The Benefits of a Timesheet App: Why Should You Track Your Employee Work Time

Timesheet App


The best way to track your employee’s work time is with a timesheet app. With a timesheet app, you can easily keep track of all your employees’ hours worked and pay them accordingly. You’ll also be able to manage their absence and leave requests more efficiently than ever before! The following are some advantages of implementing a timesheet app:

1. Employee time tracking

It’s important to have an employee time tracker to make sure you’re paying your employees fairly. You may be surprised to learn that many companies don’t know how much their employees are actually working and what they are being paid for it. This can lead to situations where employees think they are being underpaid or overpaid, which can cause problems down the road with morale and retention.

Timesheet app allows you as the employer/manager/supervisor/boss of your team members’ time so that there’s no confusion about who gets overtime pay when it’s due! The same goes for when expenses need to be reimbursed timesheets help with this process too!

2. Employee vacation, absence & leave tracking

A timesheet app is an excellent tool for tracking employee vacation, absence, and leave time.

  • Employee vacation: You can record the amount of time your employees took off during the year to go on vacation.
  • Absence: You can also track when they were absent from work, whether it was sick or for personal reasons. This information helps you keep track of sick days, which are important for ensuring employees don’t overuse them so that you’re not left paying out large amounts in benefits after they have been away from work too long.
  • Leave: Timesheets allow employers to keep track of paid days off as well as unpaid ones (e.g., bereavement). This makes it simple for HR managers who need to make sure their staff is taking appropriate time off in order not only to avoid financial liability but also to make sure those who need it get the support they deserve!

3. Time off request submission and approval

It is important that employees are able to submit their time off requests in advance, as well as see approval or rejection of those requests by their employer. Employees should also be able to track which days they have earned and how much it is worth on an app like ours, so they know how much money they can take home for each week’s worth of vacation time!

4. Project management (and project time tracking to ensure projects remain on schedule)

The process of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and completing a team’s work to achieve specific goals is known as project management. It involves a team of people who are working on an overall project. Project time tracking ensures that you know how much effort has gone into completing each task as well as where time was spent on each task.

Project managers use project time tracking apps because they need this data to ensure projects remain on schedule and within budgeted costs. This also allows them to see what issues might arise during execution so they can plan accordingly or address them before they become major problems down the road.

5. Time clock integration with hardware such as biometric clocks, mobile time clocks & web time clocks

The timesheet app can integrate with hardware such as biometric clocks, mobile time clocks, and web time clocks.

Benefits of integration with hardware:

  • It’s easy to configure the integration.
  • You can use it without any issues.

The best way to track your employee’s work time is with a timesheet app.

The best way to track your employee’s work time is with a timesheet app. It is easy to use, will save you time and money, and will help you to manage your employees better. It will also help you reduce costs and improve efficiency by reducing errors in payroll processing, improving communication between departments and other business processes that depend on accurate information about employee hours worked or earned.

Having a timesheet app allows companies like yours the ability to keep track of their employees’ time so they can be paid accurately for every minute that they put into their jobs meaning more money for everyone involved!


At the end of the day, a timesheet app is just one more tool in your employee time tracking arsenal. It can be used for many other purposes, including project management and project time tracking to ensure projects remain on schedule. While there are many options available out there, it’s important to understand how each of these apps works before you choose one because each has its own unique features and benefits.


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