The Best Pillow Covers In 2022

Pillow Covers

Pillow covers are an easy way to add the finishing touch to your bed, adding color and pattern and a stylish design that makes your bed stand out. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the best pillow covers on the market right now and why you should invest in them. We will also be giving you a guide on how to choose the right cover for your needs and what to look for when making your purchase. So whether you’re looking to get better sleep or just want to add an extra layer of protection to your investment, make sure to check out our list of the best pillow covers in 2022!


What to look for in good pillow covers?


When it comes to buying best pillow covers, there are a few key factors to consider. Firstly, make sure that the cover is comfortable and provides adequate support. Secondly, make sure that the cover is machine-washable and waterproof. Thirdly, be sure to choose a cover that fits your pillow perfectly. Finally, be sure to read the reviews of different covers before making your purchase.


How to wash and care for your pillow cover?


To keep your pillow cover in good condition, you will need to wash it on a regular basis. To wash it, simply fill a tub or sink with warm water and soap. Dip the cover into the water and scrub it gently with a brush. Rinse it off and hang it to dry. If you do not want to wash it, you can place it in the freezer for about an hour to harden the cover.


The Different Types of Pillow Covers


There are a lot of different types of pillow covers on the market today. Here’s a breakdown of the different types:


  • Bamboo pillow covers are made with fibers from the plant that naturally keeps the surface of your pillows cool and comfortable. And it also acts as a barrier against bacteria and dust mites.
  • Memory foam pillow covers are made from foam that is compressed by heat and pressure. This process forms small air bubbles in the foam, which causes it to stay elastic for longer periods of time. Memory foam also contours to your body, making it one of the most comfortable types of pillow covers.
  • Zippered pillow covers are perfect for people who want to keep their pillows clean and dust free. These covers have a zipper that goes all the way around the cover, so you can easily remove it for cleaning.


Whichever type of cover you choose, make sure to get one that is specifically designed for pillows.


How to Choose the Right Pillow Covers?


When selecting a pillow covers, it is important to take into account your needs and preferences. Here are some tips on how to choose the best one for you:


First, consider the type of pillow you are using. Some covers are designed to fit all types of pillows, while others are specifically made for certain types of pillows.


If you have a memory foam pillow, for example, a standard pillow cover may not be compatible. Instead, try looking for a cover that is specifically designed for memory foam pillows.


Next, think about the size and shape of your pillow. Some covers are designed to fit most standard-sized pillows, while others are made to fit only certain types of pillows. For example, a fitted sheet may not fit around a large or extra-thick pillow.


Finally, consider your needs and preferences when it comes to color and design. Many people find that patterns or prints look more stylish than plain covers.


Best Pillow Covers: We recommend Sleepsia Bamboo Pillow Covers available in Queen and King Size.


What are the best pillow covers in 2022?


In 2022, there are a few different types of pillow covers that will be popular. The first type of cover is the orthopedic pillow cover. These covers are designed to help support your neck and spine.


The second type of cover is the cooling pillow cover. These covers help to keep your head and neck cool during sleep.


The final type of cover is the anti-pillow case. These covers protect your pillows from dust, allergens, and other debris.


It is important to choose the right pillow cover for your needs. Make sure to consider the size of your pillow, the shape of your pillow, and the material of your pillow.


If you are in need of a new pillow cover, try searching online or at your local store. There are a variety of different brands and styles that you can choose from.


Benefits of using a pillow cover


There are many benefits to using a pillow cover. These covers can prevent dust, pet hair, and other allergens from entering the pillow. They also help to protect the pillow from stains and make it easier to clean.


Some people also find that using a pillow cover helps them sleep better. This is because the cover keeps the pillow from becoming too hot or too cold. It also helps to keep the pillow from moving around during sleep, which can cause discomfort.


If you are looking for a way to improve your sleeping habits, consider investing in a pillow cover. They are a great way to improve your quality of sleep and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.




It’s that time of year again – where we start thinking about what to get our loved ones for Christmas. And while everyone has different preferences, there are a few things that almost everyone will appreciate. One of these is a good pillow cover. Not only do they add comfort and style to your bed, but they can also help you sleep better and reduce stress levels.


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