The Best Way to Wrap Fragile Gifts

wrap fragile gifts

Some people love the process of gift wrapping even more than the process of picking the gift itself. Even such creative folks who love to put together the fanciest wrapping arrangements for their gifts might often find it challenging to wrap fragile gifts.

Do you have a fragile item to gift someone? Are you losing sleep over packing it?

Does it appear nerve-racking to wrap it right so that the gift reaches the recipient safely?

Let’s learn tips to wrap fragile gifts beautifully and make our already beautiful gift more appealing!

Here are a few tips that will help you learn how to wrap fragile gifts.

1. It all starts with the right kind of base wrap

The one main difference between wrapping fragile items and others is that in the former case, you would use several layers of wrapping. Bubble wrap is one of the most popular choices for base wrapping. Another cheap and green alternative would be an old newspaper. Whichever you choose to use, roll the gift in the chosen wrap several times in order to create a few layers for protection. Use strong tape to secure the wrapping in place.

If there is only one large item to wrap, you can roll the item tightly in newspaper or bubble wrap as mentioned above. But if there are several small items in the gift, ensure that you wrap them individually.

2. Then comes the right kind of box

For non-fragile items, having a box to enclose the gift is not always mandatory. But in the case of a fragile item, the safest way to wrap it would be by choosing a suitably sized box. You should choose one that is neither too big nor too small. With a small box, there would be no room to add a shock-absorbing layer. With a large box, you would have to use lots of fillers or the gift would be moving around freely and can get easily damaged.

3. Placement of the gift inside this box

Make sure that the gift is placed inside the box in such a way that there are fillers on all sides. Do not place it at the base or above a thick layer of fillers without much protection on the top. The right way to do it would be to fill a generous amount of fillers like foam peanuts or styrofoam sheets at the base of the box. Place the gift on top and then fill up all the gaps on the sides and then add some filling on the top before you close the box.

If there are multiple items to go inside the packaging, then you should stack them neatly. After there is enough wrapping material to shield them from impact, place them close against each other for minimal impact. The other option is to use dividers and then use fillers in each section.

4. What kind of fillers to use?

Styrofoam sheets are easily available but the problem is that they might not be great choices for oddly shaped gifts. Foam peanuts are the best options if you need good impact resistance and they can fill even tiny gaps effectively. There are biodegradable peanuts as well. If you need a less expensive filler, newspaper shreds work really well. Crinkle paper shreds look more attractive than newspaper shreds.

Once the void filling process is complete, there is very little left to do in the wrapping of fragile gifts. If you are planning to ship for a long distance, expanding foam packaging options are also available. These fillers mainly form a protective layer beneath the outer box.

5. The final touch

The wrapping does not have to look boring just because there is a fragile item inside. If you are not content with the amount of packaging, you can use the double-box method. All you have to do is to wrap the gift securely inside a box following the above tips and then finally place this box inside another box. Do not forget to use fillers again to fill the gaps between the inner box and outer box. This would minimize the movement of the box and securely shield it from impact. Finally, you can always add decorative wrapping paper or other aesthetic wrapping paper alternatives on the outside. Add a fancy bow and a simple note and your gift would be ready to shine at the party.

If you still do not feel confident in wrapping fragile gifts, then you can also choose to place the gift directly in a gift bag with some tissue papers for basic padding. If it is a small gift you can place it in a gift basket of the right size and use see-through net fabric. This would ensure that the gift recipient knows what is inside and therefore the gift would be handled with care. This trick comes in handy especially when you have to give a small gadget or jars of candies or even items that tend to spill or leak easily

With all these handy tricks you can ace the art of gift wrapping confidently tackling all kinds of gifts for your loved ones.

This guide will come handy during holiday seasons when you buy gifts for lots of people. A delicate ornate here, an exquisite ribbon there make all the difference.

Remember these tips when wrapping fragile gifts

  • Use a carton for fragile item. It doesn’t matter what is its shape or size, make sure to use carton to prevent damage to the gift.
  • Remember the rule of reuse and put the cartons you have got from online order deliveries to good use. Use those cartons to pack your gift.
  • Do not put too many items in the same box. If you have multiple gifts, wrap them in different boxes of appropriate size and carry them together in a strong bag.
  • Reuse fillers and protective materials to wrap fragile gifts. Go cost-effective.

I hope these Tips and guide will help you with gift wrapping. Do let me know in the comments below how else you wrap your precious gifts.



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