The 05 steps involved in the Invisalign Procedure

Do you want to consider Invisalign to straighten your teeth? Well, you are about to take the right decision. Not only is the Invisalign process easy and affordable, but the end result gives you a stellar smile and a boost in confidence. Studies show that having an attractive set of teeth has a huge impact on confidence and self-esteem. It reflects that you’re healthy as well as bumps up your attractiveness to others in personal relationships as well as professional relationships.

The Invisalign procedure includes the Invisalign treatment, analysis and follow-up. In this article, we will discuss in detail the five steps involved in the Invisalign process.

Invisalign process in five steps

When you know what to expect after choosing Invisalign will help you decide if it is the right option for you or not. In five steps, you will get to know all about the Invisalign treatment process.

●      The initial appointment

In your first appointment, your dentist will have a talk with you about your cosmetic dentistry desires and they will study your mouth shape and structure. After performing the Invisalign analysis, he/she will tell you if you should consider Invisalign as a treatment, or not. For some people, this treatment might not be suitable for their teeth alignment. In that case, your dentist will talk through the other available options. But if you are recommended for Invisalign, your dental consultant will discuss the Invisalign  treatment protocol, the estimated treatment length and the treatment cost. Some dental clinics also provide free Invisalign analysis.

●      Moulding Process

The digital moulding process is the next step which may also happen at the first appointment with your dentist, depending on your schedule. Photographs, X-rays and digital scans create an accurate model of your teeth and mouth. These are further sent to the laboratory for creating your custom aligner trays.

●      The fitting of the first tray

When the Invisalign trays are ready, it’s time for you to pick them up. Your dentist will fit small attachments on your teeth so that, the trays stay in place. These buttons are clear, almost invisible, temporary and painless to install. Your dentist will then check if your aligners fit properly with your trays and your aftercare program is clearly explained to you.

●      Follow-up appointments and regular adjustments

A few weeks after your first tray is fitted, your teeth will change position considerably. Now it’s time to visit your dentist who will check your tooth movements and tray fit. It’s important to note that the process is not complicated as braces and tightening wires. During the follow-up process, your dentist will give you a new set of aligners and remove the old ones. He/she might also adjust the buttons placed on the teeth to ensure that the new aligners fit properly.

●      Replacing with retainers

The therapy ends after your teeth are aligned properly. Your dentist will then remove all the placed buttons and ask you to stop wearing the aligners. Some patients might still require aftercare, as the teeth can slowly revert to the misaligned position. In that case, your dentist will recommend wearing transparent retainers, which are clear trays that look similar to Invisalign which will help in keeping your teeth straight.

Wrapping It Up

Patients mostly avoid opting for orthodontic treatment because of the use of metal braces and wires. But, why keep that metallic smile when you can opt for clear aligners? If you are from Gurgaon, Haryana and think you are facing teeth alignment issues, feel free to contact The Dental Roots. We are one of the most positively rated dental clinics providing Invisalign analysis in Delhi/NCR.

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