The Advantages of Using Stable Mats

People are abandoning traditional bedding made of wood fiber and straw in droves. Rubber stable mats are quickly becoming the popular choice among the general public. So, what are the causes of this? Isn’t it time you put your straw bales aside and join the rubber revolution?

Rubber horse mats, often known as stable mats, are not solely for horses, as many people believe. They are appropriate for any cattle or animals housed in stables. Every conscientious animal owner is concerned about the care of their animals, and we believe that the advantages of utilizing stable mats will appeal to such individuals.


This is frequently the biggest deterrent to consumers considering purchasing stable mats. The initial cost of buying and installation might be rather considerable. Stable mats, on the other hand, have relatively low recurring costs. Stable mats are low-maintenance once installed, and you will repay your original investment over the months and years that follow.

Costs are reduced by:

  1. Using up to 80% less bedding. You simply need a thin layer of bedding to absorb the pee. If your drainage is good, you may need even less bedding.
  2. Reduce your health-care expenses. A healthy horse equals fewer vet visits and cheaper health-care expenditures. Later in this post, we will discuss the health advantages of utilizing stable mats.
  3. In compared to traditional bedding, there are lower cleaning expenses and less time required mucking out.

Stable mats aren’t most people’s idea of fun, and they won’t remove this duty either, but one of the key benefits of utilizing stable mats is that they make cleaning up a lot easier. Because there is less bedding in use, this may be swiftly swept away and replaced with new bedding. The mats can be hosed or pressure cleaned in a fraction of the time it takes to do so normally.

Mats may be lifted to clean beneath them or to store them. Because of their great weight, lifting rubber stable mats is normally a two-man operation, which is why lighter stable mats made of EVA are becoming popular.

Increased degree of comfort

If you stood on a cold, hard concrete floor all day, you’d probably end up with an aching back, aching legs, and chilly, hurting feet. The same is true for horses; we all suffer from tiredness.

Rubber stable matting adds an extra layer of insulation against the cold, and because it is softer on the hoof than concrete, it provides effective anti-fatigue relief.

Stable for horses

The advantages of utilizing stable mats

We’ve already discussed how stable mats might help you feel more comfortable. A more relaxed animal is a less stressed animal, which helps to keep them calmer. Rubber stable mats, along with the fact that they are much softer and provide a safer surface, lower the danger of harm to your horse or animal.

The softer surface also reduces wear and strain on hooves, joints, and bones in the legs. After a day of running around on the field, a softer surface will be a pleasant relief and will promote recovery. This will assist to guarantee that your horse is in good physical condition the next day.

You will need around 80% less bedding if you utilize rubber stable mats. Traditional bedding generates a lot of dust in your stables, which is a recognized source of respiratory illnesses. The bulk of dangerous particles within the stable will be eliminated by employing rubber matting.

Because most rubber stable mats are not porous, they will not absorb liquids such as pee. Liquids just trickle off or sit on the mat until they are wiped away. Concrete flooring, on the other hand, enables liquids to soak in, which can lead to a buildup of bacteria that is far more difficult to remove.

Stable for calf

Stable mats aren’t just for horseback riding!

Stable mats may be used everywhere you need protection and comfort for your horses or animals. While the stables are being cleaned, use them in a holding area outside of the stables. Stable mats put end to end can also be used to form pathways or runs to the field. Stable mats can be used in a variety of ways.

Sustainable Choices

Sustainable challenges are no longer an afterthought or an enigma in everyday life, but rather a reality that people all over the world are rapidly recognizing. From vegetarianism to electric automobiles, the compelling need to live more environmentally responsible lives is a growing concern that corporations and governments alike recognize. Sustainable development goals are gradually becoming a priority, with the purpose of discovering and executing possibilities to become more environmentally friendly, as well as actively encouraging people to take sustainable choices.

Notably, one-third of shoppers notice when retailers and manufacturers take on a sustainable duty and make steps to become more sustainable, demonstrating how sustainability is poised to become a cornerstone for customers and their purchasing decisions.

At Highrange, we recognize not only the need of sourcing sustainable materials and making ethical choices, but also that companies play an important role in assisting customers in adapting to sustainable solutions and quickly shifting to more sustainable lives. We also recognize that environmental choices do not have to be sacrificed in terms of quality and design. Our consumers may still enjoy a safe, clean atmosphere and contribute to environmental protection while selecting from a variety of items to discover the best match for them.

Our Willingness to Commit Consciously

Highrange is a company that produces unique matting for commercial enterprises, factories, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and individual customers all throughout the United Kingdom. With many companies and consumers transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle, we recognize our obligation to ensure that materials are acquired and utilized in a sustainable manner, guaranteeing that our mats are the ideal choice for anyone looking to make more socially aware decisions.

Our eco-friendly mats are produced from 100% post-consumer recycled bottles and 15% post-consumer rubber tyres, and are designed with this in mind. This implies that each square foot makes a difference by preventing 4.5 litres of bottles from ending up in trash, and a 3×5 ft mat alone recycles the estimated equivalent of 60 bottles.

We also investigate counterparts, and we discovered that our logo mats are considerably more sustainable than typical Nylon logo mats because they are made from ecologically friendly PET yarn.

As a result, our mats are a tiny, simple modification that has a larger positive influence on the environment.



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