoxy-coated indoor and outdoor coils for added durability.  

Surrey Air provides top-quality Temperzone air conditioning service, maintenance, and repair for the entirety of Melbourne. Our team of technicians is capable and well-equipped to perform tasks on this brand and takes pride in providing all-year-round services so that you don’t have to face any inconvenience.

Are you looking for someone to fix the crack on your air conditioner? Have you already prepared for the upcoming summer season? We know how harsh and hot Australian summer can get. If you want a reliable and trustworthy service for heating and cooling solutions, you should reach out to us at Surrey Air.  

Providing high-quality Temperzone air conditioning services requires a team of individuals with technical capabilities to manage services on this high-quality brand. Surrey Air has been operating in the industry for more than 35 years, and this experience has strengthened our knowledge and portfolio to handle Temperzone air conditioning servicing with proficiency.


When talking about premium Temperzone spare parts, Surrey Air is the name to remember. We have top-quality spare parts available for your air conditioning units, that include the entire range, giving you access to a vast stock to choose from. Just like Temperzone constantly values quality, Surrey Air likes to continue this with our top-notch service

Hence, we ensure our technicians are the best in the business and can assist you with your spare parts requirements, eliminating installation or service faults. 


Are you in search of company to service your air conditioning unit? The good news is that Surrey Air has the hands-on experience to provide services for every major brand in the Australian market. From Daikin and Brivis to Panasonic and Actron Air, there is nothing our licensed and insured HVAC engineers can’t handle. With more than 35 years of providing heating and cooling solutions in Melbourne vicinities, Surrey Air has grown into a team of experts which is industry qualified; hence, it has the expertise to handle major brands with the same dedication and care as you’d expect. 

Our engineers have the best possible technology and tools to perform their tasks on different air conditioners in Australia. Should you need more information about our services, give us a call right now.

Actron Air Service, Repair, Maintenance, And Spare Parts

Actron Air is one of Australia’s favorite brands when it comes to air conditioners. The company has been operating in the industry since 1984, and it is now known to provide world-class air conditioners backed by technology and innovation. Considering the uncertainty of the Australian climate, Actron Air has developed its range of air conditioners with multiple features to suit all weather conditions, including hot, humid, and dry seasons and even snow. 

The company strives to push boundaries to accelerate the elements of efficiency, performance, and reliability to bring A-quality air conditioning systems to the Australian market.

With a diverse range of air conditioners, Actron air conditioners offer cutting-edge technology with its split, ducted and multi-split systems. While split systems feature DC inverter technology with over 35% energy efficiency, the multi-split systems feature MultiElite, having five individual heads for installation. Lastly, its ducted aircon units are smart, efficient, and reliable.  

Surrey Air provides all Actron Air services all year round so that you can have total comfort in all seasons. Whether it is scorching heat or cold weather, Surrey Air experts have updated knowledge to deal with Actron Air products and assist them to perform at their best. Our team of HVAC engineers is qualified and certified to provide Actron Air service with professionalism. 

We have mature-age technicians with the expertise and skills to provide Actron Air service for residential and commercial purposes. Whenever you need a service, repair, maintenance, or even spare parts, our booking process is easy and sees you are assisted as soon as possible.


Surrey Air also provides Melbourne customers with best-in-class Actron Air spare parts at an affordable price. Whether it is a continued or discontinued model, you will find spare parts for your air conditioning system at Surrey Air. 

Our company is licensed and authorized with high-quality Actron Air spare parts so that you can utilize the maximum efficiency of your system when you need it the most, giving you an additional option to replace it. Another advantage of buying Actron Air spare parts from us is that we have a specific team of licensed and insured air conditioning experts who can install and replace old parts with new ones with proficiency.


Having an Actron Air system at home or office is not just a luxury, but it is a particular lifestyle. That is why Surrey Air is the name to trust when you want to elevate your way of living and make it superior. We have a team of HVAC engineers who have the technical capabilities to provide premium service to upgrade your luxury. 

From installation to maintenance and repairs, Surrey Air has had the hands-on experience to fix minor issues to comprehensive ones for more than 35 years.  

Our customers rave about our top-quality Actron Air service in Melbourne, and there are many reasons for these reviews. The first is our quality workmanship and our dedication to providing our customers with the best outcomes. Whether it is just a crack to repair or a costly breakdown to deal with, Surrey Air invests its technical capabilities to ensure top-level satisfaction. 

The second is our affordable service. Unlike other Air conditioning companies in Melbourne, we ensure to keep the service charges as minimum as possible, and still provide the best service and possible outcome. Lastly, Surrey Air has over 35 years of experience that has enabled us to provide par excellence service to Melbourne customers. Want to explore more about us or get an obligation-free quote? Reach out to us, and one of our experts will get in touch for assistance.



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