The Drum Kit: From Idea to Execution

VK Drum
VK Drum

What Is Drum Kit?


The collection of instruments comprises a drum kit. The kit contains drums, cymbals, orchestral percussion, and other instruments that become all-in-one thing that is played by a musician. Usually, the music is played from sticks in hands and pedals at the musician’s feet to start smacking various instruments all at once. The drum kit came into existence in the 1800s. The story of the drum kit says that when a musician in an orchestra requested to play more instruments one as; cymbals, triangles, bass drums, etc. They got the idea that to save more money and be more budget-friendly with their business, they should hire one musician that can play multiple instruments at once. Because they didn’t have much budget for stage shows and theatres they weren’t able to afford many musicians so they developed a drum kit to have one musician being a one-man army for several different instruments. Because of Ludwig & Ludwig Co., the first bass drum pedal happened in the early 1900s.

It has been known by another name, a “drum set” or a “trap kit”. Compilation of percussion instruments, drums, cymbals, percussion gear, electronic drums, and other items should be played by one person. The components of the drum kit comprise; kick drums, numerous tom-toms, a crash, effects cymbals, cowbells, woodblocks, a snare drum, hi-hat cymbal, ride, and other instruments. Albeit, the development of the modern drum kits occurred due to financial considerations. Drum kit’s popularity has grown because of military bands and jazz music. In New Orleans and in the Vaudeville era, the modern drum kit found its identity and recognition in the 1920s. Jazz music plays a vital role in the music industry where drum kit in jazz music played a substantial part in an era of depression. It was also the sound of big band swing music. The drum kit is distributed in four primary sections; the extensions (tambourines, cowbells, chimes, other non-standard instruments), the breakables (snare drum, sticks, cymbals, bass drum pedal, and stool), the hardware (cymbal stands, pedals, and drum stand) and the shells (bass drum and toms).


What Are The Components Of Drum?


The components of the drum kit are moderately dependent upon the type of music a musician wants to play. But a drum kit is usually sold as a complete set. There are advanced crafts to put together for advanced musicians. Many professional musicians prefer either Gretsch Catalina Birch for floor tom, a Yamaha Stage Custom hanging tom set, or a Meinl Byzance Jazz Hi-Hat.  There are various components of the drum kit for an extended drum kit.


A junior drum set has a three-piece set with;

  • Bass drum
  • Snare drum
  • Hanging tom with stand
  • Hanging cymbal with stand
  • Hi-hat
  • Drum throne


The basic acoustic drum stick set comprises;

  • Two crash cymbals
  • Various effect cymbals
  • Drum throne
  • Three toms, that turn into low, middle then high pitch. It is called hanging tom or floor tom.
  • Hi-hat cymbal


A commonly sounded drumsticks are called bass drums and kick drums. Bass drums and kick drums got the following drumsticks;

  • Matching mallets
  • A beater is a single mallet performed according to the pedal.
  • A mallet in one hand.
  • A felt-tipped single mallet
  • Double-headed mallet for drum rolls

Bass drums and kick drums got primary variations;

  • Concert drums
  • Kick drums
  • Pitched bass drums

Breakables of the drum kit usually switch between other numerous drummers if there’s more than one band playing in one night. With various configurations, drum kits have extended kits, cocktail kits, four-piece drum kits, and five-piece sets. There are well-known drum kit manufacturers including Ludwig Musser, Rogers Drums, Slingerland Drum Company, Tama Drums, Premier Percussion, Yamaha Drums, Gretsch Drums, and many others. The prolonged and extensive drum kits include cymbals, drums, and further instruments. Five-piece drum kits are the utmost prevalent drum kits that have three toms with effective cymbals. The Cocktail kit got only two pieces with regular-sized drums.


How VK Drums Introduced Drum Kit?


In the 90s, A musician-turned-builder Alan Van Kleef started his career. He started off as a house DJ drumming live to Drum & Bass. He worked at several different events in Ibiza and UK from World Dance, Cream, Ministry of Sound, Back to Basics. At present, VK Drums working on his home workshop, he started his workshops in 2012. Furthermore, he did drumming for several artists such as Rachel Stamp, Emma Shapplin, Johnette Napolitano, and Ariel-X. Sooner, he started off by running his own recording studio in London.

The hoops, lugs, and throws are all made of stainless steel, according to Alan Van Kleef. His drums are as distinctive in look as they are in sound. Stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, brass, bronze, magnesium, silver, and gold are among the materials used by Van Kleef to create unique snare drums and whole kits. VK Drums have become “must-have” instruments in the arsenals of important performers such as Steve Gadd, Thomas Lang, Danny Carey, and countless others due to their distinct sound.

VK stated:

“I’ve always had a passion for designing new and interesting drums, believing that there is always a new sound to be created, from the choice of composition of the solid lugs or the hand-rolled stainless-steel hoops, everything plays a part in creating that new sound.”

Instead of a badge, several VK models include a VK laser-cut air hole in the shell. Any bespoke design can be carved or laser etched into the shell or snare strainer.


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