The Dark Sides to Finding a Herpes Cure

HSV 2 transmission

Herpes is a viral infection caused either by Herpes Virus 1 or 2. It primarily triggers fever blisters on or around mouth and genitals. Herpes has always been an unceasing twinge to the billions destined to be on medication for life. There is no established cure for herpes yet in the 21st century, thus, people suffering from herpes virus have long been in dilemma. How should they be approaching to herpes treatment remains a shady cloud? Whether should they be going for antiviral suppressive, which in turn presents a plate of detrimental side effects, or should they tap the alternative treatment options. Alternative treatment options are a way to correct the body imbalance of nutrition. A plant-based diet, antiviral herbs, requisite lifestyle modifications are some of the important to-dos to help ease the symptoms of herpes infection.

People have long been on a wait to herpes cure but they are empty-handed yet at present. The technological advancement in medical research is a boon to humanity and we have achieved milestones in finding cures to most of the deadly diseases. In spite of advancements in technology, some infections are proving to be a hard nut to crack or there might some other reason that the big pharma giants don’t want us to take cognizance?

What Might Be Holding Back the Herpes Cure

According to NCBI, the medical cost associated with herpes is around a billion-dollar. That’s a staggering number that might be holding the herpes cure coming into the public domain. Big pharma giants stand to lose a staggering number from their wallet if the scientist’s community reveals an effective herpes cure in the general public. Big pharma companies fund most of the scientific research to find the best possible treatment plan for most of the diseases. Herpes cure research is also one of those works that the pharmaceutical giant’s fund to help ease the signs and symptoms of a sufferer.

In view of an event, suppose if the scientist community able to find the cure for herpes, can’t they bribe the scientists to contain the findings and hold the veracity from the public long been waiting for good news such as this? This exactly might be happening not only for herpes but for other incurable diseases as well. Every incurable disease opens a gate for pharma giants to load their wallets with billions of dollars in a single year. It is worth in their interest to alter the data to support their business model. They don’t think of the general public, what they are going through, what their mental condition is and how are most of the herpes patients living their life. The only thing that matters to them is their bank balance.

HSV 2 transmission female to male and vice versa is another culprit that might be holding the cure at bay. The sale of condoms due to herpes virus increases, although, it is good that people buy condoms to stay protected but are still influenced by the virus.

The Redress

In this way, you me and others may have to be on medication for life as herpes cure is not coming any soon in impending future. There may never be a cure for herpes. Then why should we be optimistic? why not we take cognizance of a healthy lifestyle that might be the cheap and permanent solution to the agonies of our own.


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