The Benefits & Inconvenient of Canvas Printing

Made from hemp, the canvas is a strong and durable fabric. Hemp has been replaced by cotton and linen in more modern times. Most of the canvas prints you buy for your home use cotton or polyester. It is the exactness of the color that separates the two. The color of cotton fibers seeps into the cloth, whereas the color of synthetic polyester strands remains on the surface. Because of this, polyester prints are more striking, and cotton prints are more durable. Many consider cotton prints higher-quality and closer to what you find in a museum. But polyester is the more affordable option and yields bold and colorful prints.

Benefits of Canvas Printing

1) Adaptability

A canvas print of a photo is a timeless and classic choice. No matter what interior design style it is used in, whether modern-contemporary, traditional or transitional, it is a natural fit. Canvas prints can bring any design idea to life. No matter what decor you choose or where you live, a canvas print will always be beautiful. This quality also makes them great heirlooms.

2) Budget-friendly

It is more affordable to purchase a canvas print than a painting of the same size. Whether you are decorating your home, office, or place of business, you can do so at a fraction of the cost. It is also priceless to have your photograph displayed. As a result, you can enjoy viewing your artwork without spending much money.

3) No glare

Photos printed on glossy paper or framed behind glass are affected by glare or reflections caused by natural or artificial light. The shiny finish can sometimes prevent you from fully appreciating the images. In contrast, canvas prints have a satin-matte finish, which makes them ideal for rooms with plenty of natural light.

4) It’s Always Nice to Have Photos on Canvas

On canvas, you can display any photo that you like. You may be limited in your printing options for photos with unique characteristics. Printing your photo on canvas will make it more expensive and classy. You can highlight portraits, family photos, still-lifes, and landscapes using canvas prints. A personalized work of art like this would certainly brighten up any room.

5) Different size options are available

Canvas prints come in a variety of sizes and shapes. With it, you can get the exact look that you want. Is your favorite wedding photo something you’d like to have printed on a large scale? Do you intend to display baby pictures of your children? It doesn’t matter what you plan to do; canvas prints can make it happen.

Drawbacks of Canvas Printing

1) After printing and laminating canvas shrinks. 

Despite today’s poly-cotton blends, this is still true. Artists often want things like decorative borders and embedded margins positioned precisely on prints, which is essential. It is common for people to order unmounted canvas prints, and when they get them, they find that one side is much smaller than intended. As a fabric, the canvas can shrink, especially after being coated with a water-based coating. Keeping this in mind is essential. 

2) A canvas breathes and changes over time. 

Temperature changes will also cause the stretcher bars to expand and shrink. Over time, it is normal for the canvas to feel less secure on the mounting frame. Within a few months, you may notice some loss in the tautness of the canvas. Most artists use spritzers with a few spritzes of water on the back instead of the canvas tightening spray they buy at art supply stores.

3) Cold temperatures make canvas prints brittle and contract. 

The primer coats the canvas and holds the inks that become more brittle over time rather than the canvas itself. If you are going to do your mounting, make sure you allow your print to assume a comfortable room temperature before mounting it, especially if you are going to mount it yourself. Although the canvas won’t tear or anything, you may find that the corners and edges will show visible cracking more often than the center of the canvas.


If you have photos to display or want to redecorate your living room, office, or dorm room, you should consider printing them on canvas. It is because of its longevity and beauty. A canvas framing is a great home addition since it will last for many years and will look at its best even more.

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