The Best Way To Store Wine At Home

Store Wine At Home

Taking that savory sip after coming from home, getting a glass full while sitting on the couch, we all have our moments with our favorite Wine. One does love to have a collection of wine. But comes those expensive tastes, comes the responsibility to store the wine. And that is where the longevity of your favorite drink is preserved.

We all have had wine spoiled because of improper storage. But not anymore!! Here, we not only tell you where to get the best white wine delivery in Singapore, but we also guide you on how to store it. Stay with us as we take you through it. 

5 Tips for storing Wine perfectly 

  • Protecting it from Light: Direct sun rays can harm the flavor and aroma of your drink. It is advised that you keep it in dark spots where there is no direct light to hit the bottle. For what’s worth, you must also ensure the place or drawer it is kept in is free from vibrations. These can also disturb the sediments, causing the drink to lose its flavor. 
  • Wine Fridge Is Important: Say goodbye to regular fridges and bring in a wine cooler. This device here is specially designed to store wine; keeping it all ideal in humidified conditions. Also, this alienates your drink from food that can cause odor to seep through the cork. This cooler can also be used for champagne. So in case you are looking for champagne or gin delivery in Singapore,you know there’s a device specifically built to store drinks. 
  • Re-cork Wine Properly: The first swirl is where the whole aroma comes out. Often people overlook their re-corking practice. Well, we tell you what is right. You can use paper wax to tighten the whole seal. Rubber wine stoppers are a thing too. Other than this, the best would be using a wine vacuum pump that extracts the air out of the bottle and keeps it fresh. 
  • The Placement is Key: How you place your bottle significantly impacts the flavor and aroma. Often we get recommended about keeping bottles horizontally while in the rack. This is done to regulate the dryness of the cork. However, it largely depends on what you are aiming for. Storing it for weeks and months requires different settings. 
  • The Most Crucial Element- Temperature: The temperature outside the bottle can spoil the whole drink. This is why wine coolers are put in place. As soon as you get your best white wine delivered in Singapore,you right away get it to the cooler. It has the temperature set to standards to keep the temperature under the radar. 

What all is left to do?

Last but not the least, do not forget to enjoy your drink. Now that you know how to store it, it’s time to stock those bottles. If you are looking for white wine delivery in Singapore, you know where to leap to. Yes, we are The UrbanFindr. 

All you need has been put on the table right away. Other than drink, we also offer sakes, non-alcoholics, craft beer, and gin delivery in Singapore.Hop on to the website to know more.


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