The Definitive Guide to Cake Smash Photographs in 2022

Emma and Stephen couldn’t be happier. Smith, their son, will turn one in just a few short days. Smith turns one this year. Currently, they are preparing to host a massive celebration. They want to send out invitations that feature a photo of their newborn. They are currently in search of a photographer to capture their infant’s first birthday cake smash.

This is a widely popular photographic genre in the United States. Parents like Emma and Stephen who want to remember all the fun times forever will find these photographers indispensable.

Photography is a passion as well as a profession. The goal is to make memories that will last a lifetime. Photographers who specialize in capturing moments at kid-friendly events or photographing pregnant women and their newborns will benefit greatly from reading our piece.

In other words, what is a “cake smash”?

These days, cake smash photos are all the rage in the United States. There are no special effects or editing done to this picture; it’s just a snapshot of babies celebrating their first birthday. Still, many parents schedule it for their toddlers, even as young as 2 or 3.

Parents’ tastes dictate which infants are featured in cake-themed photographs. The purpose of these portraits is to mark the milestone birthdays of infants.

Just how does one go about setting up a smash cake photo shoot?

Like any other photoshoot, a cake smashing photoshoot requires a set. To take a picture like this, you need to set it up like a pro. Since it is designed for infants, it doesn’t require a lot of complicated machinery. Using only the necessary props, lighting, and camera work, you can turn any space into a festive one fit for a party.

After the dust settled, we compared notes on the methods used by various international cake smash photographers and adopted those practices. Was the ambiance properly established? Just wondering.

An appropriate lighting arrangement

When using natural light for this kind of photography, make sure it is coming in from every angle. Doing so will give the cake the right height and ensure that the infant can be placed in its center.

If you’re out of options, you might have to turn on that extra half-bulb. Professional photographers advise against using a front light in these situations.

Can you recommend a camera and lens for me?

When looking for lenses, you may want to consider the reputable Canon brand.

Getting in close to your newborn is easy if you use a wide-angle lens. If you need to take pictures in a small area, you should use a prime lens. Many photographers also employ the use of the macro lens when taking pictures of broken objects.

Pick something you’d be interested in learning more about

Use a theme to attract kids’ attention. It’s important that it’s as descriptive and vivid as possible. Decorate the cake, the background, and the table to coordinate.

Suppose you’ve settled on the Frozen theme heard when Queen Elsa was performing. The color is like a sapphire sky. There will be a one-year-old boy in attendance at your cake smash session. The baby can wear a blue outfit, the backdrop can be decorated with various shades of blue, and you can even get a blue cake.

A cute and easy background is possible

If you’re going for a baby shower theme, you can skip the elaborate backdrop and extra decorations. Make simple use of your experience instead.

If you choose to film inside, you can also use your own props and set dressing. You’re free to pick your favorite color, piece of backdrop, or vinyl for the background. You can get these things from online stores.

Taking pictures outside is a fantastic idea. Consider the beauty of the spot where the baby will be sitting rather than the setting.

Put some props and balloons up and you can make any setting look better. You can use anything from paper to cotton balls to toys to gift boxes, and so on.

You should get to work

What toys and materials are appropriate for infants and toddlers aged one to four? If they see something interesting, they have to touch it. Pick something mild and harmless.

Cotton balls, plush toys, candy, balloons, and bunting flags are all great examples of props you could use. Donuts, chocolates, fruits, spin the wheel and the like would also work. These accessories double as fun playthings for your little one.

Prepare the cake

Smash-cake photographers will tell you that a sponge cake is the best option because it holds up better to little fingers. Experts advise against using a red or brown cake because it won’t be as visually appealing as a white or yellow one. Use primary colors like yellow, white, baby blue, and light green instead.

Added a baby shower scene

A baby shower could be held here in a beautiful setting. Let the child play in the water for a while before you begin cleaning. To increase the fun factor, try using bubble bath. Infants are natural water lovers. Playful interactions between you and your baby will make for some incredible photographs.

Maintain a sanitary setting

When you combine a baby and a meal, things can quickly become unruly. Have a safe buffer zone where you always have enough of everything. Customers can bring their own baby towels, or you can provide towels and wipes for them. If things are neat and tidy, it will be easier for everyone to concentrate.

Some suggestions for photographing a child’s first cake

A baby cake smash is a joyful and exciting form of photography because of how much fun it is to be around children. Nonetheless, working with kids can be challenging. They won’t stay put if you try to force them to. Whatever they decide to do, they will.

Instructions for those who make a living in this industry. Let’s investigate these suggestions in more detail.

Pick a time when your baby is awake, alert, and interested in moving around.

All of your set pieces should be lightweight and easily transported. A child-unfriendly environment is a must.

Observe your newborn and get to know him or her. Some kids will be thrilled by the change, while others will need time to adjust. Babies need time to adjust. Get in touch with them.

Get some pictures of the cake before you cut into it. Let the baby play with the decorations for a bit before setting out the cake. Such fleeting moments are easily recordable.

Each and every one of life’s expressions and emotions can be frozen in time. In order to get the best shots, use a fast shutter speed.

A spill-proof matt makes it easy to clean the floor after a spill.

Get your pictures edited before sending them out. If you do not have the time or expertise to edit your own photos, you can hire a professional service to do it for you.

The Average Cost of a Cake Smash Portrait Session.

Cake smash sessions are priced similarly to other types of photoshoots in that they are determined by a number of factors that can change from photographer to photographer.

Photographers who typically work with kids may, upon request, also perform smash photography. Prices will vary from those of photographers who specialize in shattered glass only.

Cake-smashing photography typically costs $200 give or take, but can go much higher.

Photographers in New York City Who Take the Best Cake Smash Pictures

Check out these top 5 photographers for your baby’s cake smash or other photoshoot.

An Ideal New York City Scene

The New York-based photography studio Picture Perfect NY is owned and operated by husband-and-wife team Joseph and Angela. They love the art of photography so much. Topics covered range from pregnancy and the new baby to chile and children’s activities. Each customer’s anonymity is safeguarded. In addition, they include out-of-state services that can be accessed from your home.

Picture by Shirly Shvartzman

Newborn and family photography by Shirly Schwartzman is available in New York City at her studio in Brooklyn. Newborn and children’s photography are the studio’s bread and butter, but they also offer cake smash sessions in the local area. They tailor each session to the individual customer and supply everything needed for the session.

Studio Brilianna Photographics

Newborn, baby, and maternity photos by Brilianna Photography are some of the city’s most sought-after offerings. They’re active all over the city of New York, not just in Manhattan. Business owner Irina has been at it for seven years. She provides a straightforward yet classy and competent service for photographing pregnant women, newborns, and infants up to one year of age.

New York City Portaits

Family, newborn, and children’s portraits are some of the specialties of Big Apple Portraits’ expert photographers. It is well-known that they have a strong interest in documenting the lives of their clients. They have a professional demeanor and provide helpful service. Any service you require can be provided by them.

The Photographic Works of Luciana Golcman

Photographer Luciana Golcman has been recognized for her excellence with several awards. Maternity, newborn, child, family, event, and family photography in New York are some of her most popular services. The city of New York and the surrounding Tri-State area have access to it. She finds great inspiration in photographing newborns, expecting mothers, and their loved ones.

Final thoughts

Taking pictures of a baby smashing a cake is a fun way to commemorate a special occasion. Seeing their child develop into a unique individual is a fascinating experience for parents. Their offspring often hold onto these memories dearly. Please help them remember this happy occasion always. I hope your travels go smoothly.

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